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What’s this?  Could I have finally given in and granted Jodelle Ferland’s request for a shipboard mascot.


Director of Photography test tastes the commissary offerings.  Space beer!


Laying some track for the commissary walk ‘n talk.

img_5862 img_5845 img_5856

The masterful work of Dark Matter Production Designer Ian Brock and his teams – art and construction departments.


The early bird catches the wait.  Zoie Palmer arrives on time for the production meeting.  Rookie mistake!

Munitions factory safety graphics by 1st Assistant Art Director Sumeet Vats and 2nd Assistant Art Director Victor Mare.



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Director Steve DiMarco charges into his final days of production on Episode 303.


Director of Photography Craig Wright mans the heavy machinery.


Addressing the troops.


Daenerys Riley


Well, look who was in town on business – but took some time out for a little eating pleasure.  If it isn’t our old Stargate fellow writer-producer Carl Binder.


In town – ONE NIGHT ONLY! – so there was only one real choice: schnitzel dinner at Country Style Hungarian for their massive platter.  We all took a huge shnitz and then, later, Ivon also took a massive crepe!


Finally – Sujiko braves the winter.  Akemi is convinced she’s actually a mixed breed.  Partly pug, but mostly koala.

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In a matter of days, we’ll be in Montreal and my mother’s house will come alive with the pitter patter of little paws – roughly thirty-two in all not counting the feline variety.  In preparation, we’re shopping, gift-wrapping, packing, and bathing…


Suji deserved the spa treatment after a thoroughly exhausting afternoon at Trinity Bellwoods Park for the monthly pug grumble.  Last month, the turnout was good with approximately thirty pugs showing.  Today’s turnout was…er…significantly less so.  The bone chilling weather may have had something to do with it.


Despite being bundled up, Suji has some second thoughts about this Canadian winter.  Pictured above, this is her “Get me back to that warm barn in Portland!” face.


Double-bundled for her enjoyment – and yours!

So, tomorrow, we’ll load up the car with gifts, windshield washer fluid, and that outline for my next script.  The plan is to celebrate Christmas with the family AND get two acts into my new script.  Secrets will be revealed.  And some characters are going to wish they hadn’t been.


The man with all the secrets.

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Yes, years of hard living have taken their toll.    So, today, Suji entered rehab…


First, a little test of those gimpy hindquarters.  Yes, they’re weak and she suffers from hip dysplasia, but she can really motor when she gets up a full head of steam.


Into the tank for her hydrotherapy session.  The handle atop her little red life vest gave her the appearance of pug luggage.

Off to a slow start but, by the end of the session, she was positively motoring.

Then, it was time for her laser therapy.


Doggles?  Check!

We concluded things with her daily carpet run.

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“Motorists should consider postponing non-essential travel…”  Is going home considered non-essential?

Should be interesting.  We have a little over an hour before wrap and waze is already telling me it’s going to take me a while to get home.  A while that’s going to get even whilier as the snowstorm continues to rage.  Melissa is already suggesting we all camp out in the cafeteria for the night.  Why chance it?


A little something for Episode 303 from the Art Department.


Craig, our Head Carpenter, keeping busy.  Although, granted, he doesn’t look that busy right at this moment.


Hey, look, it’s The General (played by Andrew Jackson).  Haven’t seen him since season 1.  Wonder what he’s up to?


Head Cutter Anita O’Tooler made me this awesome tie.  I’m wearing it tomorrow!  Prepare to be amazed.


My mom asks: “What does Akemi do all day?”.  Well, in Toronto in the winter, she spends most of it trying to get the dogs dressed up for their walks.  That’s socks, boots, rubbers, jackets, hats, collars, and leashes X 3!  It’s a full-time job.


Suji (Sister Ursula) four layers deep.


Bubba and Lulu feeling the Christmas spirit.

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Early in November, I held a little contest on this blog, asking fans to directly identify two props featured in Dark Matter’s second season.  Then, we rolled into production and I forgot to announce the winner.  And so, better late than never, the winner of the cast-signed script who correctly identified the props – and the episodes in which they appeared is…



Prop 1 – An emergency beacon that Chief Inspector Kierkan shows Four when he’s talking to him, when trapped under the rubble in Ep 205 We Voted Not To Space You.


Prop 2 – one of Truffault’s soldiers uses it to open the door when they board the Raza in Ep208 Stuff To Steal, People To Kill.

Congrats to ceresis64!  Drop me an email at moorsyum@yahoo.com with your mailing address, and I’ll send the script your way.


Director Ron Murphy is armed and ready for you questions.  You have until Monday night to post them in this blog’s comments section!


Hey, check out this concept vehicle, just in time for my Christmas road trip to Montreal!  Just got to fuel up, get the snow tires, and arm the mounted laser gun and I’m road ready!


Suji has to work on that bark.

I leave you with…dog pictures…

img_4443 img_4329 img_4359 img_4349 img_4354 img_4447 img_4918 img_5080 img_5041 img_5001 img_5069

P.S. Suji now has her own instagram account here: NewOldPugSujiko

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While I was back in the office, working on this latest script, production on season 3 continued at the Ishida Palace in Kitchener, Ontario Zairon.  In tribute to Dark Matter’s latest biggest bad, here are some family portraits c/o the spectacular Roxanne Borris, 1st Assistant Art Director/Graphics…


Emperor Ishida Tetsuya


Empress Ishida (Li Na) Katsumi


Emperor Ishida Hiro


Emperor Ishida Ryo


Speaking of the Art Department, this is your last chance to post your questions for Dark Matter Production Designer Ian Brock – shipbuilder, space station manufacturer, and  futuristic wheelchair assembler.

Tomorrow, another BIG behind-the-scenes guest Q&A announcement!


Pursuant to yesterday’s hi-rez render of the Ishida Research Station, here’s a breakdown of the station itself.  We were very particular about the look as the script for Episode 302 requires a very specific look.  Anyway, here ya go if you’re interested in building your own space station.  Please direct all accolades to concept artist Jeff Bartzis.


And, of course, what recent blog entry would be complete without the requisite photo of the latest addition to our family, 11 year old Suji – here modeling the new outfit Akemi picked up for her the other day.  All toasty warm for the Toronto winter.

We take her for a carpet walk every day to exercise her gimpy gambs.


Meanwhile, the Thelma & Louise of our floor continue to bond.


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