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1I opened the back door this morning to let the dogs out only to discover that, overnight, Vancouver had been transformed into a winter wonderland.  The yard, garage, and surrounding trees were adorned with a thick white dusting.  And Mother Nature wasn’t done yet.  I looked on, amazed, as it continued to flurry, big fat flakes drifting down to perfect the ideal White Christmas tableau.  My dogs, on the other hand, weren’t quite as impressed.  They eyed the transformation, sniffed the air and exchanged what looked suspiciously like WTF? looks before trotting back inside and going back to sleep.

Alas, no going back to sleep for me.  I was up and had errands to run. Gifts to drop off.  Comic books to pick up.  Girlfriends to drop off at their various English classes!

The road conditions were tricky but manageable, paricularly for a seasoned Montreal driver like yours truly who drives a big-ass SUV and had the foresight to switch out his summer wheels for winter tires. Unfortunately for yours truly, it appears that a significant number of Vancouver drivers: 1. Evidently forgot they lived in Canada and 2. Failed to get winter or all-season tires AND 3. Have evidently never driven in inclement weather before.  The streets were a disaster.  Cars stuck, spinning their wheels in frustration, or advancing at a cautious snail’s pace, commanding both lanes of the two-lane street.  I spent half my day in traffic.

Zipping along.

Zipping along.

When I returned home, I was finally able to coax the dogs out.  But only partway.  Whereas the lawn is prime pooping real estate in the spring, summer, and fall, all bets are off come winter.  Apparently, now, anywhere it has snowed is fair territory.  My french bulldog, Lulu, two three steps, decided the end of the porch was good enough, did her business and scampered back inside.

Today, I’d like to bring to your attention a pet-related cause.

First up, there’s this very sad story about a family dog (a pitbull named Chino) who was shot by a police officer in Charlotte, N.C.:

“That’s when Chino and Ivy rushed outside for some love.

They weren’t barking, they weren’t growling.  They were running around me,” Janneth Sanchez said.

Sanchez says she bent over and held Chino by the hips.  At the same time Officer D. Bryant yelled at her to grab Chino, and officer Bryant shot and killed Chino by the time he finished his sentence.”


By the way, Janneth Sanchez, Chino’s owner, was eight pregnant at the time.  Outrageous.

You can sign a petition demanding that the Police Officer responsible, D.Bryan, Badge # 4450, be held accountable for his actions: TAKE ACTION! Demand Justice for Chino and Ivywww.causes.comChino was shot and killed in Charlotte, NC on private property by a police officer D BRYAN on December 16, 2012. Ivy was also shot but only injured in the incident. Neither dogs were attacking the officer or showing any sign of aggression. Let’s help to get justice for this family. BACKGROUND IN…

Or lend the family some support by visiting here: Justice For Chino and Ivy


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