Tonight at 9/8C on SYFY, it’s an all-new episode of Dark Matter – “The Dwarf Star Conspiracy”.  We raise the stakes yet again as the pieces of Alexander Rook’s plans for Rebecca (and her kind) fall into place.  And the discoveries made this episode will have major repercussions.

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My chat with Matt Carter – Dark Matter Season 3 Stories, Finale, Season 4 Odds

“Three has obviously never been the biggest fan of androids, and now the love of his life is one. Ironic, no? She’s essentially out of touch; I wouldn’t say that she’s riding with a bad crowd, but she’s riding with a crowd that may influence her in a way that Three may not support. I’ll say that, and I’ll say that we have big plans for the Sarah character. That story should be a lot of fun.”

Let’s hit the mailbag:

Katie writes: “What was your biggest inspiration to become a writer?”

Answer: If I had to narrow it down to the one biggest things, I’d have to say it was my love of comic books and the stories they told, action-driven but often character-centered, serialized in its narrative.  Characters like The Avengers and The X-Men became a second family to me of sorts, one that I would check in on every month.  There was nothing I loved more than going comic book shopping, browsing through back issues, discovering new titles.  It’s a wonder I never ended up in the comic book field.

“What advice would you give an aspiring writer??”

Answer: As silly as it sounds, my advice would be “Write!”.  I’ve known a lot of would-be writers over my life who just don’t write. Or write enough.  The only way you’re going to hone your craft is by committing yourself to it fully.  Also, reading A LOT helps.

Joanne Verbeek writes: “If season 4 is picked up: Will Lt. Anders joining the crew?”

Answer: No plans for Anders to join the crew, but there’s a good chance he may play a significant role in how events unfold for them in the show’s fourth season.

“Maybe have Hackmods(Android style)as an adversary???”

Answer: I know that’s a Killjoys term, but I’m woefully behind.

“Will you reveal the Stargate alumi to guest star in future episode(s)?”

Answer: If all the pieces fall into place then, yes, absolutely.  Hoping it will be more than one guest star.

Michael A. Burstein writes: “No questions for the mailbag. Just wanted to say hi and tell you that my wife and I are continuing to enjoy the show. You had some great episodes this season and we’re looking forward to seeing more next season!”

Answer: Michael, great to hear from you.  Hope you and your wife are well!

Sakura writes: “Will Portia aka Rebecca meet Dr.Shaw?”

Answer: If the two timelines share the Rebecca/Shaw relationship, then it would stand to reason that Portia would, eventually, try to seek out Shaw.

“If Dr. Shaw want android have free will and don’t want download her mind to android’s body , why she will agreed with Sarah doing tis ?”

Answer: Perhaps we’ll find out more about her attitude regarding androids and humanity as the series progresses but, on the surface, it would seem like a distinction between saving “a” life and saving her own.

“Will Two try to find back her connection with Dr.Shaw?”

Answer: This isn’t the last we’ve seen of Dr. Shaw – or the androids.

“Will victor died ?”

Answer: Oh, everyone dies.  Eventually.

cudaker writes: ““Over the course of the hour, we discussed all things Dark Matter including a few hints as to what lies in store for the show’s fourth season. It’s going to be spectacular!”  Can we Know few things of these chats ?”

Answer: You will once the interviews are published in a week or two.

“Ever though a crossover Between SG and DM for an episode or more ?”

Answer: No crossovers.  I don’t own the rights to Stargate or its characters.  I do hope to invite some of the former cast members to guest star on the show though.

“A DM PC game would it be possible ?”

Answer: Theoretically, yes, but highly unlikely.  Stargate had numerous failed attempts at a game and if Stargate couldn’t do it, I have no confidence that we’d be able to pull it off.

“If you were able to go back in time where/when would you go ?”

Answer: I’d probably go back to earlier in my life and talk myself out of some vary unwise decisions.

Tingyiy writes: “Is dark matter coming to fan expo?”

Answer: I don’t know.  The cast books their appearances separately from the show (with the exception of SDCC).

“Will Tehya return to dark matter?”

Answer: Hopefully, if we can afford her.

“How do I audition for dark matter without an agent?”

Answer: Unfortunately, the short answer is you don’t.  Going through agents and casting directors makes things a lot easier for a production and also helps us avoid the occasional unforeseen issue.

“What about a killjoys dark matter crossover?”

Answer: Again, theoretically doable but it would require a fair amount of coordination on the parts of the production companies.  Creatively, I think it would be a blast.  I’m a HUGE Michelle Lovretta fan!

ChrisPa1975 writes: “Why, oh why, did you kill off one? So completely? Without even a death scene. I mean a real one?”

Answer: To be perfectly frank, it was never my intention to kill him off.  And the death scene, while shocking, wasn’t my original plan either.

“Same with Devon. Why?I know…the sacrifice…but with the scene being cut his death seems so…unnecessary…”

Answer: Again, yes, this was another case where what ended up onscreen was not the original plan and as a result, in my opinion, resulted in a less than satisfactory conclusion to the Devon storyline.

“I am afraid to invest myself in another character…afraid they’ll be killed off just when I start to really connect with the character…”

Answer: Well, as we’ve proven, no one is safe.  It’s not just the guest stars.

“Are we now going to have a musical episode, or what?”

Answer: Season 6!

LeePowellWriter: “Any chance that Ryo will rejoin the Raza?”

Answer: Oh, it’s possible – but, as things stand, highly unlikely.  Then again, you never know.  Two weeks ago when someone asked me if it was possible to download Sarah’s consciousness into an android body, I said possible but unlikely as it would require a proper android form capable of receiving her consciousness and the work of an expert in neurorobotics.  And, lo and behold, the pieces fell into place in last weeks’ episode!

nantokanaru77 writes: “1. Do your DM casts get to preview the shows before it’s aired or do they watch how the episodes come together same time as the rest of us?”

Answer: They get to preview the episodes when they do ADR, but they don’t get the full experience until the episode actually airs.

“2. Plans on your next visits to Japan?”

Answer: I need time and someone I can trust with the dogs.  Both big asks.

“3. What is happening to your “other” (military?) show?”

Answer: It’s still out there, making the rounds.  I think that if the broadcasters pass, I’ll do something I’ve never done before and just make the pilot available for download here on the blog for your reading pleasure.

“4. Your favorite cuisine? Anything you don’t eat?”

Answer: Favorite?  Japanese.  I eating pretty much everything – except natto and fruit-based desserts.

OgreMkV writes: “Have you ever looked at an episode and asked “Why the heck did we even shoot that one?””

Answer: No, but there have been episodes that did disappoint me for various reasons.  A couple come to mind.

KathyC writes: “When are you going to get Akemi a dragon?”

Answer: When one of you gifts me one!

To Livin, Lovin & Lyin writes: “1. What is the reason for the creation of Rebecca?”

Answer: Tonight’s episode (“The Dwarf Star Conspiracy”) will shed some light on that question.

“2. When will we learn about the evolution of Portia Lin? (Rebecca evolving into Portia)”

Answer: We’ll receive a hint about that in next week’s episode (“My Final Gift To You”).  In the case of TWO, that “final gift” is information that will offer a hint at what caused her to turn.  But more on that in season 4.  In fact, if we do get a fourth season, I’d like to do a flashback episode that will offer us insight into the Raza crew pre-mindwipe.

“3. Are there going to be any set visits for season 4?”

Answer: I don’t know.  That’s all arranged through the production company.

“4. Are there any traits that Rebecca, Portia & Two share or do you see them as all a different person?”

Answer: They share plenty of traits but they’re all different facets of the same individual.

Carrie writes: “1, Please tell me that Season 4 is picked up. I could keep asking until it’s either yes (it better be) or no (it better not be!!!).”

Answer: Alas, only SYFY knows the answer to that.

“2, What are your thoughts on aliens and you know future 600 years from now type of thinnggsss? Matters of the Dark kind of thinnggsss stuffs.”

Answer: Aliens, you say?  Stay tuned!

vesuvian7 writes: “What does it look like when you get a pickup for a new season?”

Answer: Usually it’s in the form of an email from the company president informing me that we got a pickup.

“Do the SyFy people just email/call you saying that they’re picking it up?”

Answer: They pick up the phone and call the president of Prodigy Pictures who relays the information to me via email.

“What does a “pick up” actually look like? do they just write a check and say when they want their finish cuts, or is it more complicated than that?”

Answer: It’s as simple as a phone call.  Most of the paperwork is already in place.

“Do you have to show up and sign a piece of paper? is it a digital signature?”

Answer: With regard to the pick up, my job is specific to producing the show.

“Does the contract you sign have delivery of the episodes?”

Answer: Yes.  There is often a very clear delivery schedule.

“How often do you talk with SyFy studio people during pre-production/filming?”

Answer: It really depends on the production and the stage of production.

“How often do you contact SyFy after you’ve delivered the final cuts?”

Answer: Again, I personally do not have contact with SYFY after delivering cuts but a broadcaster may have conversation with our post-production department lead by the wonderful Rachel Sutherland.

“You mention the new season pickup on your blog almost daily… How much can you lobby SyFy before they start getting annoyed?”

Answer: Not sure what you mean by annoyed.  And what do you mean by lobbying?  Do you mean fans actually showing up at the SYFY offices and demanding the show be renewed?  I imagine that could get annoying real fast.  On the other hand, having the fans support the show online is pretty respectful.

“Does Syfy watch your daily cuts and make suggestions, or do they give you a lot of rope.. or if you’re not comfortable giving specifics, what is normal for a show like this?”

Answer: Different scenarios for different productions.  SYFY does let us know what they feels is working and isn’t working but, in general, have respected the creative and allowed us to make the show I envisioned from the get-go.

Drea writes: “Burning Question #1:Have you and Akemi picked out a name yet for the dragon you are going to adopt?”

Answer: No.  Maybe I’ll have the fans name him/her once the adoption has been completed.

“Burning Question #2: Do Canadian insurance plans offer “accident forgiveness” (the way All State insurance company in U.S does) if a dragon is basically house broken and obedient but has a ‘rare’ temperamental bad day?”

Answer: Will have to look into that.

“Burning Question #3: Keeping my fingers (and toes) crossed this never ever happens, Albeit ….
In the unlikely unfortunate event your new family member does indeed have a bad day and “accidentally” burns the house down with you and Akemi in it What Canadian dollar bill denomination would you and Akemi prefer to be on?”

Answer: The $5 bill because blue is Akemi’s color.

arcticgoddess writes: “1) When scouting for houses as locations, are there people already in some database that are willing to rent out their homes for a week, or do you rely on crew homes to provide you with locations? How much does a production typically pay for the use of a home?”

Answer: There is a database of locations that we can check out, everything from industrial sites to family homes.  The price for the rental really depends on the place.

“2) Happy thoughts… however, if season 4 doesn’t get picked up, are you still moving to Toronto? Right now, I guess it’s not really much of a choice – forest fire smoke vs. almost constant rain.”

Answer: We’ll be moving to Toronto at the end of this month whether Dark Matter comes back or not.

“3) Will Mike Dopud be making more appearances if you get a 4th season pick-up?”

Answer: To early to tell, but I love Mike and would certainly love to him back.

“4) Which do you prefer to write – the ensemble story, or the single character story?”

Answer: I love having the ability and freedom to do both.

Alex writes: “In “Built, Not Born,” the Android had a memory about Four and Two discussing about Nova 17. Four and Two mention someone named “Griff.” Do we know who that person is? Or does this remain to be seen?”

Answer: Griff was Officer Kal Varrick’s (SIX) undercover alias when he first boarded The Raza – something we learned in season 2.

Kel writes: “Any desert recommendations in Vancouver?”

Answer: Lucky’s Donuts at 49th Parallel on Main Street, Beta 5 chocolates on Industrial Ave, Pure Bread Bakery on East Hastings, Soft Peaks softserve ice cream on Alexander Street, Cadeaux Bakery on Powell Street, Bella Gelateria on Cordova, G Cafe on Cordova, Tangram’s Ice Cream on Arbutus…to name a few.

Joseph Sardone writes: “OK, WE KNOW that you know that Stargate is coming back, so what are the odds of getting the band back together again … ((or at least some of them,writers/actors/etc.)). with YOU being a part of the team?”

Answer: Would love for it to happen but it would seem MGM has decided to go in another direction.

Shaneac1 writes: “I know you’ve said in the past that merchandising for dark matter is going to be up to syfy has there been any movement on this I know syfy really doesn’t seem too keen on merchandising which is a shame is there any chance of getting some Collectibles made for the show.”

Answer: Prodigy Pictures should be taking the lead here but, sadly, there hasn’t been any movement.

Seriously Mike writes: “When can we expect Cyrus King to finally show up?”

Answer: Somewhere between next episode and the series finale.

baterista9 writes: “What’s your “diet Kryptonite”?”

Answer: Ice cream.

darkmatterman writes: “I know you said you have a 5 season plan for dark matter but have you ever thought about maybe extending the show beyond 5 years, maybe 10 like stargate?”

Answer: Nope.  Five is the plan and I’m sticking to it.

Jack Hoffer writes: “Will we get to see 2 progress from being with Shaw to being a killer?”

Answer: Eventually, yes, that part of her story will be revealed.

“Will we get more of 5s back story if season 4 gets picked up?”

Answer: Again, yes, there is more to explore in her backstory as well.

“If season 4 doesn’t get picked up could we get a comic/novel, or could you let us know what you had planned?”

Answer: Hopefully, SYFY will renew the show for a fourth and fifth season and all of your questions will be answered.

maggiemayday writes: “Recommendations for good eats in Victoria?”

Answer: Sorry.  I’ve never been.

Mike writes: “Last night changed all of that because we watched last weeks episode where the writers seemed to see a need to portray the two main characters in a lesbian relationship. We are now switched off and thought you should know. Not everyone who watches these shows are ok with the current trends and if you folks want to disenfranchise a portion of your viewer, keep pushing a social agenda instead of staying with entertainment that is able to be enjoyed by a larger cross section of America.”

Answer: Sigh.  While I have no qualms with creators who push agendas through their work, but it isn’t something I do.  I’m not trying to send a message, simply reflecting my experience and the world I live in.  Ultimately, the reason why I scripted the Rebcca/Shaw relationship was for the very same reason I scripted the ONE/TWO/THREE triangle in the show’s first season – it serviced the story I wanted to tell.  In the end, I suppose I could have made them former golfing partners instead of lovers but it probably wouldn’t have been as interesting.  Probably.

Drea + team writes: “Q1: Any stories in other genres brewing in your head of late?”

Answer: Yep.  I have a couple of serialized dramas, something in the thriller area, and a couple of horror stories as well.  Oh, and also a superhero-themed project.

“Q2 & 3: Now that you’ve been professionally writing science fiction for so very long, do you think you could ever even pay serious consideration to professionally writing in other genres?”

Answer: Of course.

“Also: Now that you’ve experienced the power of being Show Creator and Show Runner.  Do you think you could ever accept a steady job writing for someone elses story? If say, for example, some Big Ticket show you admire Such as Walking Dead or Better Call Saul were to call and offer you a well paying job writing the next 60 episodes for them.”

Answer: Again, of course, but it would depend on: a) the show and, perhaps even more importantly, b) who I’d be working with.

Alabaster55 writes: “Do you think you might be able to post some more pictures of the Raza and corporate cruisers?”

Answer: If you do a search for Raza or Mikkei Cruiser or Ferrous Corp Destroyer in on the blog, plenty of pics will pop up.

Rebekah Goodyear writes: “Are you going to ask Ben Browder to guest star in season 4?”

Answer: Too early to tell who will guest star in season 4 but I am, and have always been, a big fan of Ben.

James13 writes: “Has any of the character’s story lines been changed dramatically since when you first started writing for the show, or has everyone’s journey been more or less right on schedule?”

Answer: Most have been pretty much on schedule with the exception of ONE’s storyline.

“If you could become one of the characters besides the Android on the show, which character would you want to be?”

Answer: THREE.  He has the right “couldn’t care less” attitude.

“Are there story lines that you have that you can’t do because of budgetary/scheduling reasons that you wish you could do?”

Answer: So far, so good.  But we still have two seasons to go.

“Since we are in the age of reboots/sequels, if a studio came to you and said they want you to reboot a TV show or movie that hasn’t been rebooted already, what show or movie would you possibly pick?”

Answer: I actually tried to track down the rights holders to Blake’s 7 and Space: 1999 to see if they’d be interested in rebooting their respective franchises, but got nowhere.

“Finally, any chance I can get my hands on a replica Raza spaceship, or the blink drive briefcase??”

Answer: Best chance would be once the series has wrapped and the production holds an auction.  Hopefully, that’s at least two years away!

Thogar writes: “Will the AU crew play an important part in future seasons?”

Answer: Chances are good you’ll see them again before season’s end.

“What about Adrian and Solara? Loved them from the moment I saw them & it would be nice to get some new characters who don’t get swept away after a single season. Even if they’re just recurring, like Truffault, it would add some continuity and familiarity. Plus, they’re both fun!”

Answer: They’re out there and, yes, there are plans to see them again sometime down the line.

“I know you’ve had this story planned for years – How much of it has changed due to various necessities?”

Answer: Most of it has progressed as planned with the exception of the ONE storyline as I’ve already discussed.

“Has fan reaction, network brass input, actor input, etc. caused a shift in your original plan? If so, have any of those changes been significant or could they be seen more as minor modifications while the original vision remains intact?”

Answer: No significant shifts but any minor shifts have been the result of the cast.  For instance, after the show’s first season, I made a concerted effort to find ways to pair the THREE/FIVE characters because Anthony and Jodelle are so damn good.

“If Dark Matter runs for your planned 5 years and the network just insists on a 6th season, would you do it? Do you have any story ideas to take the crew beyond their 5-year mission?”

Answer: It’s a big universe and there would be plenty of ideas, but the story I want to tell will span five seasons.  I’m not seeing a sixth season couldn’t happen, only that I wouldn’t be a part of it.

“Would you consider a spin-off of Dark Matter?”

Answer: Yes.  If I could find the right premise on which to build another show, absolutely.

MaggieL80 writes: “Which crew members succeed in turning their lives around and which ones return to the dark side??? That’s what I want to know. Can there be a happy ending?”

Answer: There won’t be a happy ending for everyone.  Truth be told, when I was originally plotting the series, it wasn’t going to be a happy ending for anyone.

“We have seen that all the characters have internal scars but Three has a very noticeable outside scar. Will we see how he received that facial scar? Definitely makes him look more roguish!”

Answer: No immediate plans to tell that particular story but…who knows?

“Is there a possibility that the “new” blink drive can be adjusted to return the alternate Raza crew back to their reality? And soon? They’re up to something!”

Answer: Not soon enough.

“Will there be any more mention of Five’s sister this season?”

Answer: Yes!



Well, would you look at this.  I came across the series overview I put together for the show, way back when.  And, hey, check it out!  There’s an actual ending we’re working towards!  A real honest to goodness ending that pays it all off and wraps it all up!

TV, eh?’s Greg David previews this Friday nights’ episode of Dark Matter

“Credit to Dark Matter co-creators Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie for continuing to up the ante when it comes to jaw-dropping episodes this season. Just when I didn’t think the series could generate any more shocks it does.”

Veronica Scott of Amazing Stories chat’s with Dark Matter’s THREE, Anthony Lemke:

“We discussed the idea that currently movies tend to be about the spectacle and the effects, whereas television shows like Dark Matter can take more time to allow the characters to unfold and reward the viewers’  time investment. Anthony compared watching a television series to reading a novel, where you can “go back and back again” and at the end of the novel, “you miss the people.”

I talk season 3 and beyond with Telfie Buzz:

“There is definitely a 5-year plan for the show. If season 1 was Secrets and Surprises, and season 2 was Risks and Redemption, and season 3 is Victories and Vengeances, season 4 will be Androids and Aliens. And you can’t get any more sci-fi than that. As for season 5 – which, if everything works out, should be the show’s final 13-episode installment – I have a plan to tie up all the storylines. I even have the show’s final sequence in my head.”

Akemi today upon setting eyes on the new Canadian ten dollar bill –

“Wow.  Team Senior.  You have to be dead to be on the bill.  It’s very sad when you think about it.”

Had two great back to back chats with Paste Magazine’s  Alexis Gunderson and CarterMatt’s Matt Carter this morning.  Over the course of the hour, we discussed all things Dark Matter including a few hints as to what lies in store for the show’s fourth season.  It’s going to be spectacular!

Yep.  All we need is that fourth season pickup and it’ll be smooooooooooooth sailing!

 Aimee Hicks at SpoilerTV offers an Advance Preview of this Friday night’s episode of Dark Matter (“The Dwarf Star Conspiracy”)

Dark Matter has been on a roll this season shedding new light on plot points set up in prior seasons and that trend is continuing. This episode shows that two storylines from Season One and Season Two are far more interconnected than might have been previously thought.”

I’m opening up the mailbag this weekend.  If you have a burning question, post it in this blog’s comment section!

Approximately three weeks to the big move and things are coming along nicely.  I think.  I’ve cancelled services, finished 90% of my packing, hired a mover, got a storage locker in Toronto, booked our flight, and am trying to move a bunch of stuff I no longer need.  Sis got is getting my massive dvd and toy collection, Rob Cooper got our sous-vide machine, while Lawren Bancroft-Wilson hauled off enough booze to open his own bar.  There are, however, a few items I’m having trouble moving…

This ten year old bottle of blueberry wine!

A lifetime supply of windshield washer fluid!

A teapot in the shape of a fish!

It’s okay.  I still have twenty-three days to work with.

Initially, the plan was to fall in love with a condo in Toronto and buy it before our move…but that plan was abandoned.  Then, it was decided we would just move into our old place for the time being but: there’s someone living there until October 1st.  So we elected to just find a place through the production but, with no official pick-up, there technically isn’t a production right now.

But I’m not worried.  I still have twenty-three days to figure it out.

Other than that, things have been unusually…quiet for this time of year.  Catching up on my reading.  Going to rewatch Flight of the Concords because Akemi wants to watch after seeing the video for “Hurt Feelings” –

22 in episodes in all.  Perfect!

“I want a dragon.”

Akemi last night after watching Game of Thrones.

A sneak peek at this Friday’s episode of Dark Matter, “The Dwarf Star Conspiracy”:

And here’s a video of Lulu and Suji enjoying some ice cream:


ScreenSpy: “Holy twists, Batman. This episode had a little bit of everything—insight into Android’s creation was a given, but the glimpses into the crew’s past interactions really sealed this episode emotionally.”

SciFiMoviePage: “An excellent episode that answered a lot of question about the characters in the show.”


And what did the AfterBuzz team have to say about this episode?

What lies in store for the crew in Episode 311, “The Dwarf Star Conspiracy”?

One of the Android’s newly discovered memories leads the crew to a suspicious Dwarf Star facility on Nova 17.

The promo –

The sneak peek –




Whew!  What a night!  Dark Matter fans had us trending before, during, and long after Episode 310, “Built, Not Born” aired.  We were all out in force, including cast members, to live tweet one of our biggest episodes yet.  And, while all the tweeting was going on, I was rewarding lucky fans with all sorts of cool swag, from cast-signed Dark Matter scripts to Stargate loot.  When all was said and done, I’d given away two signed scripts, six art department packages, a selection of ID badges, an SGU pre-launch press kit, and a goa’uld pain stick prop.  Akemi is going to have to address a lot of envelopes these new few days.

ALSO…the results of the Which Stargate Cast Member Would You Like to See on Dark Matter poll are in.  2 064 votes where cast!  And here are your top three finishers:

Watching the vote progression was like taking in a great sports match – plenty of lead changes, rallies, and an 11th hour upset.

So, next steps –

1: Write a great part.

2. Contact one of the top 3 finishers and convince them to guest star on the show.

3. Host a Stargate reunion on the set of Dark Matter.

Oh, yeah.  I forgot.  Step 0.5: Get picked up for a fourth season!

And, hey, if you’re fave didn’t make the top 3, don’t despair.  I already have plans for at least two other Stargate veterans in season 4 (their schedule, interest, and our budget permitting) but I get ahead of myself.  Renewal first, then grand scifi plans!

As for last night’s episode?  How’d it go?

Yep.  The fans seemed to like it.  And the critics as well –

BladeOfTheSashurai: “By and all this was one of the more emotionally charged episodes of the season, giving us a new look at Two’s past and the android’s quiet yet conflicted nature.”

BlackGirlNerds: “That was only 42 minutes? Way to pack in a lot of content without it getting muddled or confusing.”

SYFYWIRE: “This episode was just full of emotional turmoil and big character moments for Two and Android (and even Three!) and I just have a lot of feelings, okay?” 

PureFandom: “This was an episode for multiple revelations and “What the what?” screeches of dismay/delight. I don’t know about you, but I didn’t want this episode to end. It was chock full of love among our crew members and some interesting relationship twists.”

SpoilerTV: “Dark Matter went all in with this episode and delivered big revelations for both Two and the Android.”

DenOfGeek: “For longtime viewers of Dark Matter, the story that unfolds in “Built, Not Born” is one that had been anticipated for quite awhile, and the payoff is quite satisfying.”

SciFiPulse: “After last week’s fun and games, Dark Matter returns to the mode of serious science fiction with a moral to the story.”

ThreeIfBySpace: “Regardless of what genre of TV you like most, Dark Matter has something for everyone. “Built, Not Born” is yet another solid episode in what has been a fantastic season, tying together two mysterious story lines with one satisfying resolution.”

TheNerdRecites: “Mallozzi promised this episode way back before the season had even begun. An episode where The Android’s origins would be revealed, coupled with a surprising link between The Android and Two. He definitely wasn’t kidding about the surprising nature of that link – this week revealed a complex backstory with some highly unexpected reveals.”

Nerdophiles: “What an awesome episode!”

CarterMatt: “This episode was crazy, twisted, heartfelt, and fun — pretty much this show in a nutshell. ”

TellTaleTV: Dark Matter Season 3 Episode 10, “Built, Not Born,” finally gave us a look into the history of Two and Android with a major twist no one saw coming. This intense change of events could have some major impacts for our crew and their journey.”

And here’s your post-episode discussion on After Dark, hosted by the lovely Zoe Palmer:

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