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I can hardly believe that we’re only two weeks away from Dark Matter’s double episode premiere.  It doesn’t feel that long ago that we were in the writers’ room, fruitlessly spinning our wheels in an attempt to gain creative traction on stories for the show’s third season.  Not that long ago that I sat down to write episode 304 (“All The Time In the World”) armed with nothing but a vague notion of a story – and a very definite deadline.  No, not that long ago at all that I received news that forced me scuttle a planned story and come up with a totally crazy script for episode 309 (“Isn’t That A Paradox?”).  And yet, here we are!

So, what lies ahead for our crew of badass mercenaries?  Well, this –

And that –

Oh.  And that –

But you’ll all know soon enough.

Dark Matter’s baddest bad boy, Alex Mallari Jr. (and his buddy, Bo), make HuffPost’s list of –

23 Crazy-Fine Asian Dudes Who Don’t Conform To Western Standards Of Hotness

Hey!  Got a question for Dark Matter’s Anthony Lemke and/or Melissa O’Neil? Head on over to the SpaceChannel twitter feed and post them.

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“She’s more popular than you!”said Akemi.  The “she” being Suji and the “you”, of course, being me.

We were taking the dogs for a walk down west fourth avenue when we happened by a yoga shop.  When Lulu tried to casually stroll into the place, Suji, of course, attempted to follow.  “Suji!”called Akemi.  Suji stopped and glanced back.  At which point, one of the salesgirls hurried over and asked: “Is that Suji?”  Er…yes.  “I follow her on instagram!”  Seriously.  This was the third time she’s been recognized by a complete stranger.  Of course, like any professional celebrity, Suji played it cool, posing for pics, even allowing the salesgirl to pick her up and get a photo with her.

I tell ya, I should follow up on Jodelle and Melissa’s suggestion and include a shipboard mascot next season.

So, we checked out a few condos yesterday (pictured above: me in my condo-checking look) and, so far, not even close.  They’re either too small, too dark, to noisy, or too damn weird.  We’ll continue our search, but I’m not getting my hopes up.  In the meantime, I’d still like to see what I could get for the house.  I’ve run the numbers and I think that if I liquidated my assets and we moved to Tokyo, I could live comfortably until about age 92 – at which point I would probably need to get a job.

Today’s BTS pic –

Ruling an empire and being a Big Bad really works up an appetite.  Ask Alex Mallari Jr.

Today’s sneaky screen grab –

What, pray tell, is going on here?

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Check out the cool poster compliments of the gang at Syfy.  Mighty awesome, no?

Copy and disseminate!  The Dark Matter double episode premiere is two weeks away!

And when the show returns, we’ll be joined by a few new faces…

Hard Put-Upon Assistant and Wannabe Player Adrian Maro (Mishka Thebaud)

Pictured above – being handed his breakfast tray in our most jammy-filled episode yet (Episode 30: All The Time In the World).

Behind the scenes – yukking it up with notorious jabberer Anthony Lemke…while poor Jodelle struggles to get any reading done.


Former SDC Officer and Choke-Out Bodyguard Solara Shockley (Ayisha Issa)…

P.S. She’s a purple belt in Brazilian jiujitsu – the actress, not the character!  Please keep this in mind so you don’t get on her bad side at the next con.

Fortunately, she’s on our side.

I think.


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Want a chance to win a cast-signed Dark Matter script annotated by yours truly? Well, all you have to do is match the upcoming season 3 episode titles to the dog pictures posted below.  Each dog pic is somehow linked to a particular episode, so put your thinking caps on (as my second grade teacher, Mrs. Vowels used to say) and start linking!


Episode 27: Being Better Is So Much Harder

Episode 28: It Doesn’t Have To Be Like This

Episode 29: Welcome To The Revolution

Episode 30: All The Time In the World

Episode 31: Give It Up, Princess

Episode 32: One Last Card To Play

Episode 33: Wish I Could Believe You

Episode 34: Hot Chocolate

Episode 35: Isn’t That A Paradox?

Episode 36: Built, Not Born

Episode 37: The Dwarf Star Conspiracy

Episode 38: My Final Gift To You

Episode 39: Nowhere To Go















Limit one entry per customer.

Contest open to all Dark Matter fans galaxy-wide.

Contest ends midnight, Sunday May 28th.

A huge thanks to Assistant Costume Designer Anna Dal Farra for assembling the Dark Matter dog gallery.

Good luck!

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Here it is, as promised.  The Dark Matter season 3 trailer for all to see:

I think the gang at Syfy did a fantastic job on this one.  Thoughts?  Anything jump out at you?

Hey, while we’re on the topic of Dark Matter’s third season, how about a few screen caps for discussion…

Okay.  Discuss!

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Yes, the Dark Matter season 3 trailer is finally here in all of its kickass 60 second glory!  You can watch it here…


Well, those of you living in the U.S. can watch it.  Unfortunately, those of you – actually, I should say US – living outside the U.S. can’t because the video is geoblocked. 😦

But fear not.  I’m getting a copy of the trailer and will upload it in tomorrow’s blog entry for your repeat viewing pleasure.  Until then, a few screen caps to tide you over…








Yes, looks like it’s going to be a pretty awesome season.

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Well, it’s not quite the trailer but, today, Syfy International released a teaser for Dark Matter’s third season.  Check it out…

Okay, let’s break it down…

The destruction of space station EOS-7.

An explosion hot on TWO’s heels…literally.

The best laid plans blow up in Android’s face…again, literally.

Undercover FIVE.

Ryo Ishida looking downright villainous.

Some sort of shuttle avoiding weapons fire from a Ferrous Corp destroyer.

Some sort of guards (?), maybe soldiers (?) making their way into a dark facility.

FIVE pops out of hiding, and lets Bubba fly.

Intriguing, no? Discuss!

Speaking of videos, Suji did her very first Insta-live today.  She’s a natural…

A, uh natural apple slice eater that is.

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