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Even though it’s the weekend and we’re not on our sets shooting (for a change), I still can’t quite escape the pull of Dark Matter.  I just spent the past two hours reviewing the director’s cut of Episode 204.  A very robust director’s cut of 204. I’ve made the easy trims but the next round of cuts are going to get just a little more painful.  There’s A LOT going on in this episode and it’ll be a challenge not to lose too many of my darlings.


Ah, just as well.  With the temperature plummeting to record lows for this winter season, I didn’t feel like going out anyway.  BUT that didn’t stop Akemi and I from meeting up with our friend Jeff – visiting from Chicago – and hitting the farmer’s market and a sausage-themed restaurant called WVRST for lunch where we sampled five delicious varieties.  Well, four delicious varieties plus the weird vegetarian option Akemi ordered.


My favorite was the barese for 2.  Just the right amount of char and Grana Padano cheesiness.


Jeff, as usual, came bearing gifts.  A couple of southern literary items (including an eater’s guide to Savannah) and these two lovely bottles.




Interesting bottle design.


And another delightful bourbon to add to my ever-growing collection.

Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 8.18.37 PM

Akemi managed to find this fashionable hat for Bubba, just in time for the downturn in the weather.

Another review of Episode 204 tomorrow. But only after a trip to our fave Toronto comic shop The Silver Snail.  What’s on YOUR comic list?

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Something weird’s been up with Lulu lately, and I’m not referring to her fashion sense.  She’s been up at all hours of the night, drinking a lot (water only as I keep the whisky bottles out of reach), and seems to have lost a lot of the bulldogly exuberance that made her alternately adorable and annoying.  She has also been experiencing some rear limb weakness and, as a result, we’re off to consult with a neurologist tomorrow.  I’ll suppress the urge to submit the above picture as evidence of her unusual behavior for fear they’ll forego any actual tests and just admit her to the nearest doggy mental hospital.

Last night, she was up continually jumping off the bed, pacing about, drinking water, asking me to help her back onto the bed in her imitable way.  And I was up for most of the night with her.  On the bright side, I finished the fourth act of my latest script and came up with two terrific ideas – one to pay off a story element set up earlier in the script, another to bring back a certain character introduced in season one…in unexpected and shocking fashion.  Who needs sleep?!

Otherwise, it was a relaxing weekend.  Yesterday, Akemi and I got together with Jodelle (aka FIVE), to hit up the local farmer’s market.  Akemi and I picked up fruits, veggies, and fish.  Jodelle…

Bubble tea and a tiny Hello Kitty frying pan - presumably for making quail egg omelets.

Bubble tea and a tiny Hello Kitty frying pan – presumably for making quail egg omelets.

After that, we hit the dog park where Lulu ignored the other dogs and an equally unsocial Bubba hung out with mom –


This morning, it was brunch with most of the crew of the Raza.  I held off on the tasty-looking bread pudding and cinnamon rolls with whipped cream in favor of my one weekend cheat snack:

The dark chocolate truffle and pistachio eclairs.

The dark chocolate truffle and pistachio eclairs.

They were good, but Nugateau’s eclairs are still the ones to beat.  Their dark chocolate versions are unbelievably decadent while their take on the pistachio eclair is probably the best dessert bite I’ve enjoyed in a loooong time.


Back to it tomorrow.  Is this the week I finally finish this script?  Possibly.  But it own’t get any easier as I’ll be on and off set, overseeing production on Episode 204 (with director John Stead) and prepping Episode 205 (with director Ron Murphy).  Check ’em out in action!

John Stead directs!

John Stead directs!

Ron Murphy preps.

Ron Murphy preps.

And preps. (It's one of our bigger episodes!)

And preps. (It’s one of our bigger episodes!)

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Whew!  I spent a good chunk of the day reviewing and writing up notes on Amanda Tapping’s excellent director’s cut of Episode 201.  An incredibly dynamic opener. I look forward to getting in the room with our incredible editor, Wendy Hallam Martin, Monday and Tuesday.

But it wasn’t all work today.  This morning, Akemi and I took a trip to the farmer’s market with Jodelle (FIVE) Ferland and her sister.  Highlight purchases included quail eggs, fresh fava bean leaves, and a delicious sweet potato and peanut butter soup.   Jodelle, meanwhile, pretty much cleared out one local baker of his entire inventory of lemon loaf and carrot cake.  Then, we met up with Ivon for lunch…


The highlight of this little foray was this…


It’s called a bicerin and apparently originates from Turin, Italy.  It’s comprised of espresso, dark chocolate, and cream.  I ended up getting one for Jodelle out of fear she’d finish mine.


Akemi was, as usual, thrilled to hang out with Ivon (who, according to Jodelle’s sis Marisha, bears an uncanny resemblance to one of the strippers from Magic Mike).


Later, Jodelle and Gena came by for a play date.



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Cat Shirt Thursdays!  The tradition continues…


Jayson Clute – B Camera Operator, Dark Matter


Matt Purdy – Stand in, Dark Matter


Chris Toudy – Key Grip, Dark Matter


Alyssa Pawlak – Stand in, Dark Matter


Kelly Anastasiou – B 2nd Assistant Camera, Dark Matter


Drew Williams – Boom Operator, Dark Matter


Nicola Moss – On Set Key Props, Dark Matter

Well, today marked our final day on Episode 202 and we were back on the Raza for a little trip down memory lane via some carefully orchestrated flashbacks.  It was home sweet home…for as long as it lasted.

Today’s blog entry is dedicated to “Cowboy” Bruce McDonald who did a hell of a job directing our most ambitious episode to date – while showing us all a hell of a good time!

Creative Consultant Ivon Bartok and Director Bruce McDonald on the set of Dark Matter season 2

Consulting Producer Ivon Bartok and Director Bruce McDonald on the set of Dark Matter season 2

Thanks, Bruce!  Until we meet again…

In about three weeks when you come back to direct Episode 206!

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Director Bruce McDonald serves up madness, mayhem, and remaindered produce.


The crew on recycling duty.  One prisoner’s trash is another’s treasure.  You never know what you’re going to find…

Mr. Orange snap compliments of Matti Huhta

Mr. Orange snap compliments of Matti Huhta


From the inside looking up.


A rare shot of yours truly in action compliments of Alyssa Pawlak.

A spooky walking tour of the Hyperion-8 set:

Today’s blog entry is dedicated to Tam Dixon and her Ruby.  Condolences.

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Anthony Lemke (THREE) and director Bruce McDonald discuss tattoos and such between set-ups.


Is it possible to have any more fun on set?


Bruce sets up his first shot of the day.


A meeting of the minds.

Meanwhile, back on the home front, the dogs express their delight for their winter wear…



He’s saying: “Noooooooooo!”

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Today was all about the Android.  Between set-ups, I finally got a chance to sit down with actress Zoie Palmer and take her through our plans for the Android in season 2.  We discussed the surprising encounter in Episode 204, the wildly atypical happenings in Episode 205, and those late-season developments and payoffs (plus much of the in-between).  Then, it was back to set – the tech room – for “Lights out!  Mayhem!”.

Tomorrow, Misaki Han, the new Commander of the Royal Guards of the Imperial House of Ishida hits Hyperion-8 while Chief Inspector Shaddick of the Galactic Authority’s Serious Crimes Division grills the crew.

It’s truly Double Jeopardy Day!

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