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Our double episode finale airs tonight at 9 p.m.!  That’s 9 p.m.!

Want some exclusive insights into the Dark Matter season finale and what’s in store for (hopefully!) season 2?  Then enter for a chance to win a signed, annotated script.  All you have to do is answer four multiple choice questions correctly for a chance to make the finals!  Details here:


Less than 5 hours before the polls close!  Get your votes in!

So, what do the members of the press who received advanced screeners of tonight’s double episode season ender have to say about the finale?

Well, here are a few choice quotes:

“Fans of Dark Matter who have been tuning in each week, and/or binge watching via Hulu, will be stunned by events that take place over the course of the season finale. Two hours of this exciting verse in one sitting that will leave the viewer gasping as the end credits roll and asking a collective question or several.”


“When I talked with Dark Matter Executive Producer Joe Mallozzi at mid-season, he made the following statement about the show’s season 1 finale:

Episode 12 will be another character-centric episode where we actually delve into the backstory of one particular character. Then, finally, episode 13, the season finale, and I really can’t say much about this one except it will be pretty epic. I think once that episode airs, the messageboards and fan forums will be on fire.

After having screened both episodes, all I can say is “No effin’ sh*t!”


“You may be expecting a bigger than normal preview since this covers two episodes, but given the amount of “holy shit” moments that I don’t want to spoil this is going to be the most vague preview ever.”


“Be prepared for a sweat-inducing, heart-pounding finale that will make you question everything you thought you knew about Dark Matter and our beloved crew, especially in the final hour.”


“Syfy’s space-based TV series “Dark Matter” wraps up its first season tonight (Aug. 28) with back-to-back episodes and a jaw-dropping revelation that even the cast didn’t see coming.”


“The result is a tense hour of television as writers Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie create a sci-fi Ten Little Indians scenario that works its way to a genuinely surprising conclusion – ”


“To describe the season ender Jodelle Ferland warned fans to “expect the unexpected.” Roger Cross labeled the finale episodes as “unpredictable,” while, Melissa O’Neil predicted that “it will blow your mind.”






See you on the other side!

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The first time I visited the wardrobe department, I noticed the photo of the dog on the back wall.  I thought it was amusing, didn’t think anything of it until the next time I visited and noticed the second photo.  I dismissed them as “funny dog pictures”.  Until, on my third visit, I noted they weren’t just “funny dog pictures”. They were “funny dog pictures” on point.  Each, it would turn out, was a thematic reflection of every one of our thirteen episodes.

Over the course of the season, I snapped pics of the pics and, today, I present to you a rundown of the Dog Days of Dark Matter

Episode 1: Space dog!

Episode 1: Space dog!

Of course.  We introduce our spaceship-themed series.

Episode 2: Miner dog!

Episode 2: Miner dog!

The crew helps a mining colony battle a ruthless corporation.

Episode 3: Space walkies!

Episode 3: Space walkies!

The Android takes an EVA stroll topside.

Episode 4: Casino dog!

Episode 4: Casino dog!

TWO and FIVE play a little blackjack – and kick a little ass.

Episode 5: Zombie dog!

Episode 5: Zombie dog!

But of course the “infected” weren’t zombies.  They just looked a lot like ’em.

Episode 6

Episode 6: Shiba kimono!

Our introduction to the Ryo Ishida backstory.  Palace intrigue abounds!

Episode 7: Robot dog!

Episode 7: Robot dog!

Androids (“Robots!” to quote THREE) were the focus of this episode.

Episode 8: Clone dogs!

Episode 8: Clone dogs!

Transfer Transit!

Episode 9: Samurai dog!

Episode 9: Samurai dog!

FOUR goes back to his roots; slices and dices.

Episode 10: Mad scientist dog!

Episode 10: Mad scientist dog!

Heisting a mystery device from a research facility.

Episode 11: Destructive dog!

Episode 11: Destructive dog!

Things get kind of messy in this episode’s closing minutes.

Episode 12: Killer!

Episode 12: Killer!

That’s what they called this individual before – and after this episode.

Episode 13: Paranoid with good reason dog!

Episode 13: Paranoid (With good reason!) dog!

Suspicions mount.  Alliances shift.  It all comes undone.

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In case you missed yesterday’s BIG announcement: actor Alex Mallari Jr. – Dark Matter’s FOUR – wants to hear from you!  That’s right!  Got a question for The Raza’s resident swordsman?  Well leave ’em in the comments section of this blog (limit 5 per customer).

Nope, still not word on that second season pick-up.  But that’s fine.  Have set aside the script and story spinning until further notice to focus on some late, late, LATE spring cleaning.  (Almost) everything must go!  Including those boxes that have been sitting in my crawlspace since I first moved into this house back in 2004. What’s the rule of thumb? If you don’t use something in 10+ years, you can safely get rid of it?

I suppose “get rid of” isn’t the right word.  I’ll donate the clothes and books, sell the toys and comics, and junk things like those filing cabinets, old boardgames, and that antiquated cash register.  My friend Tomomi told me about a book – alas, written in Japanese – that pushes the minimalist philosophy.  The author suggests you go through your items and only keep those that elicit what Tomomi roughly translates as “sparkle-joy”.  Everything else must go!

I’d love to find the quickest and easiest way to sell my vast toy and statue collection.  And I do mean vast.  Here’s a pic of roughly one-third of my collection… 1

Not to mention all those dvd’s.  Do people still watch dvd’s?  What the hell am I supposed to do with those?

I remember driving by this shop several years ago whose business model basically focused on selling third party items on eBay.  You just drop your stuff off and they did all the work – for a nominal fee.  Sadly, they shut down years ago – which is too bad because I could have made their year!

Had a couple of real estate agents come by the house yesterday to give it a once-over and discuss possible strategy.  The prospect of cashing out and riding into the sunset grows increasingly enticing – if not for everything that needs to get done before that can happen.


Dreamt about my long-time gal, Jelly, last night.  I woke up this morning and, I swear, I could still smell her nacho paws.

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“While all the mysteries presented in Dark Matter have me clawing for an answer, this “sub-atomic, sub-dimentional” mystery is the one I’m currently most interested in because it has the potential to take us in directions we don’t yet know exist.”


“Episode 10 was an action-packed, drama-filled season high for the series, bringing us the high-octane and emotional moments we’ve come to expect from Dark Matter. We hit the ground running, to put it lightly, with the surprise attack from Ferrous, followed by an exciting heist sequence and ending with a dramatic double cross. We were also introduced to another group of criminally-inclined misfits, including The Listener‘s Ennis Esmer as the group’s despicable leader, Wexler.”


“There are so many things that I loved about this episode. It moved at breakneck speed from minute one and it left me screaming at the screen with its cliffhanger. That’s one thing Dark Matter has always been good at: making 45 minutes feel a whole lot shorter.”


“The stakes are high, the cliffhangers are satisfying, and the characters have well-established arcs at this point. Occurrences from earlier episodes have had their payoffs, and any loose ends that remain appear to have the promise of being tied up neatly. As the summer season comes to a close for many science fiction offerings, I hope I’m not proven wrong in having high hopes for Dark Matter.”


“Dark Matter is part of SyFy Friday and ranks as one of the best shows on television do not miss this show.”


“Esmer’s Wexler is arrogant, opinionated and devious, the perfect formula for scene-stealing and out-loud laughs.”


“This show is getting tighter, and is at it’s best when the crew is working together and getting each other’s backs, and the addition of these obviously bad thieves and criminals has given them the contrast they didn’t have on their own to basically prove that whatever they all were before?”

GeekonReivew weighs in:

And check out this exclusive interview with Dark Matter’s FOUR, Alex Mallari Jr.:


“The legend of the weapons training continues to shock and awe, I see. I have an extensive background in martial arts and am an expert at hand-to-hand combat but weaponry was a whole new beast for me. That said, for some reason, the weapons that were placed in front of me, I always understood very quickly. The blind dual-katana scene was the scene that took the longest to learn. One reason was because I’ve never held weapons prior this show, another reason was because I was to do the scene with my eyes shut, and the last reason was because the aerial kick was new to me and required me to gain some extra athleticism. That scene I had a couple of weeks or so to have camera ready.”

Today’s entry is dedicated to blog regular Elminster.  Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery!  (P.S. I dropped you an email!)

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This morning started like any other day.  I woke up, brushed my teeth, headed downstairs and fed the dogs.  After checking my emails, I decided to make myself my usual post-workout hardboiled eggs.  I walked over to the stove, picked up the pot and noticed something – a distinctive figure on the element created by the residual water from said pot.  A face was staring back at me!


It was a miracle!  A morning miracle!  Perhaps a sign of good things to come?  My immediate thought was that this was proof of the harmony at the very core of our existence, incontrovertible evidence of the designed order underlying the universe: peace, love, charity.  Then, I wondered how I could make a quick buck off it.

At first I considered charging people to drop by the house to witness the miracle firsthand.  Upon further consideration, however, I realized that would present a host of logistical issues.  I’d have to hire security, possibly a publicist to get the word out, maybe incorporate Stove Miracle Inc. and hire an accountant.  The upfront costs, time, and effort seemed daunting.  Then, I thought maybe selling the miracle stove would be the way to go.   Someone else could coordinate the business side and I would happily walk away with a one time lump payment (and maybe a 5% royalty).  But then I would have to go through the hassle of buying a new stove – and I hate shopping for appliances.  I ultimately decided that the smartest thing to do would be to sell the stove top, pass the cost of the replacement onto the purchaser, and just eat out for a week until my new stove top arrived.  That and a 5% royalty.

So decided, I finished my workout, then went to check on my eggs – only to discover that the water face had evaporated over the course of those thirty minutes, leaving me with naught but anguish, broken dreams, and, quite frankly, a serious reconsideration of that whole harmony and designed order thing.

My day was otherwise uneventful.

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Take a walk through the bridge of the Raza compliments of Dark Matter set designer Doug Slater:

Nerds, take heart!  http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/health-and-families/health-news/cool-kids-can-go-on-to-become-losers-in-later-life-study-finds-10432348.html

I never thought I’d say this about another superhero movie after seeing Avengers: Age of Ultron, but I’m really looking forward to this:

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