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Slowly but surely, the pieces of the grand puzzle fall into place…

The alt. crew swings a deal with Commander Nieman of Ferrous Corp

Commander Nieman of Ferrous Corp reaches out to Emperor Ryo Ishida

TWO is kidnapped by alt Boone in the closing moments of last episode and shuttled to…parts unknown

Ferrous Corp is poised to claim victory over their rivals

Zairon is on the verge of defeat

The crew of The Raza has seemingly forestalled an alien invasion

And, in the next two weeks, all of these elements will come together in the fiery conclusion to Dark Matter’s third season.

A few notes about last night’s episode, “The Dwarf Star Conspiracy”…

Actress Kate Drummond (aka Agent Lucado, Wynonna Earp) actually auditioned for AND won the role for another guest star scheduled to appear earlier this season.  But, days before her costume fitting, I received a call from our casting director, informing us that Kate was sick (with what turned out to be salmonella poisoning!) and would be unable to play the part.  And so, we cast another great actress for the role and I reached out to Kate who was incredibly apologetic.  I told her that when she felt better, we’d have a role for her sometime in the not too distant future.  And that role turned out to be the part of the alien subversive, Lieutenant Sajen, in Episode 311.  I have to say, Kate would have been terrific in the other role but, boy, she was fantastic as Sajen.  It was one of those “Damn, it’s too bad we killed her character off – Wait!  This is science fiction!  Who knows what the future holds?!” situations.

Show co-creator Paul Mullie wrote the brilliant script for this episode but, during filming, actress Zoie Palmer felt the episode needed a little moment that directly addressed the Android’s costume change and its deeper implications for her character.  She was absolutely right so I headed upstairs and wrote what I hope will go down in Dark Matter history as “the infamous boobs scene”.  And, in ensuing conversations on the day, Zoie and I discussed some of the amazing character moments we have in store for her character.  Seriously.  If SYFY doesn’t give us a fourth season, #FANDROIDSWILLRIOT!

The Dwarf Star industrial facility in which this episode is set is actually a complete re-imagining of the sound stage area that formerly housed the munitions factory back in Episode 303, “Welcome To The Revolution”.  Kudos to Production Designer Ian Brock and his team (art department, construction, paints, etc) on the amazing transformation and for, quite frankly, doing such a kickass job this season.

And, of course, a shout-out to VFX Supervisor Lawren Bancroft-Wilson and his team on the creation/animation of the alien threat.  But their best is yet to come…


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Well, would you look at this.  I came across the series overview I put together for the show, way back when.  And, hey, check it out!  There’s an actual ending we’re working towards!  A real honest to goodness ending that pays it all off and wraps it all up!

TV, eh?’s Greg David previews this Friday nights’ episode of Dark Matter

“Credit to Dark Matter co-creators Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie for continuing to up the ante when it comes to jaw-dropping episodes this season. Just when I didn’t think the series could generate any more shocks it does.”

Veronica Scott of Amazing Stories chat’s with Dark Matter’s THREE, Anthony Lemke:

“We discussed the idea that currently movies tend to be about the spectacle and the effects, whereas television shows like Dark Matter can take more time to allow the characters to unfold and reward the viewers’  time investment. Anthony compared watching a television series to reading a novel, where you can “go back and back again” and at the end of the novel, “you miss the people.”

I talk season 3 and beyond with Telfie Buzz:

“There is definitely a 5-year plan for the show. If season 1 was Secrets and Surprises, and season 2 was Risks and Redemption, and season 3 is Victories and Vengeances, season 4 will be Androids and Aliens. And you can’t get any more sci-fi than that. As for season 5 – which, if everything works out, should be the show’s final 13-episode installment – I have a plan to tie up all the storylines. I even have the show’s final sequence in my head.”

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ScreenSpy: “Holy twists, Batman. This episode had a little bit of everything—insight into Android’s creation was a given, but the glimpses into the crew’s past interactions really sealed this episode emotionally.”

SciFiMoviePage: “An excellent episode that answered a lot of question about the characters in the show.”


And what did the AfterBuzz team have to say about this episode?

What lies in store for the crew in Episode 311, “The Dwarf Star Conspiracy”?

One of the Android’s newly discovered memories leads the crew to a suspicious Dwarf Star facility on Nova 17.

The promo –

The sneak peek –




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Whew!  What a night!  Dark Matter fans had us trending before, during, and long after Episode 310, “Built, Not Born” aired.  We were all out in force, including cast members, to live tweet one of our biggest episodes yet.  And, while all the tweeting was going on, I was rewarding lucky fans with all sorts of cool swag, from cast-signed Dark Matter scripts to Stargate loot.  When all was said and done, I’d given away two signed scripts, six art department packages, a selection of ID badges, an SGU pre-launch press kit, and a goa’uld pain stick prop.  Akemi is going to have to address a lot of envelopes these new few days.

ALSO…the results of the Which Stargate Cast Member Would You Like to See on Dark Matter poll are in.  2 064 votes where cast!  And here are your top three finishers:

Watching the vote progression was like taking in a great sports match – plenty of lead changes, rallies, and an 11th hour upset.

So, next steps –

1: Write a great part.

2. Contact one of the top 3 finishers and convince them to guest star on the show.

3. Host a Stargate reunion on the set of Dark Matter.

Oh, yeah.  I forgot.  Step 0.5: Get picked up for a fourth season!

And, hey, if you’re fave didn’t make the top 3, don’t despair.  I already have plans for at least two other Stargate veterans in season 4 (their schedule, interest, and our budget permitting) but I get ahead of myself.  Renewal first, then grand scifi plans!

As for last night’s episode?  How’d it go?

Yep.  The fans seemed to like it.  And the critics as well –

BladeOfTheSashurai: “By and all this was one of the more emotionally charged episodes of the season, giving us a new look at Two’s past and the android’s quiet yet conflicted nature.”

BlackGirlNerds: “That was only 42 minutes? Way to pack in a lot of content without it getting muddled or confusing.”

SYFYWIRE: “This episode was just full of emotional turmoil and big character moments for Two and Android (and even Three!) and I just have a lot of feelings, okay?” 

PureFandom: “This was an episode for multiple revelations and “What the what?” screeches of dismay/delight. I don’t know about you, but I didn’t want this episode to end. It was chock full of love among our crew members and some interesting relationship twists.”

SpoilerTV: “Dark Matter went all in with this episode and delivered big revelations for both Two and the Android.”

DenOfGeek: “For longtime viewers of Dark Matter, the story that unfolds in “Built, Not Born” is one that had been anticipated for quite awhile, and the payoff is quite satisfying.”

SciFiPulse: “After last week’s fun and games, Dark Matter returns to the mode of serious science fiction with a moral to the story.”

ThreeIfBySpace: “Regardless of what genre of TV you like most, Dark Matter has something for everyone. “Built, Not Born” is yet another solid episode in what has been a fantastic season, tying together two mysterious story lines with one satisfying resolution.”

TheNerdRecites: “Mallozzi promised this episode way back before the season had even begun. An episode where The Android’s origins would be revealed, coupled with a surprising link between The Android and Two. He definitely wasn’t kidding about the surprising nature of that link – this week revealed a complex backstory with some highly unexpected reveals.”

Nerdophiles: “What an awesome episode!”

CarterMatt: “This episode was crazy, twisted, heartfelt, and fun — pretty much this show in a nutshell. ”

TellTaleTV: Dark Matter Season 3 Episode 10, “Built, Not Born,” finally gave us a look into the history of Two and Android with a major twist no one saw coming. This intense change of events could have some major impacts for our crew and their journey.”

And here’s your post-episode discussion on After Dark, hosted by the lovely Zoe Palmer:

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First of all, I want to take everyone who took the time to submit their request for the Which Stargate Cast Member You’d Like To See On Dark Matter? impromptu poll.  The response has been – well – overwhelming, but I’ve got our Top 13!  And this is how it’s going to work…

You have 24 hours to vote on which Stargate cast member you’d like to see guest star in Dark Matter’s fourth season.  Results will be announced in tomorrow’s blog entry!

Simple, no?  And, in celebration of this coming together of awesome scifi franchises – Stargate/Farscape/Dark Matter – I’m going to do a few fan giveaways during tonight’s broadcast of Dark Matter.  All you have to do for a chance to win is tweet out tonight, between 9/8C and 10/9C while the latest episode of Dark Matter is airing, using the #DarkMatter hashtag, and that will automatically enter you in a chance to win any of the following…

Art Department packages chock full of plans and designs.

A signed Dark Matter script!

These cool ID badges I picked up at Comic Con way back when!

But wait!  There’s more!  Answer one of two skill-testing questions (one for the east coast airing, another for the west coast airing)  about tonight’s Dark Matter episode between 9/8C and 10/9C on twitter (don’t forget to use the #DarkMatter hashtag) for a chance to win –

This rare pre-launch Stargate: Universe press kit.

This rubber prop goa’uld pain stick.  It doesn’t shock but is still good for swinging and poking!

Watch twitter between 9/8C and 10/9C  for the questions and a chance to win!  My twitter handle: @BaronDestructo

Winners will be announced on twitter after the episodes air!

Also tonight, the cast convenes at Melissa O’Neil’s place for a mass group live tweet session.  Join us online as we attempt to break the internet!

Well, if the early reaction to the advance screeners of Episode 310, “Built, Not Born”, are any indication, tonight’s episode is going to rock your world.  I’ve had half a dozen individuals reach out to say it’s their favorite episode.  Not their favorite episode of the season, but their favorite episode of the entire series.  Wild.

It’s an episode chock full of family moments, shocking reveals, and answers to some long-asked questions.

It is NOT to be missed!


SpoilerTV’s Aimee Hicks gives us an advance preview: So Many Feelings

Dark Matter is about to unleash a feelings heavy episode that pulls at the heartstrings while dropping some major revelations. Joseph Mallozzi, Co-Creator/Executive Producer, has called this the “feeliest” episode of the series and even that’s an understatement. Nothing”

And Greg David at TV, Eh? offers up his thoughts: Dark Matter Delivers It’s Biggest “Holy Crap!” Moment Of Season 3

“There is a HUGE reveal midway through “Built, Not Born,” that will leave you spinning. Easily the biggest “Holy crap!” moment in a season chock full of them. It involves the Android, Two and Five and … nope, we won’t spoil it.”

Tom Gardiner at ThreeIfBySpace has the episodic stills – and some thoughts

“This week’s Dark Matter episode, “Built, Not Born”, is going to blow your mind. Several times.”

And, oh, let’s whet your appetite with a sneak peek scene.  What’s up with our Android?

Finally, more good news to buoy our spirits as we await work on a pick-up.  The +7’s are in for the week of July 17th and Dark Matter tied for #1 in percentage gain among adults 18-49 with a 200% increase among all cable shows, and came in at #8 with a 113% increase in total viewers.  Mighty impressive, I’d say.

‘Game of Thrones,’ ‘Descendants 2’ make big gains in cable Live +7 ratings for July 17-23

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Well Holy Smokes!  When I composed yesterday’s blog entry and asked fans to select a former Stargate cast member to guest in Dark Matter’s fourth season, little did I realize the deluge I was in for.  Between this blog, reddit, Facebook, google, and twitter, I’ve received over 1000 responses.  And counting!  Requests have ranged from the expected (Amanda Tapping, Michael Shanks) to the pleasantly surprising (Dan Shea, Teryl Rothery) to the impossible-but-nice-try (a puddle jumper, the stargate itself!).  I was so blown away by the reaction from fandom that I’ve decided to give all those gaters a little present in the form of their requested guest star.  Here’s how it’ll work…

Tomorrow night, I’ll tally up all of your asks and put together a short list of 10-12 names made up of your most requested (and a few of my faves) and put it to a vote.  I will do my damnedest to cast at least one of your top three choices (and maybe even a few other names) for Dark Matter’s fourth season.  I say “do my damnedest” because scheduling and budgetary constraints may complicate matters (I hear that Jason Momoa has been keeping busy!), but I’ll promise you at least one or two familiar faces from the Stargate franchise will be popping up on or near The Raza in season four.

Of course, first we have to get picked up for a fourth season but fandom is strong and vocal, our numbers are on the rise (our +3’s and +7’s are strong, the show is just roughly 10% off last year’s viewership, and we’re currently the #3 show in total viewers average on SYFY for  2017 with four more episodes to go!), and I’m suddenly feeling positive.  I also have the perfect episode in which to introduce them!

So, let’s hear it.  Who’s it going to be?

Check out this great article by Daniel Rasmus at Pop Matters: Why Dark Matter Matters

“For Dark Matter, the concept of humans working and living in space creates enough context to holds its amnesia/self-discovery premise. Kick-ass characters, blasters, space battles, sword fights, poison; all traditional, all relatable. The thrills come from real humans placed in the jeopardy of space, from human politics and the loss and rediscovery of memory.”


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In yesterday’s blog entry, I mentioned the similarities between Stargate and Dark Matter, but one of the parallels I failed to mention was the talent, both behind and in front of the camera.  Former Stargate Executive Producers Robert C. Cooper and Martin Gero consulted and wrote for Dark Matter, former Stargate directors Amanda Tapping, Andy Mikita, Will Waring, Martin Wood, and Peter DeLuise have helmed episodes, and, of course, former Stargate actors Torri Higginson, David Hewlett, and Mike Dopud have put in appearances aboard The Raza as well.

So, as we head toward the possibility of a fourth season, I’d like to know what former Stargate alum would YOU like to see make a guest appearance on Dark Matter?  Post your requests!

Two more days to an all-new episode of Dark Matter.  This Friday at 9/8C on SYFY, Episode 310 (“Built, Not Born”) will offer some very interesting insight into TWO and the Android’s backstory and their mysterious past connection.  It’s chock full of wonderful character moments, a few surprises and – FINALLY – a name for our Android!

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