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With Akemi’s birthday less than a month away, I’ve started perusing various online sites for the perfectly unique birthday gift.

What follows are some of the more – uh – remarkable offerings available for you to order from JapanTrendShop.com:

You too can smell like a sumo wrestler!

His an Hers.

I wasn’t even aware this was a thing.

This gum would have come in so handy these past few months.

I’m not sure…I don’t even…I just don’t know.

So elegant-looking!

Okay.  Finally, this is something I can get behind.

For those long-haul flights.

Yep.  My pet peeve when I go out for drinks is to get a mug that’s practically all beer and hardly any foam!

How else is your dog going to get his/her exercise?

Who doesn’t like robots?  And love to laugh?

Fix your face!

To be saved for later use?

Decisions, Decisions…

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Between here and the dogs, it’s hard to stress out about anything…

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March 16, 2018: Hunh!

Hmmmm.  Odd.  I was expecting…feedback on various fronts this week.  I won’t go so far as to say I’m disappointed.  I’m more…restless.

A little impatient.

Okay.  Maybe slightly vexed.

But let’s see what next week brings before I declare it time to ratchet things up.

I mean, come on, people!  How am I expected to get through a rewrite of this character overview section with these guys around?  Honestly, I don’t need distractions like these with a deadline looming.  So just stop being so darn cute!

Damnit!  What did I just say?!!!

Meanwhile, some very interesting developments on the projects front.  Wish I could share, but it’s very hush-hush.  Various wheels set in motion are approaching the finish line.  At this time, I kind of feel like this guy:

I’ve got my own Comet, Reflektor, Deep Ocean, Snake’s Tub, Tarantula, Pollo Loco, Dragon’s Egg, Glassy, Mocha Madness, and El Capitan in contention.  Who’s gonna take it?!  We’ll know in the coming weeks!

P.S. Don’t forget to post your questions for Dark Matter‘s Teku Fonsei, actor Andrew Moodie!

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Like The A-Team’s Hannibal Smith, I love it when a plan comes together.  And this one is coming along nicely.  No need to construct gas pump flamethrowers or figure out a way to modify a wood chipper into a cabbage launcher.  All you need to do is head on over to twitter and follow @StargateNow.  Less than two weeks out from our back-to-back Stargate tweet storms and the official twitter home of the #DriveToRevive campaign already has 8500 followers.   Let’s try to make it 10k by this weekend.

As we ready for the next Friday’s double event, the StargateInitiative is going to do a little dry run.  This Friday, March 2nd at 9 p.m. EST, 6 p.m. PST, we’re going to do a little pre-tweetstorm to show everyone how it’s done.  Swing on by and take part in the run-through.  Connect with fellow fans.  Check out some awesome Stargate-related pics, gifs, videos, and stories!

A refresher on The Rules of the Tweet-Storm:

#1: FOLLOW – Make sure you’re following @StargateNow

#2: CHECK IN – Approximately 15 minutes before the appointed time, @StargateNow will be revealing that night’s unique hashtag.  This hashtag should appear in all of your tweets.

#3: BE PROMPT – Start tweeting at the appointed time, but not before as it diminishes our efforts at trending.

#4: USE THE DEDICATED HASHTAG – Make sure your tweet includes that night’s dedicated hashtag.

#5: ONLY USE THAT ONE HASHTAG – For some reason, tweets with more than one hashtag don’t count toward trending so be sure to only use the hashtag of the night.

Hey, is it just me or has there been an increase in Stargate articles and interviews over the past week or so?  Click the links to check them out:

The IO9 Guide to Stargate

Brad Wright On Stargate Movies, Origins, And SGU’s Final Moments

Stargate Fans Prepare To Push For Franchise Expansion

Four Ways Stargate Could Return To Long-Form T.V.

Stargate Fans Plan Massive Social Media Campaign to Launch New Series

On Discute De L’Avenir De La Franchise Stargate

Stargate‘s Legacy: “Midway”

P.S. Thanks to @okdontpanic for the beautiful banners!

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Thanks to everyone who weighed in with tech suggestions on yesterday’s connector quandary.    I think I’ve finally got it figured out, thanks to a few helpful text messages from my buddy Ivon:

Tomorrow, I will finally uncover the mysteries contained within those ancient hard drives.  Will it be an avalanche of awesome behind the scenes pictures, videos, and documents?  Or an Al Capone’s Vaultful of disappointment.  Tune in to tomorrow’s blog entry!

One of the nice things about not being in production is the free time I am afforded to check out matinees alongside this city’s retirees.  As was the case this afternoon when Akemi and I checked out a screening of this year’s Oscar-nominated animation shorts.    We watched all five nominees along with two bonus shorts and animated interstitials, Akemi joyfully oohing and aaahing throughout.  It thought both the U.S. entries were fine: Dear Basketball, in which Kobe Bryant reflects on his love for the game, and Lou, a Pixar entry as technically accomplished as it is comparatively unremarkable.  France’s The Garden party was great fun, offering an underlying sense of dread to a surprisingly creepy, but artistically impressive entry.  Although Akemi thought it went on a little too long, I quite enjoyed the British-German Revolting Rhymes, based on the Roald Dahl book of the same name, that offers a wickedly dark take on some classic fairytales.  Our favorite, however, was France’s touching Negative Space, about a son who reflects on his relationship with his father and the ties that bond them: specifically, their proficiency for packing.

Check them out if you get a chance.  And check out the trailers for Negative Space and Revolting Rhymes below…

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Well, this is pretty cool!

Puddle Jumper diagnostic playback.

Atlantis “Rising” opening shot – previs.

Taking Flight previs.

Antarctic Outpost Reveal – animatic.

Heads Up! animatic.

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Well, this is nice…

Melissa O’Neil to Co-Star in Nathan Fillion’s ABC Light Drama Series: The Rookie

Congratulations to Melissa!

Well, this is cool.  I was going through one of my old disk drives and came across a SLEW (note the capitalization) of Stargate concept art by Production Designer James Robbins.

Really beautiful stuff.


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