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Hiatus?  What hiatus?!  Today, the Dark Matter writers’ room convened to start plotting the show’s (hopefully, if all goes according to plan) penultimate fourth season.  Joining me for the creative festivities were Carl Binder, Paul Mullie, Ivon Bartok, and Alison Hepburn.  Over the course of the late morning and mostly afternoon discussions, we covered season and character arcs, the stories, the opening two-parter, and some pretty awesome scifi “developments”.  The currently-airing third season is our biggest and boldest yet – and it’s going to be very hard to beat.  But we’ll try!

The show has premiered in Canada, the U.S., Australia, the U.K., Spain, and Portugal – and Latin America, France, the Middle East, Germany, and Brazil are soon to follow.  To celebrate, here are some of my favorite behind the scene pictures (and a video) from the first part of our two-part opener: Being Better Is So Much Harder…

The ladies run their lines and prepare for battle.

Torri Higginson as the ass-kicking Commander Delaney Truffault.

Zoie Palmer (Android) ready for her big jack-in-the-box scene.

Jeff Teravainen as the recently resurrected Lieutenant John Anders.  Anders Lives!!!

Laughter amidst all those tears – Melissa O’Neil (TWO) and Melanie Liburd (Nyx).

A trio of troublemakers: Melanie Liburd, Roger Cross, and Melissa O’Neil.

Anthony Lemke (THREE) in his sexy shirt.

Shooting the Anders/THREE reveal and drag-away…

Tomorrow, behind the scenes pics and vid from Episode 302: “It Doesn’t Have To Be Like This”.

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Well, it’s decided!  Sort of.  I’ve packed away most of my belongings and squirreled them away in the crawlspace.  This week, the place gets a top to bottom interior cleaning, an exterior power wash, and then, on Friday, the stagers come in to prepare the place for showing.  The house goes on the market this week and we have our first open house this weekend (during which Akemi, Lulu, Suji and I will make ourselves scarce).

On the one hand, I’ll miss the backyard and the downstairs work-out room.  On the other hand, we only use 25% of our living space and it seems silly to be paying upkeep and property taxes on a summer home.  Also, it would really be nice to live somewhere within walking distance of shops.  On the other other hand, where am I going to put all my stuff?

Anyway, we’ll play it by ear.  While I do think selling now is the right move, I can’t say I’m a motivated seller – meaning if I don’t get the price I’m looking for, I’ll have no problem taking it off the market and trying my luck next year.  Of course, that’s provided the real estate market remains robust.

On the one hand, you have experts (like my buddy Ivon) who predict the housing bubble is due to collapse – and you don’t want to be caught when the prices drop.   On the other hand, experts have been saying this for a while now and the market shows no signs of slowing down.  On the other other hand, that’s also what they said about the housing market in Japan that, eventually, did crash and never recovered.

So, yeah.  I’ve been fairly busy, getting the house ready for the big sale.  And, as luck would have it, my timing couldn’t be any worse as we begin the Dark Matter season 4 writers’ room tomorrow.  I’ve written up and distributed by plans for DM YR4 including seasonal and character arcs, story springboards, and a many of the beats I want to hit for the opening two-parter…that will be even bigger than season 3’s opener, if you can believe it.  Joining me in the writers’ room this year will be series co-creator Paul Mullie, Co-Exec Producer Ivon Bartok, Co-Producer Alison Hepburn, and – making his Dark Matter debut – Stargate veteran Carl Binder.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves here.  We’ve only just started airing season 3!

I chat about the upcoming season with Hollywood Soapbox’s John Soltes: Follow the link

“It’s kind of another time travel episode where it finds our crew traveling back to 2017 and having to go undercover in Fort Falls, Wisconsin, as a typical suburban family. Those two episodes [time loop episode and time travel episode] stand out for me as the type of episodes where if you’re not familiar with the show, you tune in, I think you’re going to be pleasantly surprised. So if you have any friends who haven’t watched the show, circle episode four and episode nine, especially episode nine, on your calendar.”

BlackGirlNerds’ C.R. Sparrow: Dark Matter 3.1 Review

The first hour of the season three premiere is largely a character piece. Even the short bursts of action seem strangely calm as we deal with the fallout from the literally explosive season two finale.

BlackGirlNerds’ C.R. Sparrow: Dark Matter 3.2 Review

Ryo’s story starts in 3.1 as he takes steps to solidify and strengthen his rule. Misaki is displeased when he makes his old teacher, Teku an advisor.  I’m sensing a pattern with Misaki. She may talk a good game about doing what’s best for Zairon, but it looks to me like her desire to isolate Ryo from anyone else who would influence him is a pretty strong motivator as well.

SciFiMoviePagie’s Craig Suide: Dark Matter Double Episode Review

I’m happy to report that Dark Matter is back and all is right with the world once again. I look forward to seeing what the season holds in store in the upcoming episodes.

SciFiPulse’s Ian Cullen: Dark Matter In Review

Dark Matter has returned and as always the plot twists come thick and fast as the new series gets underway.

TheNerdElement’s NattyWilly: Dark Matter Season 3 Premiere Review

What makes this show good is when we learn more about the main characters it adds a layer whether good or bad.  This show is one of three that I will enjoy on my Friday nights this summer! The Raza crew’s journey has so many twists and turns that I can’t wait to see what creator Joseph Mallozzi has in store for us!

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Well, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves last night – The Raza crew, the critics, and, most importantly, you the viewers.  Take the time to drop me a comment here and let me know your thoughts on our big double-episode premiere.  What were your favorite character moments?  The biggest surprise?  And your burning questions?

From what I hear, the Dark Matter after show, After Dark, is available on the Syfy.com site for U.S. viewers – and will be airing directly following the episodes internationally.  As for Canada…hmmm, not sure.  Once it airs internationally, I’ll see what I can do about uploading them to this blog.

ALSO – last night, Syfy aired a promo for next week’s episode…but it was actually a promo for Episode 304 (“All The Time In The World”) rather than Episode 303 (“Welcome To The Revolution”).  So, sorry.  You’ll have to wait an extra week for that THREE/Android duet.

No, I’m serious.

Finally, take a moment to subscribe to the Dark Matter subreddit over on reddit.  There are some great episodic discussion threads and I’m always around to field fan questions: https://www.reddit.com/r/DarkMatter/

Finally, the critics weigh in with their thoughts on our double episode opener:

SyfyWire’s Tricia Ennis: Season 3 Open With a Bang and a Blink

Everyone is exactly where we left them last year, only somehow worse. Ryo succeeded in blowing up EOS7 and getting the hell out of dodge, but the rest of his former crewmates haven’t been so lucky. Two, Three, Five, and Six are all still stuck on the station, and it is going down in flames.

ThreeIfBySpace’s Katie: The Costs Are Always Personal Review

“The costs are always personal” is a line from Trufault, and it really rings true for this episode. Two’s grief over losing yet another person in her crew, one she counted as a friend, is a palpable and burden she carries. Six realizes that Two’s need to carry that burden is part of what makes her Two, and not Portia.

ThreeIfBySpace’s Michelle Harvey: It Doesn’t Have To Be Like This Review

Syfy’s lovable crew of misfits is back with the double feature premiere of Dark Matter tonight and these first two episodes are better than ever. The Raza crew are fighting to survive after the explosion of EOS-7 and basically are all found in precarious life threatening positions. There are no guarantees that everyone is going to survive this and it’s that rush of adrenaline that makes this double feature opener so epic.

SpoilerTV’s Aimee Hicks’: Double Review – It’s Personal

What made these episodes even more impactful was the deep emotional tones running through them. Two was a strong driving force throughout the whole two hours as she had to reconcile how her leadership decisions led to everything that happened.

TheNerdRecites’ Christopher Hart: Season 3 Episode 1 & 2 Review

Few things are better than having Dark Matter back on the air. There are other adept SF shows out there, sure, but few hold as much heart and as many endearing bad guys as Mallozzi’s underrated gem.

DenOfGeek’s Michael Air: Season 3 Two-Hour Premiere Review

The return of Dark Matter for season 3 could have easily been the 14th episode of season 2, so seamless was the transition. However, although the action surrounding the sabotage at the multi-corporate summit will certainly have its consequences in the long term, the series seems to have pivoted into new territory, especially when the two episodes of this double premiere are taken together. Whatever shape the coming season takes, though, Dark Matter is right in its stride from the very start.

CinemaBlend’s Adrienne Jones: How Dark Matter Answered That Intense Season 2 Cliffhanger

The show keeps us on our toes by moving the main players around and making us wonder if they can really be better people, and it looks like a large part of this new season will come down to that exact question.

PureFandom’s Cort Robinson: Raza’s Crew Has Returned and They’re As Badass As Ever

Syfy’s hit series, Dark Matter returned tonight for a two-hour premiere of the all new season. Things looked pretty murky for every member of the crew when season two ended last year. Four took a walk on the dark side and went full on Darth Vader as he became Emperor Ryo and embraced the memories that turned him into exactly what Five feared all along. Thanks to Ryo’s actions, his former crewmates lives hung in the balance at the end of season two.

TellTaleTV’s Hillary Esquina: Dark Matter Review

These first two episodes had a well-balanced arc of action, drama, and even some comedy, which is what we have to come expect of the cast and crew. Looks like this season is going to be one hell of a ride for our favorite crew, so buckle up!

TVFanatic’s Kathleen Wiedel: Dark Matter Episode 1 and 2 Review

These two episodes, aired back to back, proved a welcome addition to what has become a summer delight for me. (Seriously, I love watching them do their thing.)

MustGeekTV’s Hank Otera: The Raza Crew’s Smash and Grab

As I mentioned earlier the pacing was spot on, with tons of action and the characters are finally more likable than ever. Though I’ve had my gripes with the series, I think the writers have settled into a groove that works.

BladeOfTheSashurai: We’re Back, In Outer Space!

Four is a little tricky because he’s showing patience and trust while trying not to lose sight of his position and what it means to be Emperor. We know he’s not a “villain” but right now it’s important we see him continue to be benevolent to an extent so we don’t immediately side with the Raza crew when they inevitably clash.

BladeOfTheSashurai: That’s One Way To Take Out A Clone

Tonight’s episode stuck to the basics of Dark Matter’s mercenary-style storytelling and super-charged it with a collapsing singularity, very synonymous with the big crunch theory. The more the crew have to deal with the random chaos of the universe and its volatile laws of physics the better these stories will get.

TheYoungFolks’ Leaf Miranda: Dark Matter 3×01 and 3×02 Review

Ryo is coldblooded and he may not be redeemable, which doesn’t help him since Two is out for blood.

CarterMatt: Season 3 Premiere Review

The reality is that Dark Matter is not a show for the faint of heart. It’s probably the most hardcore science fiction on the air in that it requires a great deal of concentration and attention to detail. For those who do muster that, the merits are very rewarding.

CarterMatt: Season 3 Episode 2 Review

Having two very different episodes start off the season was probably a smart move, just because it enabled the show to flex the different things in which it is good at.

Today’s blog entry is dedicated to my one and only true Batman, Adam West.

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As a rule, I try to steer clear of spoilers on this blog but, today, I’m afraid I’m going to have to make an exception…

There you go.

In case you missed them, check out the trailers for the show’s third season:


And a few links for you to check out…

Anthony Lemke Talks Season 3 and the New Big Bad

I think because it’s fun viewing. It’s a good hour of television. Good storytelling that also examines some deeper questions about the human condition like the notion of what is it to have a soul? What is it to be human? The notion of identity. And in my mind that’s sort of the best sci-fi. It combines those questions about humanity with a fun romp through a world we can only imagine, because we’re not there yet. And that’s why you watch this show.

The Verve’s Andrew Liptak Syfy’s Pulpy Space Opera Dark Matter and Why You Should Watch

Aside from the fact that Syfy was overdue for more spaceship stories, what I find most appealing is how it resembles pulpy, entertaining shows like Farscape, Firefly, and Stargate. It has a cast of wildly different characters, each with their own motivations and agendas, and the show manages to cram an impressive amount of story and world-building into just a couple of seasons.

Seat42F’s Tiffany Vogt Unravels the Raza Crew’s Adventures From A to Z

A is for Android.  The Raza crew awoke on an empty ship only to discover that they were not completely alone. There was an android synced to the ship that was programmed to protect the ship.  But when the android attacked them, the Android was subsequently memory-wiped as well so it would function with the ship and aid the Raza crew.  Known simply as Android, the Android has surprisingly bonded with the Raza crew and is loyal to them — so long as they do not pose a threat to the ship or each other.  (A is also for Lt. Anders, who is the former partner of Six in the Galactica Authority.)

I talk with Blastr’s Kathie Huddleston about Getting the Band Back Together.

Yeah, that’s the plan for Episode 1, is getting the band back together, see who survived and ultimately getting them reunited for a renewed purpose. And that’s to take down the individual who did this to them. Who happens to be a former ally. And that essentially sets the stage for Season 3 amid the backdrop of a corporate war.

The L.A. Times’ T.V. Highlights

IndieWire’s T.V. Highlights

TVAholic’s Prime Picks

Lansing State Journal’s Must Try


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Well, that’s it.  We’ve done our part.  We made the show.  We got the word out. Now, it’s in your hands.  Tune in tomorrow (and in the coming days and weeks) for our double episode premiere.  Tell your friends and family.  Tell your acquaintances. Tell complete strangers!  Let’s make this coming season of Dark Matter the biggest yet.

Thank you to our awesome cast and crew, and everyone involved in this well-oiled machine, from directors to post-production personnel.

Thank you to Prodigy Pictures President Jay Firestone for always striving to make the best show possible.

Thank you to Chris Regina and the gang at Syfy for the support and the two amazing trailers.

Thank you to Steve Patschek, Bipasha Ghosh, Kristin Mente and the rest of the gang at Syfy International for their support – and the brand new after show, After Dark, which will air following our double episode premiere in international markets and be available on the Syfy.com and Space.ca websites.

Thank you to individuals like ThreeIfBySpace’s Tom Gardiner and Katie Kelsey, TheTVJunkies’ Kelly Townsend, SpoilerTV’s Aimee Hicks, SciFiTalk’s Tony Tellado, SciFiAndTVTalk’s Steve Eramo, OhSoGray’s Courtney Vaudreuil, Hollywood Soapbox’s John Soltes, SciFiWire’s Kathie Huddleston, The Verge’s Andrew Liptak, Space.com’s Sarah Lewin, TVShowPatrol’s Curt Wagner, FilmSchoolRejects’ Allison Bigelow, Eclipse Magazine’s Sheldon Wiebe, The NerdRecite’s Christopher Hart, HappyEverAfter’s Veronica Scott, TVEquals’ Rueben, MonstersAndCritics’ April Neale, TheWorkPrint’s Jen Stayrook, Mike’sFilmTalk’s Michael Knox-Smith, DenOfGeek’s Michael Ahr, PureFandom’s Cort Robinson, TVFanatic’s Kathleen Wiedel, GeekedOutNation’s Jideobi Odunze, SciFiMoviePage’s Craig Suide, SciFiPulse’s Ian Cullen, WormholeRiders’ Patricia Bertrand, MyMBuzz’s Jessica Anson, KneelBeforeBlog’s Aaron Willingham, WordOfTheNerd’s Siobhan Dempsey, TheDigitalFix’s Baz Greenland, TheYoungFolks’ Leaf Miranda, BlackGirlNerds’ C.R. Sparrow, TheNerdElement’s Natty Willy, GeeksWorldWide’s Agasicles Stamas, AfterBuzz’s Yael Tygiel and Tauri Jay Miller and Andrew Mena,  TVGeekTalk’s Mary Powers, and CraveOnline, TVGoodness, Mikhail’sFilmAndTVBlog, SciFiVision, TVWatchTower’s Tiffany Vogt, The7thMatrix, Henry Otero, TVGeekTalk’s Mary Powers, Josh and Anna from GeekOnReview, CurtTalk’sTV’s Curt Bennett, TVEh?’s Greg David, Nerdophile’s Vanessa Frith, TVSeriesHub, TVInsider, TVOvertime, TalkNerdWithUs, BladeOfTheSamurai’s Sashurai, GeekSoulBrother and TheFiveNerdyVenoms…and everyone else who has taken the time to support our little show!

Who say’s Alex Mallari Jr’s character never smiles.  Just look at him, barely able to hide his delight.  What’s got him so happy?

Look deep into The Android’s eye.  What do you see?  The answer may surprise you.

Dark Matter’s Anthony Lemke talks the season 3 premiere and the new Big Bad

If someone has never seen Dark Matter, why should they catch up now and then watch this season?

I think because it’s fun viewing. It’s a good hour of television. Good storytelling that also examines some deeper questions about the human condition like the notion of what is it to have a soul? What is it to be human? The notion of identity. And in my mind that’s sort of the best sci-fi. It combines those questions about humanity with a fun romp through a world we can only imagine, because we’re not there yet. And that’s why you watch this show.

TWO and THREE reveal Dark Matter’s darkest secrets (Sort of)


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A reminder that Dark Matter returns with a double episode premiere this Friday night at 8:00 p.m. on Syfy and Space Channel.

And for our overseas fans, Syfy International has you covered.

And then stick around for the Dark Matter after show, After Dark, hosted by the lovely and talented Zoie Palmer.  It will air immediately following the premiere on Syfy International stations, and be available online on Syfy.com and Space.ca

Behind the scenes on Dark Matter’s third season.  Rehearsals are fun!

Shooting a scene from the season premiere – the Android on the bridge.

The view out The Marauder window.

Dark Matter links:

Dark Matter season 3 has an official Aussie premiere date (hint: Make sure you’re home on Saturday, June 10th at 6:30 pm.).

Melissa O’Neil and Anthony Lemke talk season 3 with TV-eh’s Greg David.

Variety’s Maureen Ryan sets up our double episode premiere with that sneak peek scene.

Aimee Hicks previews our double episode premiere for SpoilerTV.

Tell-Tale TV’s list of 21 TV Shows You Should Watch This Summer.

Yael Tygiel covers Three of the Most Underrated Syfy Shows & Why YOU Should Watch Them Too!

My podcast interview with GeekTown Radio.

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Check it out –

Some never-before-seen clips here…

As someone (possibly Ryo Ishida) marches down a corridor, TWO informs us (translated from Spanish), that Ferrous Corp wasn’t responsible…it was Ryo Ishida!

We see the EOs-7 space station blow up, sending debris flying by camera – including a familiar-looking shuttle.

Yes.  There’s no doubt.  That’s The Marauder floating amidst the station’s debris field.

Emperor Ryo Ishida wields a blade in ominous fashion. Who’s on the receiving end of his apparent wrath?

FIVE is wearing the neural devices she used to access the memories squirreled away in her subconscious back in Episode 6.  Perhaps another trip down memory lane?

A mystery man welcomes Ryo back home.  Could this be Teku Fonsei (played by Adam Moodie), Ryo’s former tutor?

Teku (?) informs Ryo that he has underestimated his former friends – and Ryo doesn’t seem too happy about it.

And explosion inside a planetary facility.

Ryo Ishida addresses a motley crew.  He orders them to take back what’s his, and take out the crew of the The Raza.

And the trailer ends on The Raza executing a nifty maneuver before jumping to FTL.

More thoughts?  Theories?

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