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Holy Macaroni!  Is this possible?  Could this be?  The faintest glimmer of hope on my fantasy football horizon?  Could my cellar-dwelling Snow Monkeys actually win this week and, alongside Ivon Bartok’s Running Dead, be in a position to sneak into the playoffs next week with a win (coupled with a win by the Running Dead, and losses by the Landsharks, Clueless, and Desean’s Dedouche)?  Let’s stay positive people!!!


Today, Akemi and I hit Kensington Market for lunch at Rasta Pasta.  Last week, it was the jerk chicken panini.  This week, it was the oxtail with broadbeans and cole slaw.   Then, we came across a tiny coffee shop – Little Pebbles – where we sat down to lattes and matcha-themed desserts.



This afternoon, we packed up our two dogs and our one Jodelle and headed over to Trinity Bellwood Park for the monthly pug meet-up.  Lulu spent most of her time sucking up to the various dog owners and lagging three feet behind any dog with a ball while Bubba simply wandered about, bewildered, until Akemi picked him up.


Whoa, spooky!  Jodelle sent me this old 1970’s-circa photo of a girl and her dog who look exactly like Akemi and Bubba!

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What a difference a script makes.  I practically wrote Episode 304 over the course of a weekend, blazing through an astounding 32 pages in a single day!  Compare this to the script I’m presently writing which has progressed at a somewhat less blistering rate of a page a day.  In all fairness though, Episode 304 was pretty bonkers bananas looney toons whereas this episode focuses on some pretty heavy reveals – among them, the surprising link in the origins of two of our crew members.  I’ve had the beats in my head for a loooong time and, now, it’s a matter of finding a way to do deliver this story in a cool, captivating, comprehensible narrative.  THIS is the one many of you have been clamoring for, so I want to make sure I don’t disappoint!


I was up well into the wee hours last night, staring up at the ceiling, hammering out the little surprises I have in store for this particular tale, finally falling asleep way past bedtime – only to have Lulu (and her upset tummy) wake me up twice! But, this morning, I was up at the crack of dawn (ish) so that we could meet up with Jodelle (aka FIVE) for our weekly trip to the local farmer’s market. Fish and veggies for Akemi and I while J2 picked up some chocolate milk, potato soup, and a way too small jar of maple butter.  Following a veggie (ish) lunch for our veggie gal, we stopped by Soma for a chocolate medley.


We dropped by the dog park, just long enough for one of the big dogs to jump up one Akemi and soil her new coat with his muddy (well, I hope it was mud!) paws.

img_3525 img_3529

And back to our place for some down doggy time.  While I know Jodelle has some pretty big fans, I really can’t imagine any bigger than Bubba and Lulu.

So, hey, I’m thinking of going with a whole new look for 2017.  Renee Chan, Dark Matter’s Key Hair, gave me a few makeovers to choose from.  What do you think? Cast your vote below!


So youthful!


So distinguished!


So evil!

Cast your vote!

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One week down, eighteen to go!  We are blazing through production on Dark Matter’s third season – which is both exhilarating and terrifying considering there are still plenty of scripts still to be written.  Thank goodness for weekends, the Christmas holidays and, later this season when we’re up against it, the hours between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m.!


Director Ron Murphy holds court in the Raza mess.  I don’t think these guys went home last night.


Hey, check it out!  New triptych image for the mess.  A little touch of home.


Qu’est-ce que c’est?  Why, yes, it IS a space ukulele.  And it was designed by Juan Carlos Noguera Cardoza.  Check it out his amazing work here.

Today’s wacky on-set highlights: Song! Dance! Spoons! Booze! French! The not-clock!


Straight down the barrel!  The incredible Michael Reventar is Ash.


Building the robotic arm (Episode 302).  Plans, 3D printing, parts, and assembly.


Which reminds me – Production Designer Ian Brock has suggested we upload the NEW, ultra-detailed 3D specs of the Raza so that fans can build their own at home.

Our Art Department 3D printer is getting a pretty good workout so far this season. So much so that Co-Executive Producer Ivon Bartok suggested that the next 3D build should be a bigger 3D printer.

For the final instalment of Joe’s fashion feature, I decided to go FULL TARTAN!

img_3408 img_3412 img_3410 img_3416 img_3421

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This entry marks ten straight years of uninterrupted daily blogging.  I celebrated today by going in to work!


The only thing Akemi loves more than baking is baking for the Dark Matter crew.  This morning, it was breakfast rum cake with butter rum glaze.


First blocking!


Our finished “not clock”.


 An moment of reflection before the ass kicking.


After wrap, I walk the empty set to pick up all the cool stuff the cast and crew leave behind.  Today, I found a three dollars in change, a slightly used pair of size 8 Puma’s, and this futuristic albeit counter-intuitive can opener.


The evolution of the Research Station.

My second to last instalment of Joe’s fashion corner.  Deep blue – and french bulldog socks!

img_3323 img_3328 img_3332 img_3338

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Today’s unwieldy dialogue dump:

“One of the anti-matter transducer feeds was compromised by an impairment in one of the particle accelerators.”

And you’ll never guess who delivers the line.


In a show’s first season, the cast walks on eggshells, eager to please.  In a show’s second season, they become more relaxed and eager to collaborate.  In a show’s third season, you end up with situations like the one pictured above – cast members rolling out of bed and coming to set in their jammies, bathrobe, and slippers.

Next thing you know, they’ll be demanding we have breakfast ready for them on their arrival –


Oh.  Right.


Which one’s the control crystal?


Look at what came my way via the Art Department.  Why, it’s a preliminary concept for the abandoned factory.  I’m leaning towards A.  You?

Hey, guess who wants to hear from you?  None other than Dark Matter’s SIX, Roger Cross, who’ll be dropping by this blog to answer YOUR questions.  If you got ’em, ask ’em – in the comments section.

The other day, I mentioned that former 1st Assistant A.D. – and present Production Manager – Brandon Tataryn and his wife had opened a bed and breakfast in picturesque Niagara on the Lake.  So, when he isn’t on set, or lending his name to a harrowing disease of the future (see Tataryn’s Disease, Episode 107), Brandon is cooking for his guests using organic, locally-sourced ingredients.  Apparently, he makes a fantastic Eggs Benedict while Amanda offers up a killer bread pudding.  Mention you’re a Dark Matter fan and get a deal on your stay!

Book now!  Queen Regent Bed & Breakfast

Check out the pics!

Today’s ensemble…

img_3011 img_3024 img_3023 img_3028 img_3030

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It might probably come as a surprise to many of you, but Akemi and I have been thinking about it for a while now.  I’m not getting any younger, we have a lot of love to give and the time just felt right.  And so, after much consideration, we submitted an adoption application and held our breath.  Then, last week, we received the joyous news.  Our application had been approved!

And our lives are about to change.

We’re a little nervous – after all, this IS a big step – but we’re confident we’ll be great parents.

And sometime before Christmas, we’ll be welcoming this little girl to the family…


Her name is Suzie.  Although I’m a firm believer in never changing a dog’s name, Akemi feels a new name offers  a fresh start.  We’ve compromised and will call her Suji (aka Sujiko) which is pretty damn close.

Anyway, Suzie/Suji is 11 and spent the last year or so of her life living in a barn. But roughing it will be a thing of the past for this little lady as she’ll settle into the posh comfort of our bi-coastal digs – a house with fenced-in front and back yards in Vancouver, and a roomy apartment just around the corner from a dog park (and a nice big patio for emergency runs) in Toronto.  She is going to be SPOILED!  The poor gal suffers from some rear leg weakness that sees her struggle a little, but she comes with a snazzy set of wheels (which she apparently hates).  Lucky for her, we have Jelly’s old low-mileage stroller parked in the hall, just perfect for those parkside promenades.


 We’ll keep you updated on her ETA.


Wait.  What were you thinking?

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Great news!  For me.  I pushed through that pesky hitherto unyielding scene and made it to the top of Act II.  Along the way, I finally got to write that pre-mindwipe Raza crew flashback scene.  Oh, that’s a keeper.




The final look of “the chair”, compliments of Lee Fitzgerald at North Front Studio.

Now, all the art department has to do is build it!


Costumer Designer Noreen Landry dropped by today to show off the new Ferrous Corp guard masks.  Once we tint the lenses, they’ll look downright nefarious.


Also, a concept sketch for a new outfit.  But who’ll be wearing it?  My money’s on SIX!

Speaking of outfits, today’s ensemble… 


All business.


The pocket square had a bit of an emerald forest theme.


So it was only appropriate I went with the frog cuffs.



Matching belt and tie with digital camo socks.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

Probably a new U.S. President, which is why we all filled out sheets for the Quadrennial Electoral College Pool.  My prediction: 269-269 with the tiebreaker dance-off!

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