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We did it!  We did it!  We broke our first episode!

And it’s a chunky little monkey packed full of actiony-twisty-turny-funny-charactery goodness!  Now all we have to do is break twelve more and we’ve got ourselves a fourth season!

FanBros’ Jason Payne’s Interview With Dark Matter’s Melissa O’Neil

Space is a vast, unpredictable and, on occasion, unfriendly place. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that he is the only main antagonist but Ryo’s journey, which is decidedly separate from the rest of the crew, is heavily featured. I think the fans are going to lose their minds in the best way as this particular storyline unfolds before them.

I talk about season 3 with SpoilerTV’s Aimee Hicks

If you look back to Episode Seven, the Wendy the Robot episode, the one where we introduced Sarah and killed her off in the same episode, she’s in a stasis chamber and the power goes out and she dies. Then we check in with all the characters and then we go back and see Five, and if you look at that scene, Five is staring down at Sarah in her stasis pod and then she kind of cocks her head in kind of a curious way and then we’re out. And I remember when the episode aired, a bunch of people were like, “Oh, that’s kind of weird, why was Five giving her the look?” And, you know, it’s a follow-through that I had planned for a while and finally, the start of Season Three was where we found the opportunity to do it.

Innerspace’s Morgan Hoffman and Ajay Fry offer a Dark Matter Recap of the show’s two- part opener:

Baz Greeland of TheDigitalFix offers his take of 3.01 Being Better Is So Much Harder

Well Dark Matter season three certainly opened with a bang and the didn’t let up for a rather thrilling 42 minutes of television which demonstrated how the show had really started to live up to its promise by season two’s end.

OMFGTV’s Taylor: Dark Matter Recap: Ohana Means Family

Welcome back aboard the Raza for Part 1 of the two-part season premiere of Dark Matter where all systems are down and our little family of anti-heroes is broken apart even further.

Dark Matter Of Opinion offers, well, an opinion of Episode 301

Torri Higginson is amazing to have around any day, but when she leaned around that corner to take out those Ferrous goons, it was magic.

And for those of you who missed After Dark, here is the first (two) episode of the Dark Matter after show compliments of SyfyAustralia:

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I work in a very strange, unpredictable business.  Three years ago, I was 100% certain that Dark Matter was dead and I was poised to go into production on another show I had developed.  Within the span of 24 hours, that other show was dead and Dark Matter was suddenly a go.  You just…never know.

The fact is, despite my fairly positive outlook on the subject, there’s not guarantee Dark Matter will come back for a fourth season – and no guarantee that if it does, I’ll be coming back with it.  I mean, who knows?  Three months from now, I could be all like –

So it’s always a good idea to hedge your bets.  Hope for the best but prepare for the worst.  And, as far as worst goes, it probably won’t be all that bad: maybe another show, maybe L.A., maybe the impetus I need to finally cash out of the Vancouver real estate market and buy that place in Tokyo!

Time will tell.

Also, ratings!  So get the word out.  Dark Matter premieres on Syfy and Space Channel on Friday June 9th with a double episode premiere starting at 8:00 p.m. (after which the show returns to its regular 9:00 p.m. time slot for June 16th).  And then Monday June 12th at 8:00 p.m., Syfy UK will be airing their own season 3 double bill.

AND, immediately following that double bill, will be the premiere of After DarkDark Matter’s very own after show…

Each episode brings together cast, crew, fans and experts to discuss storylines, go behind the scenes, and debate what’s next for the series’ protagonists.


The show will be made available to American and Canadian Dark Matter fans on Space.ca and Syfy.com

Speaking of Syfy.com, head on over to check out their video highlight package of the show’s greatest moments:

Dark Matter’s Greatest Moments

Agree?  Disagree?  What’s missing?


It’s coming!  I hear they’ll have a version to show us next week!


An early version will be sent my way for review tonight – and it’s apparently 14 minutes long!

Today, the random Dark Matter season 3 sneak peek screen capture generator selects…

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How much does the gang at Syfy International love Dark Matter and Dark Matter fandom?  So much that they were at the studio all this week, prepping and shooting an aftershow, After Dark, that will premiere following our season 3 premiere on all Syfy International channels.

As a participant in the After Dark segments for our first two episodes, I was required to be in hair & make-up for 8:00 a.m. sharp.  After Renee Chan (Key Hair) transformed my run-of-the-mill hairstyle into a true t.v. do, Dorota Mitoraj (Asst. Make-Up) made me t.v.-ready.  Pictured above, Dorota shows off her work.

Fellow Episode 301 After Dark guest Anthony Lemke (THREE) shows off his fresh new look – and drops off three boxes of donuts for the crew.  What a guy!

Each episode of After Dark will be hosted by Zoie Palmer (Android) and include varied guests – like Anthony Lemke and Rich Edwards, editor of SFX magazine.

A is for Android.

Overseeing today’s action was Kristin Mente (Production Manager, NBC Universal) and the rest of the Syfy International team.

Lots of coverage.

After the first After Show segment, I was asked to record a promo for our fans watching on SyfyDE.  This time, it was ME who was receiving direction.  “Can you say Hi Germany so it doesn’t sound like a question?”was my favorite. Hello?  Germany???

An impromptu meeting of the Dark Matter Whiskey Club.

For the second After Dark instalment, Jodelle Ferland (FIVE) took Anthony’s spot on the couch.  And were also joined by Syfy Wire’s Tricia Ennis.

The Episode 302 aftershow also included a segment guest-starring Suji that may or may not make the cut on account of her unpredictability.  On the bright side, at least she didn’t poop on set.

The little diva patiently awaits her big scene.

Spoiler alert!  Preview pics of The Raza’s newest crew member.

Finally, a huge thank you to the team from Syfy International.

Catch After Dark immediately following all new episodes of Dark Matter this June!

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