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I notice that whenever we go shopping, Akemi always entrusts me with the heaviest and least fragile items.  I find that both complimentary and slightly insulting.

Always, Day #2 of our weekend open house went off without a hitch – if you discount the fact that it rained for the entire two hours we took the dogs out. Apparently, another 12+ groups visited, and two couples were return visitors from yesterday.  One of them was even so keen, they floated a lowball offer that our agent respectfully informed them wasn’t gonna fly.

Hmmm.  Curious to see how this plays out.  As I’ve already said, I’m certainly not a motivated seller but, on the other hand, I can’t say I’m an unmotivated seller either.  I suppose it would be more apt to describe me as a disinterested seller. Will I sell the house?  Won’t I?  If I do, will I get a condo in Vancouver?  Or will I get one in Toronto?  Or both?  Or neither?  I suppose it will all depend on whether or not we get that fourth season pick-up and even though I’m in the writers’ room, furiously working away on stories for Dark Matter season 4, there’s not guarantee.  Our two-part opener was up against the NBA finals and then, watching last Friday’s episode, I was surprised by the fact that we weren’t trending…until I realized what was trending = the SERIES finale of Reign.  Looking forward to those +3’s and +7’s!

Hey, speaking of Dark Matter, Syfy Australia has kindly uploaded the third episode of After Dark.  That’s the good news.  The bad news is that it cuts out halfway through a sneak peek at next week’s kookoo bananas episode, partway through one of my favorite THRAndroid scenes…

I leave you today with some early work on our Episode 311 (“The Dwarf Star Conspiracy”) security satellites…

Aint he the cutest?  I’m calling him Murray!

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