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Today, I revised and sent off the mythology document for the urban fantasy series we’re developing, then continued the rewrite of the pilot script.  Feedback on the first draft was heartening (“Lots of twists and turns and high stakes jeopardy”, “loads of fun” and “Great little horror movie”!) and we received some terrific notes that, once addressed, will no doubt make the script that much better.  Came up with a new scene to kick things off, one that establishes our heroine from the get-go. Tightened up the teaser and the first act and just about to write the second flashback scene that will cement “the ritual”.  Ideally, I’d love to shave another page (maybe two) before moving on to the second act. If all goes as planned, my writing partner will have a first pass at the second draft awaiting him upon his return to Vancouver.

Gotta say that, as this pilot and series continue to take shape, I grow increasingly excited.

On two fronts, as the initial feedback on the scifi pilot we’re developing has been equally fantastic.  A few more entities have to read the script and weigh in (with either notes or a commitment) and then we’ll be on our way.  Smooooooth sailing!  I’ve already established the major story and character arcs for the proposed first season (that’ll end, like every episode planned, with a shocker), setting things up, seeding clues, and paying things off in a big way – or opening the door to more surprises to come.  I also have a fairly detailed sense of what those first seven episodes are going to be – as well as the last four.  I’ve yet to decide on #8 and #9.  Anyone have any ideas?

In addition, I was informed today by our producing partner that there is a lot of interest in that third project (an SF series based on an existing property) which we should start discussing whenever we come up for air.

Continuing our stroll down SGA memory lane with…


Oops.  Mis-titled the last Days of SGA Past entry.  First Contact was the first part of the mid-season two-parter while, of course, The Lost Tribe was second.

I remember walking through the Traveler’s ship set with my writing partner, Paul, and thinking: “Damn!  We’ve got to find a way to fold this set and store it away for the Dark Matter series. “.  Dark.  Dirty. More Nostromo than Enterprise.  It was, in a word, “perfect”.  How were we to know it would be another five years before we’d get a shot.

(photo courtesy MGM Television)

Marty G. at the controls (photo courtesy MGM Television)

Photo courtesy MGM Television

High maintenance Asgard actor holds up the shoot (photo courtesy MGM Television)

(photo courtesy of MGM Television

Getting into those suits was as much as a chore as trying to walk around in one (photo courtesy of MGM Television

(photo courtesy of MGM Television)

A view from the cockpit (photo courtesy of MGM Television)


Robert Picardo.  Loved writing for his character.


The talented and terrific-to-work-with Sharon Taylor and David Nykl

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