The first rule of Dark Matter Fight Club is Post About Dark Matter Fight Club! Pictured above: Director Bruce McDonald and Co-Executive Producer Robbie David at the official weigh-in for their big match.

While we’re on the subject, Dark Matter’s Solara Shockley (and Brazilian Top Team Purple Belt and 2 time IBJJF World Champion Ayisha Issa) and her partner’s gym is offering a stunt workshop, “Fighting For Film & TV”.  If you’re interested, check it out here:


In case you missed it, this was a nice little article by SciFiMoviePage’s Chris Suide that does a nice job of summing up the feelings of many Dark Matter fans (though I don’t agree with the take on Killjoys.  Nothing but love and respect for Michelle Lovretta and her crew.)

In Memoriam: 2017 Dark Matter: The Loss Of A Show We Cannot Forgive Or Forget

Also, this article…

Oh No!  Syfy Cancels Dark Matter

Tomorrow, it’s a farewell lunch with director Ron Murphy before he heads west to shoot (An episode of a show?  His six guns?  Who knows?), follow-up conversations on a couple of projects, and meeting on Friday regarding that book to screen horror adaptation.

I was going through Akemi’s shopping list this morning when, some five items down, came across: “Light balls?”

“Yes,”she confirmed.

“Light BALLS?”I repeated.

“Yes,”she said.  “To replace the ones upstairs.”

And then, realizing: “Light BULBS.”

She stared quizzically back at me.

“BULBS,”I said.  “Not BALLS.”

“What?!”she said, borderline outraged, as if I just informed her I was kicking her out.  Then: “What???!!!!”

“Yes,”I said.  “It’s light bulbs.  B-U-L-B-S.”

She found this altogether bizarre.  It reminded me of the time I informed her it wasn’t “Happy Delayted Birthday” but, in fact, “Happy Belated Birthday.”

“What?!  What???!!!  Not delayted???”

“No,”I said.  “Not delayted.”

“But delayted makes sense because it’s delayed.  Belated doesn’t mean anything!”

To quote another Akemi-ism: “Jesus Crisis!”

Best Japanese Commercials of 2017

I’m partial to Instant Curry Meshi (Curry Rice) from Nissin.

Lulu’s pick in tonight’s National Championship game…


Honestly, what did you expect?  Those bulldogs stick together!

Oh, it’s Suji!

Sure, she’s thrilled with today’s Saints victory.  But she was equally overjoyed that her new pins have arrived…

Designed by Akemi.  I think they really capture the spirit of our perennially befuddled little demon.

Don’t despair, Lulu!  Your design is in-progress.

Answering your burning questions…

arcticgoddess writes: “This is a question I asked before regarding your travel to and from Montreal and Toronto. Since they are both so close together, do you prefer air, car or train?”

Answer: I prefer air for the simple fact we’re ten minutes away from the downtown airport and Montreal is only an hour flight away.  I can be door to door in two and a half hours.  Having said that, traveling with the dogs is always a challenge and Akemi is toying with the idea of going by train next time.

missmobius writes: “I’m deducing ur of Italian heritage. Have u ever been back to ur parents’ home towns?”

Answer: My father’s side of the family is from Naples.  I’ve been visited.  However, I have been to the Bari/Altamura area where my mother grew up – but I was three at the time.

cudaker writes: “Is your next show is accepted by a network already..and when we will know just a bit more what will it be like.. in a one sentence description ??”

Answer: I have various projects in development but still a ways from a green light.  I’ll hopefully be able to reveal more about a couple of them in the coming weeks.

maggiemayday writes: “Have you been to Hawaii? If so, do you have a favorite location? If not, which island destination do you find intriguing?”

Answer: I have been to Hawaii, once, ages ago.  I went to Waikiki and, while it was very nice, I think I’d check out Maui the next time I go.  Maybe one day we’ll do a stopover on our way to Tokyo.

Ponytail writes: “How many books do you think you could read in one year? Could you read one per day?”

Answer: My final tally for 2017 was 267 books read.  Six days into 2018, I’ve read twelve, putting me on pace to read 730 books on the year barring some unforeseen distractions like work and a social life.

Tam Dixon writes: “Why not buy a condo in two places? You could rent out one.”

Answer: We are considering that possibility.

“Does Suji require a room just for her wardrobe?”

Answer: No, but her wardrobe is roughly twice the size of Akemi’s.

“Are you involved with the Scalzi Netflix project?”

Answer: I’m not, but am definitely looking forward to Old Man’s War.

“Have you read any good new military Sci-fi books lately?”

Answer: The last good military sci-fi novel I read was the first book in Jack Campbell’s Lost Fleet series.

Captain555 writes: “So if you move away from TO, what will you miss the most ?”

Answer: Being right downtown.  Also, SOMA Chocolates.

MaggieL80 writes: “Good luck on the house/condo hunting! How does Japan figure in the odds?”

Answer: Long odds now, but they’ll get better after the Tokyo Olympics.

“—first book read in 2018?”

Answer: Ranger Games: A Story of Soldiers, Family, and an Inexplicable Crime.

Shaneac1 writes: “Question for mailbag Joe can you give us details on what was happening behind the scenes with the parties that were interested in saving dark matter.”

Answer: I can’t really offer much more than I’ve already detailed.  Suffice it to say we exhausted all avenues in attempting to find a new home for the show.

ceresis64 writes: “As you had quite a few scripts already written, before production began, which scenes did you decide on for all the actors who auditioned to be part of the Raza?”

Answer: For both ONE and THREE, it was the scene in episode 104 in which they awaken to find themselves tied up, back to back, and attempt to “shift” their way to an escape.  For TWO, it was the scene in Episode 102 where she lets ONE know, in no uncertain terms, who made her leader.  For FOUR, it was the scene in Episode 102 in which he coolly threatens the captive Ferrous Corp sergeant.  For FIVE, it was the scene in Episode 101 in which she casually informs SIX about the effectiveness of targeting the carotid artery as a kill stroke.  For SIX, it was the scene at the end of Episode 109 in which he admits to FIVE that, when the time comes when she will leave the Raza, he will miss her, he’ll miss her a lot.  And, for the Android, it was her heart to heart chat with FIVE at the beginning of Episode 102.

ceresis64 writes: “What was the very first scene shot in each Seasons?”

Answer: Season 1 was the very first shot of the first episode, that tracking shut down the corridor to find reveal ONE in his stasis pod.  Season 2 was the first scene of the first episode, the crew waking up and going through Hyperion-8’s decontamination process.  For season 3, it was one of the early scenes aboard the Vokov-Rusi ship where Truffault pays FIVE a visit.

Christian writes: “How long have you and Paul been writing partners?”

Answer: It’s hard to answer that question as, technically, we’re not really writing partners anymore.  We started writing together back in 1997 on a teen sitcom called Student Bodies before eventually landing on Stargate.  As the demands of the production grew, we started writing our scripts separately as of SG-1’s seventh season, but we continued to share credit because, while I was writing more originals, Paul was doing uncredited rewrites on other writers.

“How is Paul doing since you’re no longer writing partners?”

Answer: Great.  He’s working on his own projects.  If I get a show off the ground, he’ll be one of the first people I call and I’m sure he’d say the same thing about me.

“Have you already finished watching Stranger Things and what did you think about season 2?”

Answer: Hmmmm.   I binged season 2 up until the episode where Eleven goes to the city, but never watched the final episode.

Brad Apling writes: “Do you actually go to sleep or was DM’s Android based on you? Between writing, pitching, reading, eating, and business trips as well as your home life, how do you have time to keep up with all the teams?”

Answer: I really should sleep more.  And I watch a lot less television than the average person.

I’m back in Toronto, just in time to give you all my predictions for this weekend’s NFL post-season action!


This game is remarkable for spotlighting two of the most unremarkable teams to make this year’s playoffs.  Sure, the Chiefs were great – for about five weeks at the beginning of the season, but like an underachieving remedial school slacker, they were terrible for a long stretch mid-season, then turned it on late to eke out a post-season appearance.  They have a formidable running back in Kareem Hunt and one of the league’s better offensive lines but a Jekyll and Hyde passing attack and a suspect defense.  Their opponents, the Tennessee Titans, made the playoffs by the skin of their teeth and while they boast some impressive weapons as well, they have suffered from the absence of star quarterback Marcus Mariota.  Yes, yes, I know that, technically, he has been starting.


Chiefs on account of them being well-rested given that they’ve only shown up to play half the season.


Chiefs 27 Titans 14


Honestly, after last season’s epic Super Bowl meltdown, the Falcons should have done the honorable thing and just packed it in, dissolved the organization, and given up their position in the NFC South to younger, less embarrassing blood.  Sure, their run game is solid and quarterback Matt Ryan can work the occasional miracle, but what ever happened to Julio Jones?  The Rams, on the other hand, are a high-powered offense lead by Todd Gurley who single-handedly won 90% of this year’s fantasy football championships for his owners.  Critics are quick to point to quarterback Jared Goff’s post-season inexperience and, while that’s true, so what?  He powered them to an 11-5 regular season record. [Erratum: In an earlier version of this article, I referred to the Rams starting QB as Case Keenum who is, in fact, the Vikings’ starting QB although, to be honest, I’m not fully convinced they’re not the same guy].


The Rams are the far better team.  Also, someone, please, put the Falcons out of my misery.


Rams 34 Falcons 13


As the best team in the AFC East not the Patriots, I want to root for the Bills.  They have an exciting young quarterback in Tyrod Taylor and a terrific running back in LeSean McCoy, but that late season trade for Kelvin Benjamin hasn’t exactly panned out and Tyrod’s favorite receiver, tight end Charles Clay, just hasn’t been the same since that mid-season knee injury.   The Jaguars lead by their fearsome defense while quarterback Blake Bortles, long the punchline of many a joke during the regular season, has suddenly turned it on.  He is on fire!


Sacksonville is going to make Tyrod Taylor look like Nate Peterman.


Jaguars 40 Bills 3


This game has the distinction of being the sole wildcard match-up with two really good teams.  On the one hand, you have the Saints and their two-headed offensive beast in Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara, cool-under-pressure quarterback Drew Bees, and an under-appreciated defense.  On the other hand, you have a Panthers aerial attack that is nigh unstoppable when quarterback Cam Newton is in a groove.  That’s “when” he’s in a groove.


Some could argue that the Saints have looked less than impressive of late, just doing enough to win – and not exactly succeeding half the time.  Still,  they’re playing at home, the Panthers D has looked suspect, and, really, I have to go river boat over showboat every time.


Saints 37 Panthers 21


Today on twitter, someone brought this article to my attention again:

Dark Matter is Basically a Mass Effect TV Show

I say again because I posted a link to the article when it first appeared back in July of 2016.  But rereading it got me to thinking.  I’ve never been a gamer only because I figure that once I start, I’ll be adding one more all-consuming hobby to my already jam-packed schedule.  As it stands, I don’t watch enough television (although I plan to rectify that with the following shows lined up on my Netflix queue: Dark, Trapped, The Five, Mindhunter, Trapped, Frozen Dead, and that British horror series about a Big Brother set overtaken by the zombie apocalypse), do I really want to add gaming to the mix?

The answer is yes!  But I need your input.  If you’re a gamer – and knowing me as well as you do – what game(s) would you recommend?  Let’s lean toward genre titles and give weight to those games that have yet to be adapted to the big or small screen.


These were my favorites…

Arctica, vol. 4: Revelations (cover art by Manchu)

This one has a bit of a  Stargate vibe.  What do you think?

Black Panther Adventures (cover art by ?)

These Black Panther covers have been consistently great.  Wish they were equally good at giving credit where credit is due.

Vortex #3 (cover art by Tim Bradstreet)

This ultra cool cover makes me want to see the movie.  There IS a movie, isn’t there?

Planet of the Apes: Ursus #1 (cover art by Paolo Rivera)

My favorite general gets his own comic book!  The birdcage helmet design is alternately silly and great.

Copernius Jones: Robot Detective #2 (cover art by Kevin Warren)

Love the noir feel.  And, oh yeah, the fact that our protagonist is a robot detective!

Druids vol. 6 (cover art by Jacques Lamontagne)


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