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As most of you know, I created and started developing Dark Matter back when I was working on Stargate: Atlantis.  The hope was to roll into Dark Matter whenever Stargate ended…which turned out to be a little later than I’d originally expected.  Throw in a year to script and launch the Dark Horse Comics series, the inevitable/interminable wait for the financing to come together on the way to an eventual green light, and we’re talking roughly eight years.  Yes, eight years of waiting but, in that time, eight years of fleshing out the big picture arcs, the characters, their backstories, the moments, and a slew of surprising twists and turns.

There’s nothing I hate more than watching a show that clearly doesn’t have a plan. One thing I promised viewers from the get-go is that we had a plan, a long term (five season) arc that included narrative elements, big and small.  We know where we’re going and, if you come along for the ride, we promise not to keep you hanging.  You will be rewarded with answers – and some of those answers are coming fast and furious from Episodes 106 onwards, culminating in an OMG! finale that will have you jumping out of your seats.

We’ve been afforded the freedom and respect to tell the story we want to tell and this has allowed us to seed the narrative with clues, some subtle and some pretty damn glaring, to future revelations.  I’m always delighted by the post-episode online responses, especially those that catch perceived hints in the story or criticize baffling inconsistencies in the characters.  There was one exchange on an online forum that had one viewer (let’s call her Viewer A) fixate on a seemingly inconsequential exchange in Episode 3.  She was convinced that the inflection of the delivery, the looks exchanged, suggested something more.  Another viewer (Viewer B) dismissed the theory; told her she was reading something into a line that wasn’t there.  Well, all I can say is – Viewer A, before the end of this season, prepare to tell Viewer B: “I told you so!”.

Setups and payoffs!  Setups and payoffs!


How come our crew only recovered some cash, weapons, an entertainment android, and a woman in stasis from the mystery room?  After all, back in Episode 101, didn’t FIVE refer to the fact that it held “secrets”?  What secrets?!


Why is ONE so out of place amongst the rest of the crew?  And, if he’s not the real Jace Corso, what the hell is he doing on the ship?


Why did TWO’s wound magically heal following her ill-fated excursion aboard The Far Horizon?


How did Hrothgar’s weapons – and pendant – end up on The Raza?


How did FIVE get out of that airlock?

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 6.45.06 PM

What is with the Android and her odd behavior?  She appeared jealous of entertainment bot Wendy and androids shouldn’t feel jealousy.  Why would someone program her with emotions?


Who was THREE’s old crew that abandoned him on that planet?


What was going through FIVE’s head when she gave Sarah’s stasis pod that curious look at the end of last episode?


Who is Cyrus King?


Who is that creepy old man?  (Oops.  Sorry.  That one’s upcoming.)


Who wiped their memories?  And why?


Who the hell is Titch?

We’ve got answers for you, a whole whack of ’em coming over the course of these last six episodes.  Plus many. MANY more – in addition to more questions and surprises – in the seasons to come.  As we await word of a pick-up, we’ve already got our second season game plan and character acts – and if you thought our first season offered up some shockers (see end of episodes 101, 103, 105, 108, 109, 110, 111, 112, and 113!) just wait until you see what we’e got in store for you in season 2, leading up to mind-boggling finale that will rival even our first season finale (which, I’m sure you’ll agree after watching it, may seem nigh impossible!).

At the risk of getting way, way ahead of myself – season 3’s arc will be Sci Fi Epic and culminate in a closing episode that will blow the doors off everything that has come before.  Which will lead into season 4’s I-can’t-believe-this-is-really-happening arc that we’ll cap off with an ender that will crash the forums.  Then, all roads – not to mention every arc we’ve set up since the beginning of the show – lead to season 5 where all the pieces of our intricately composed puzzle finally fall into place in dramatically satisfying fashion.  And we’re left with a series finale for the ages.

All this will be yours and more!

Unless some terrible fate befalls me in which case…never mind.

But, hey, let’s back up a bit to the next episode of Dark Matter, Episode 108. What’s in store?

Well, this –


And this –


And this –


And this!

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 12.58.41 PM

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BTS on Dark Matter Episode 107: Searching the mystery room.

BTS on Dark Matter Episode 107: Searching the mystery room.

So, in Episode 107, the crew gained entrance to the mystery room and we finally found out what it held.

Or did we?

Sure, we found weapons, cash, an entertainment model android and a woman in stasis, but something doesn’t quite line up here.  Remember back in Episode 101 when FIVE was talking to SIX about “the door”.  The dialogue went something like this…

FIVE: A big metal door.  And they keep it locked, always.

SIX: Why?  What’s inside?

FIVE: Secrets.

Secrets?  Hmmm.  There was nothing particularly secretive about the cash or guns. The entertainment model android?  Not really.  The woman in stasis?  Possibly. But, back in Episode 101, FIVE used the plural, “secrets”.

Looked like there were a few locked boxes in that room.  I wonder…

Oh, hey, check it out.  Wendy stunt double (Jennifer Murray) gets blasted by Bubba:

Down and right back up!  Thanks as always to Dark Matter stunt coordinator John Stead for crafting and overseeing the action.

As we move past the halfway mark of season one, we begin to unearth answers, backstories, and surprises.  And Episode 108 will offer up more than a few.  In preparation, check out some of the behind the scenes pics…





Check out my Dark Matter chat with Fictional Frontiers:


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The second instalment in my Weird Food Purchase of the Week: Weird Soda Edition:

Some Dark Matter links:

The Summer Studs of SyFy (P.S. After last episode I’m sure you’ll agree they’re missing one!):


An Episode #107 post-mortem:


“As we do every week, we talked with Mallozzi all about Episode 7 for more information on Three’s backstory, a look into how some of Wendy’s special talents and skills came about and how things are looking for the Android next week.”

An Episode #107 review:


“Snap, Crackle ‘n Pop. The latest episode of Dark Matter was the sexiest episode thus far, at least suggestively anyway. Brace yourself, because Dark Matter definitely went there this week. The Raza crew finally gained access to the secret room, we found out Three isn’t a jerk ass after all, and One and Two finally hooked up on “Episode 7” of Dark Matter.”

Another Episode #107 review:


“Each episode is reveals more about the crew and each character is becoming well rounded and three dimensional as a result. Zoie Palmer is becoming more endearing with each episode as are the rest of the crew. Anthony Lemke rocks it this week with his heel with heart story and the entire cast are hitting their stride performance wise.”

What was the best scene from Episode #107?  Read the review and vote for your favorite here:


“This episode shed a lot of light on Three and left fans with a lot of things to ponder. […] Only time will tell, but I suggest buckling in because things are only going to keep escalating as the second half of the season gears up to FTL speed.”

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Thanks to those inquiring about my french bulldog, Lulu.  Alas, nothing in the way of any significant improvement yet although I would best describe the change in her condition as a slight upgrade from “yellow mustard” to “Japanese curry”.  I’m hopeful for an eventual advancement to “Irish stew” but, for now, we’re treating her with antibiotics, deworming medication (thanks for the tip, Elke!), and tomorrow’s endoscopy.


Hey, did I mentioned I’d be doing one of those Periscope Q&A’s after the North American airings of Dark Matter’s seventh episode?  The episode will air at 10 p.m. EST and 7 p.m./10 p.m. PST and I’ll be answering YOUR questions for about 15-20 minutes after the show ends (11 p.m. EST and 8 p.m./11 p.m. PST).  So, what do you need to do to join?  Great question!  I think you just have to download the Periscope app and follow me (@BaronDestructo), then check out the Periscope app at the appointed time and voila!  Before you know it, you’ll be madly sending me virtual hearts and watching me fumble through this, my SECOND and THIRD, Periscope Q&A’s.

And what will I be talking about?  Oh, whatever you like – but I imagine we’ll mainly be chatting about this episode…



“We’ve seen the episode a little earlier than most, courtesy of Syfy, and have a handful of teasers to share with you. As usual, there are no major spoilers here because we want you to enjoy the episode as much as we did.”


“This episode marks one of Mallozzi’s personal favourites of the season and that’s because it’s “one of the most fun episodes.” He also said “it’s an episode with a lot of warmth and a lot of humour.” Not only that, it’s also the favourite of one of his most important critics. “This is one of my girlfriend’s very favourite,” he shared.”


“At the midway point Dark Matter is still as fierce as it was in the premiere. […]  Speaking of surprises, this episode is full of them.”


Hey, look who was in town!  None other than Jeff Teravainen, Lieutenant Anders from Dark Matter Episode 108.  Oh, wait.  That doesn’t air until next week. Anyway, here’s a sneak peek of Jeff…eating gelato.  Will he be eating gelato in next week’s episode?  And, if so, what flavour?!!!  Sorry, that’s a spoiler.

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Thanks to all those who asked but, sadly, Lulu isn’t doing any better.  Yesterday’s ultrasound offered up nothing in the way of answers, so she’s going in for an endoscopy on Thursday morning to test for something called stand lymphagectasia. If that too comes up empty, then next week it’s a colonoscopy to check for granulomitis colitis (aka “boxer colitis”).  Hopefully it won’t come to that as that would mean not feeding her for three days prior to the procedure.  THREE DAYS of nothing but broth!  At first, when we thought she would have to go in this week, Akemi suggested we adopt the same diet in solidarity – but I dismissed the notion on the grounds that we already had lunch and dinner plans.  But next week is wide open!  Akemi is already simmering the chicken necks!

If nothing else, this past week and a half of Lulu’s “intestinal issues” has sharpened my instincts to razor focus.  My reaction time is unparalleled.  At night, the merest cliquey-clack of Lulu’s nails on the hardwood floor will snap me out of the deepest slumber, out of bed and throwing on my pants, racing downstairs to open the backdoor so that she can go outside and relieve herself before it’s too late.  I’m like a soldier deep in enemy territory, sleeping yet always fully aware and fully prepared, his ears attuned to the slightest noise, ready for trouble.

I’m thinking of doing another Periscope Q&A, to run 15-20 minutes after each of the North American broadcasts of Dark Matter Episode 107.  The episodes air at 10 p.m. EST and 7 p.m./10 p.m. PST and I would jump on at approximately 1 minute after to field your question.  Who’s in?

Speaking of Dark Matter Episode 107, here are a few more intriguing sneak peeks for you to check out:

You're doing something new with your hair.  I love it!

You’re doing something new with your hair. I love it!

There's a new android in town!

There’s a new android in town!

Looks like THREE's had a bad day.

Looks like THREE’s had a bad day.

Something's up with SIX.

Something’s up with SIX.

Trying to book a trip to Tokyo for late September – and considering whether to go to L.A. for some agent-shopping next month.  Might be a good idea to have someone on board.  You never know…

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Well, today’s Periscope Dark Matter Joseph Mallozzi Q&A was a tremendous success!  Insofar as I actually got it to work…eventually.  One full minute of confused dead air time aside, it came together as expected: fun, informative, and sporadically awkward.  I think that, in the future, I’ll just stick with the onscreen questions as bouncing between two screens should only be attempted by true professionals.  Also, what is the deal with the color schemes on the floating viewer commentary?  Small writing against pastel backdrops make shout-outs an extremely challenging proposition.

I suppose it could’ve been worse.  I could have spent the half hour unwittingly talking to myself – or worse, failed to turn the damn thing off and given everyone a fascinating peek at the life of an Executive Producer on hiatus (mainly sitting around watching old episodes of the 1960’s Spiderman cartoon).

I DID manage to save the Q&A and upload it to youtube.  Whether that’s actually a good thing is debatable.

Anyway, now that I’ve worked out all the bugs on this, my first Periscope event, the next ones will be smoooooth sailing.  Nay, dare I say: Perfect!  Depending on how I’m feeling, I may actually try to do one following this Friday’s North American airing of Episode 107, 11 p.m. EST, 7 p.m./10 p.m. PST.  What do you think?

Meanwhile, for those of you who missed this afternoon’s debacle, here it is in all of it’s raw, unedited glory:

Episode 106 reviews and insights:


” By the time the entire crew learns about their pasts this is going to be one epic show. Stay tuned.”

Defiance, Killjoys, and Dark Matter – The SyFy Friday video review.  Love these two!

And some Episode 107 previews:

OITNB's Ruby Rose gunning for trouble!

OITNB’s Ruby Rose gunning for trouble!

Who is the mystery guest lying in the infirmary?

Who is the mystery guest lying in the infirmary?

Guest-starring The Strain's Natalie Brown

Guest-starring The Strain’s Natalie Brown

FOUR, expecting trouble?

FOUR, expecting trouble?


Sneak peek:


And trailer:


We’re about to pass the halfway mark of Dark Matter’s first season!  Can you believe it?!

Now, the character revelations come fast and furious!  Think you know our crew?  Think again!

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Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 4.08.09 PM

That’s 9 p.m. in the U.K., 10 p.m. in Germany, 4 p.m. EST, 1 p.m. PST.  Find me @BaronDestructo on twitter.  #AskJoeDM for tomorrow’s event.

For those of you who missed the Dark Matter panel at SDCC, here it is compliments of Tom Gardiner from http://www.threeifbyspace.net:

On Dark Matter Episode 106:


“Dark Matter took a bloody trip down memory lane in its memorable sixth episode, giving us a huge insight into the history of some of the crew members, and adding new fuel to the raging nature vs. nurture debate.”


“Now, all we want is more. Lots more.”


“While Dark Matter may be science fiction, it plays more like a mystery creating more puzzle pieces as it fits others in place. Part of the SyFy Friday lineup, this is addictive viewing.”


“Who is Titch, and what happened in their life to turn them into a hardened criminal? That was one of the key questions posed in Episode 6 of Dark Matter.”


” Although the hunt for resources is still center stage as the main problem to be solved in Dark Matter, some much-needed back story came out of “Episode Six,” and my expectations were sent into a tailspin. It’s a pleasant sort of disorientation, and the questions and theories these new details inspire greatly enhances my enjoyment of the series, which is quickly becoming a highlight of Syfy’s summer lineup.”


“The show is building on their drives and gives them each a reason to push forward and accomplish a specific goal. Once we figure out One, Two, and Three’s official pasts, we’ll finally be rounded out. Although I’m suspecting that their memory wipes were an agreed plan, I do like that each character isn’t tied to another in any specific way. Good diversity. More episodes like this please.”


” The future of the show depends on if Dark Matter can dole out information on these mysterious backstories while keeping the present interesting. It’s not an easy task, and to Dark Matter’s credit, it’s done a decent job of it up to now.”

And a nice little write-up of Episode 105 and the show in general I missed:


“Dark Matter then is a fantastic addition to Monday night television and, if the ratings stay strong, should become a nice little earner for the Syfy channel. It certainly has all the elements needed to go the distance, with good characters and a sense of mystery underpinning the story. “

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