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Today, I ate lunch at 6:30 p.m., but that’s what happens when crew call is at 12:30 p.m.  And it looks like we’re only halfway there.  Rumour has it we’ll be wrapping at 2:30 a.m. tonight which means we’ll probably be kicking things off at about 2:30 p.m. tomorrow.  With a few more production days under our belts, I feel we can push all the way back to our original starting time of 7:30 a.m. and come full circle!

On set shooting Episode 310 with director Melanie Orr.

While taking a break to head back to the production offices and complete prep on Episode 311 with director Steve DiMarco…

Finalizing the pods.

Mr. DiMarco.

On the home front, my poor boy’s condition appears to be worsening.  He coughed through most of the night, barely sleeping at all, and this morning didn’t have an appetite for his breakfast.

According to Akemi he slept most of the day and has yet to regain his appetite.

Akemi did manage to feed him a little but said he was very weak.  Sadly, I think we’re going to have to make the decision soon.


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The people have spoken and we have a brand new episode title.  Aint democracy wonderful?  Your winner…

“Episode 33: Wish I Could Believe You”

Thanks to everyone who made Operation Name-Another-Episode a great success. But special thanks goes to YOU.  Yes, YOU!

Today was Bring Your Daughter To Work (And Leave Her With Key Hair Expert Renee Chan While You Go Watch Blocking) Day!  Suji was a hit on set.  Thanks to Renee for dog-sitting her while I was taking in the action in the core room.

Speaking of which – here is director Melanie Orr’s – uh – blueprint for today’s first blocking.  Note the details including camera placement and pod.

Director Melanie Orr all smiles with Director of Photography Craig Wright and 1st Assistant Director Josh Gray.  The calm before the storm.

One big-ass charger.

Just sitting in the underbelly gathering dust.

Or are they…?

Bubba appreciates the well-wishes and wants you to know he’s hanging in there.

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Another week means another opportunity to make a contribution to television history.  I mean, what other show gives you the opportunity to help choose episode titles?

Today, it’s Episode 307 on deck.  And your episode title choices are:

While Co-Executive Producer Ivon Bartok and the crew were burning the midnight (well, 9 p.m.) oil on set, I was back home watching director Paul Day’s cut of Episode 307 (script compliments of Ivon Bartok).  This one is a real head spinner. Akemi actually jumped up off the couch in disbelief several times during the first screening.  Then, I went through it for notes.  Meticulous notes.  Started at 6:00 and finished at 9:30.

Tomorrow, it’s the Episode 311 cast read-thru – which means we’re a day away from the Episode 311 production meeting – which means we’re only two days away from the start of production on Episode 311 AND the start of prep on Episode 312. 312!  After reading the script, Paul said the same thing he said after reading last season’s penultimate episode (featuring that bloody family reunion at the Ishida Palace): “How are we going to top this one?”.  Oh, don’t you worry.  We will.

What’s this?  What does it do?  Who possesses one in the Dark Matter universe? What fictional universe also makes use of one (or variation thereof)?  What fictional universe will be making use of one (or variation thereof)?

Hey, it’s been ages since I’ve done a mailbag.  If you have any questions for me, Dark Matter-related or not, fire away.  I’m feeling refreshingly honest this week!

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Guys!  Help me approve a few visual effect shots for Dark Matter’s upcoming third season…

Needle in a cosmic haystack.

Intruder alert.

We’ve got company.

Alas, only low-rez screen shots but they’re just a taste of what’s in store for Dark Matter fans this summer.

VFX Supervising Producer Lawren Bancroft-Wilson has got some awesome eye candy in store.  And just wait until  we get to the season finale.  It’s gonna be sheer madness!

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We have a brand new episode title!

Last night, before turning in for the night, approximately 300 votes had been cast and “I’ve Already Killed You Once” was running away with it.  When I woke up this morning, the tables had turned.  A new contender had taken the lead.  With a little under 8oo total votes cast, your winner…

“Episode 32: One More Card To Play”

Director John Stead shoots one of Dark Matter’s most epic throwdowns, coming your way in season 3.

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Ah, there we go.  A totally natural candid shot of Director Melanie Orr in action.  Pictured above: discussing shots with Director of Photography Craig Wright.

On the Raza mess triptych: the ladies.

And the guys.

Keep that fan mail coming!

Hey, as promised, it’s time to vote for a new Dark Matter episode title.  YOU get a say so that I don’t have to wrack my brain to come up with one.

The Episode 306 contenders are…

Polls close in 24 hours.  Cast your ballot and then tell your friends!

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Happy Birthday to my friend and Dark Matter Co-Executive Producer Ivon Bartok who celebrates today in the best way possible!  On location.

In Hamilton.

Outdoors with a bunch of extras.

Most of them kids.

Also Happy Birthday to 1st Assistant Director Chris Binney.

Who celebrated by presiding over the Episode 311 concept meeting.

ALSO Happy Birthday to our locations manager, Zachary Beckwith!

Who celebrated by sitting in on the Episode 311 concept meeting.

AND – not so fast! – ALSO Happy International Women’s Day!

Also, Happy Registered Dietitian Day!  If you’re celebrating, swing by the kitchen and pick yourself up an apple!

Day #1 of Melanie Orr’s Dark Matter directorial debut.  She’s off to a roaring start and, while I did take some set pics, they’re all spoilery so, instead, I’ll just post this shot of Mel taken in the transport van on our way to yesterday’s read-thru (and from Burger’s Priest).

Speaking of Burger’s Priest, former Stargate writer/Executive Producer Carl Binder was in town last week working on a  super secret project.  Pictured below…

Sampling The Vatican, a double cheeseburger sandwiched between two grilled cheese buns!  Has he no shame?!!

Speaking of shameless…

Yo, Four-Eyes!

Tomorrow, we name another episode!

No, really!  I mean it!

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