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“It’s like when you make ganache and you put it in the fridge and when you take it out it’s an hour too early and it’s not yet set.  That’s what it was like.”

Akemi describing Bubba’s stool sample this morning.


Today, we took Bubba a very relaxed Bubba (he’s already on vacation!) to see his oncologist.  This was the result of our meeting –


In a nutshell, no to chemo but yes to targeted therapy which is comprised of a single pill (Palladia, which sounds like a great scifi world) given every second day. In a perfect world, it will target the tumors in Bubba’s lung and not the person charged with  administering said pill since the instructions explicitly caution anyone handling it to wear gloves while doing so!  We’ll alternate the Palladia with Prednisone, an anti-inflammatory.  I’m also going to look into a few promising-looking home therapy treatments.


Suji and Bubba.  They’re like an old married couple.


Despite her recent injury, even Lulu gets in on the action.


Meanwhile, on Dark Matter, it was business as usual in the Raza underbelly.

Finally, presenting Dark Matter’s diabolical and deadly Misaki Han like you’ve never seen her before…

Ellen Wong Flips Out:

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IMG_7834 IMG_7831

We are back in Vancouver – and failing fast.   On the surface, it seemed like a good idea at the time: wake up REALLY early and catch the first flight out so that the dogs would, presumably, sleep the entire five hours enroute.  And, yeah, we did wake up at 4 a.m.  And we did catch the 6:50 a.m. flight out.  And Lulu was as quiet as a mouse for the entirety of the trip.  But Bubba!  Cantankerous, anxiety-prone, almost-14 year old Bubba?  He whined and cried and poked his head out of the carrier and made certain I didn’t sleep a wink either.

But the important thing is we’re back home.  And look at what was awaiting us, a little gift from our house-sitter, Tomomi:


Yep, it’s a hand-painted depiction of the diabolical duo doing what they do best…impatiently awaiting treats.

So, hey, while I was in the air, things were happening on the ground.  First up, Entertainment Weekly offered fans exclusive photos of new Dark Matter cast additions: Franka Potenta, Melanie Liburd, and Shaun Sipos…and also announced the casting of Stargate veteran Mike Dopud (who has been in pretty much every live action show I’ve ever produced), and Scott Pilgrim’s Knives Chau, Ellen Wong.

“Dopud will play Arax, “the powerful head of a prison gang” whose “extensive connections and pull with criminal outfits throughout colonized space would be Arax’s biggest asset should the crew ever decide to trust him,” Syfy said. Wong will portray Misaki, described as a “close childhood friend of Four” who is the “deadly new Commander of the Ishida Royal Guard. Skilled in combat and diplomacy, nothing will stop Misaki from performing her duty to Zairon.”

Franka as Commander Shaddick…


Melanie Liburd as Nyx Harper…


Shaun Sipos as Devon Taltherd…


Mike Dopud, behind the scenes, as Arax Nero…

IMG_2587 (1)

Ellen Wong, behind the scenes, as Misaki Han…


Meanwhile, over on Io9 gives the rundown of How Dark Matter and Killjoys are raising the stakes for season 2.


Hey, look!  It’s me demonstrating proper use of the escape pod!

With less than a month to go, we start rolling out some major behind the scenes goodies.  Stay tuned to this blog for oodles of Dark Matter fun stuff!

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