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So tired and so annoyed of so many things.  Just a couple of seconds ago, Akemi walked by me and asked: “Are you stressed?”  I asked her how she could tell.  Her response: “Your face is all red.”  Really?  This burgeoning angst has apparently worked its way into my subconscious as well.  I woke up at 4:30 a.m. this morning and lay awake in bed for about an hour and half before falling back asleep.  I dreamt that I was in the process of cleaning out the house when I discovered a forgotten section of my basement.  I say forgotten because, the moment I stepped inside, I remembered the area – and the fact that I’d entertained guests in its environs approximately five years earlier. Which, in turn, reminded me of something else.  And I walked over to the refrigerator opened it up and discovered, yep, all the packed-up leftovers from said party.  Five year old leftovers!  What does it mean?!!!  What is my subconscious trying to tell me?!

Continuing our trip down Stargate: Atlantis memory lane with…

1THE QUEEN (508)

Another great thing about working on Stargate was that the show allowed us immense creative freedom.  Variety was the key when it came to the stories – and that, I’m certain, was one of the keys to the franchise’s longevity.  As I mentioned in my Whispers post, we dabbled in a variety of genres: comedy, horror, fantasy, westerns.  We offered a nice mix of standalone episodes (the perfect jumping-on point for first time viewers) and arc-driven stories (rewarding longtime viewers as well).  Some episodes would be huge, VFX-laden spectacles while others would be smaller, character-focused tales.  We could go anywhere (Earth, space, off-world, the past, the future) and feature anyone because we had an infinitely capable cast, every one of them capable of stepping up to carry an episode.  In Broken Ties, it was Jason Momoa delivering a performance for the ages.  In The Shrine, it was David Hewlett in one of his most memorable performances to date.  And, in The Queen, it was Rachel Luttrell’s turn, undergoing a stunning transformation – not to mention hours of prosthetics and make-up – to impress us all were her own tour-de-force.

Queen's Pendant

Queen’s Pendant

Todd's hidden knife

Todd’s hidden knife

Wraith Commander's sword

Wraith Commander’s sword

(Photo @MGM Television)

Chris Heyerdahl and Director Brenton Spencer discuss the script.  “You don’t really expect me to say that, do you?”(Photo @MGM Television)

(Photo @MGM Television)

Wraith Queens = BFF! (Photo @MGM Television)

Today’s blog entry is dedicated to gforce.  And his mom!

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