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In a word: Wow!  Going into last night’s scheduled tweetfest, I was hoping we could double the numbers of the preceding dry-runs that tallied somewhere in the area of 29k-30k tweets.  Well, Dark Matter fans stepped up enmasse and did better.  MUCH better.  We didn’t just double those numbers.  Hell, we didn’t even triple those numbers.  Here were the results when I checked this morning –

Over 124k tweets!  And that number has climbed to over 140k in the last six hours.

We trended for over four hours in the U.S., held at #2 in Canada and L.A., and hit #1 New York!

Joining Dark Matter fans in our #RockTheRaza campaign were influencers from television, music, media, comics, and books.  It was amazing to see so many friends, new and old, throwing their support behind our little show.  So thanks to them, thanks to our incredible cast, and an extra big thanks to all of you. Especially those of you spent time in twitter jail.  Fear not.  Anthony Lemke has offered to bail you all out!

I gathered the aforementioned data and sent it along.  Confident it will go a long way toward impressing interested parties of the strength and scope of the Dark Matter fanbase (and hopefully showing “no longer interested parties” exactly what they’re missing).  We have a follow-up call on Tuesday and this enormous fan showing will no doubt be a hot topic of conversation.

As promised, I’ll keep you updated on this blog (Hell, it’s the least I could do for your incredible support!).

To get the latest on the campaign, follow @DarkMatterFTL  on twitter and also check out TeamRazaTV

Finally, let me leave you with just one of the amazing Dark Matter-related art works that made their debut during last night’s tweet storm, this one c/o Jonathan McFerran –

I’ll be featuring more in the days to come.

You did great.  Now rest up until the next battle, but please continue keep #DarkMatter alive on social media!

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