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Okay.  Pursuant to yesterday’s blog entry, some careful strategy is required.

I think that, rather than striking out now as everyone – especially those in a position to make the decisions – prepares for the holidays or, in some cases, is already off on holidays, the campaign should hold off in order to maximize its efforts.

Plan and coordinate now, then launch in the second or third week of the New Year when everyone is back at the office – and eager to start green lighting those new projects!

I leave you to pick a target date.

And, speaking of planning, what do you all have planned for the coming holidays? Visiting relatives?  Staying close to home?  Getting away from it all with a trip to an exotic locale?  Bora Bora?  Fiji?  Vegas?

Given the choice, if you could spent the holidays anywhere in the world EXCEPT home (or the home of a loved one), where would it be?

My Top 5 NOT Home For the Holidays Destinations:


5. Christmas in Hawaii

Well, why the hell not?  Sure, there’s nothing like a white Christmas, but after one too many festive deep-freezes in my home town of Montreal, I think I’d appreciate a little change of venue.  Maybe less snow and more sand.  Less spruce and pine and more palm.  Less roasted chestnuts, more poi.  And, oh yeah, the beach.

14. Christmas in Hong Kong

The view from Kowloon of the colorfully lit buildings lining the Central Hong Kong across Victoria Harbor is absolutely stunning.  Not quite the rest and relaxation offered by a Hawaiian getaway, but certainly a hell of a lot warmer than an east coast winter, and maybe even more cosmopolitan.  If you’re looking to shop away the holidays, this is the place!

13. Christmas Tokyo

Well, of course.  Tokyo out Christmases most North American cities with its stunning seasonal displays and spirit.  Granted, the Japanese don’t quite celebrate the holiday like some of us do, eschewing family in favor of romantic dinners for two, but it’s hard not to get caught up in the festive mood.


2. Christmas in Savannah

I chose Savannah, Georgia because I’ve been researching the city of late, but I’d happily do Charleston, S.C. as well or any other down home American city that offers a southern take on the holiday complete with pecan pie and bourbon-spiked eggnog.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA1. Christmas in Las Vegas

Well, surprise surprised?  Not really.  Unlike any of the other places listed, Vegas is only a few hours away, offering fun, sun, and restaurant lineup to rival New York and L.A.

So, let’s all start planning for next year!  Where are we all going?

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Huzzah!  A big 13 page writing day now puts me on P. 51 of my new pilot.  And, potentially, a little too long.  My ballpark breakdown has been pretty spot-on so far and, if my powers of prognostication hold true, the rough first draft is going to clock in at a robust 64 pages.  I think it’s a lot of fun but my colorful supporting character risks overshadowing my protagonist.  That’s something I’m going to have to address on my next pass.

Days of Stargate Atlantis past continues with…


VEGAS (519)

Robert Cooper coined the term “shepisodes” for these John-centered entries, and this is one of my favorites, an oh-so-different AU story that follows detective John Sheppard in his hunt for a serial killing alien.

The working title was CSI: Atlantis and, given its procedural trappings and colorful eye candy Vegas location, it’s no wonder.  Rob does a terrific job writing, directing and producing one of the high points of Atlantis’s fifth and final seasons, with memorable performances by all involved.  Joe Flanigan is perfect as the washed up detective with nothing to lose while David Hewlett delivers a what-might-have-been version of his character who is, at heart, very clearly, very much Rodney.

Great guest-performances led by Neil Jackson as the wraith-out-of-water.  And there’s even a nod to Stark Trek: The Experience compliments of actor Robert Picardo who added the inside gag while shooting.

Everyone on the production who didn’t get to go to Vegas to shoot was, of course, jealous of everyone who did.  I figured everyone had learned their lesson, so I was surprised that the next series, SGU was set on a spaceship flying through some distant galaxy.  I thought we’d all agreed on Stargate: Hawaii!


While we were shooting Atlantis’s final episodes, fans were fighting to save the series.


Sheppard’s sweet ride


It looks better without the bullet holes.


To: Das.  Love: Wraith.  The incredible Neil Jackson


A couple of Sopranos alums guest star: Frank Vincent and Steve Schirripa.  Both were stand up guys.


Also putting in cameos: the late Joel Goldsmith (left) and former MGM Senior Executive VP and huge Stargate supporter Charlie Cohen (middle).


Director Robert Cooper demonstrates sleight of hand, setting up a shot and skimming some poker winnings.


John Sheppard, P.I.

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No sooner do I return home than I am preparing for my next trip – this one to L.A. in a couple of weeks.  Tomorrow, Paul and I get on the phone with our agent to discuss the specifics: when we’re going, how long we’re staying, who we’ll be meeting while in town and, most importantly, what we’ll be pitching.

Our comic book series, Dark Matter, of course tops the list of what we want to go out with.  Then there’s Project A.F. that we’re working on in collaboration with Robert Cooper and Ivon Bartok (reason enough to schedule our trip to coincide with Rob’s upcoming visit).  And finally, there are about a half dozen series ideas we’ll get into tomorrow.  In the meantime, the horror script and one of our pilots should be going out as well.

So we’ve got things on the go and out there but it never hurts to have more material in the pipeline which is why I’m giving serious thought to writing another feature.  Like the horror script, it’s an idea I’ve been kicking around for years but have never had the opportunity to sit down and write.  Aside from fleshing out some ideas for the L.A. pitch trip, the trip itself, and the two series pilots we’re working on, my summer is shockingly free so August would be the time to get it done.  I won’t know if there’ll be anymore Dark Matter in comic book form until after the trade paperback release in October, but I am drawn to the idea of doing another comic book series.

Looking back over our recent trip, I have to admit I had a better time than expected at Comic Con.  Loved the energy of the place and the fantastic array of fans who took the time to create some truly remarkable costumes for the event.  My hosts at Dark Horse (Kari Yadro and co.) were wonderful and it was truly great to finally meet editor Lou Anders and artist John Picacio – and catch up with the lovely Marjorie M. Liu.  Lou is telling me Dragon Con is THE place to be in September.  If I’m not in Berlin for my friends’ wedding, I might consider it.

As for Vegas – hey, it’s always a good time, and made even better by Akemi who loves the strip.  She told me that, two and half years ago when she was living in Tokyo, she could never have imagined visiting Vegas or San Diego (where her parents spent their honeymoon, though probably not during Comic Con) – or even Canada for that matter.  Just goes to show – you never know what surprises life has in store!

A final batch of pics from Comic Con…


Pictured above, my Comic Con goodies including: a couple of dvd’s from the archives of Spike & Mike Festival of animation (compliments of Mike), a copy of the Futureshocks anthology edited by Lou Anders with cover art by John Picacio (compliments of Lou Anders), a copy of Hexed vol. 1 and the missing issues in my Avengers and Thunderbolts collection (compliments of my wallet).

Yesterday, I started Project Thunderbolts which will see me read the entire series from issue #1 to the present.  At five issues a night, I should be done in a little over a month.  Anyone familiar with the series?  Opinions?

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Yesterday, we were up early so that we could do a little more strolling and try our luck against the scorching heat.

Akemi Presents…The Artwork!

We headed over to Caesar’s for another lunch at Joe’s Stone Crab.  We were a little early and Akemi needed to use the facilities.  I consulted the handy mall map and their directions to the restrooms led me here:

I wasn’t sure which was the Men’s and which one was the Women’s. I ended up using the one on the right.

Whenever we go out to dinner, Akemi is so hungry that she polishes off the bread basket and then complains about the fact that she’s too full to eat dinner. This morning, she made me promise to turn away the bread basket at our next meal. So I did – much to her displeasure. I reminded her that she’d told me to turn it away – but she didn’t want to hear it.

The stone crab!

Then, it was off to the Bellagio for dessert at Jean-Philippe Patisserie…

The Snickers Bar (left) and the Red Velvet Cupcake (right).

Trio: Creme brûlée, Peanut Butter pop, Rose-Raspberry Macaron.

Akemi works off lunch and dessert with her Xtreme Twirling routine:

We capped off our day with a great dinner at Michael Mina in the Bellagio.  Some of the highlights:

The Hors D’Oeuvres. From left to right: Foie Gras PB&J, Cured Salmon, Crab BLT, and the Steak Tartare. Three out of four were terrific. The BLT was a bit of a letdown.

The Foie Gras Forbidden Rice.

The Root Beer Float with sassafras ice cream and warn chocolate pecan cookies.

Special mention should also be made of the heavenly succotash and exceptional service.

Spoke to my agent today.  Looks like Paul and I are L.A.-bound in a couple of weeks.  Apparently, we’ve got shows to pitch!

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This is the first and probably the last time I’ll be staying at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas.  In addition to the trifling annoyances (in-room safe not working, housekeeping skipping our room today, being told I could leave my valuables at the front desk only to be told by the front desk that I had to leave them with the Bell Captain only to be told by the Bell Captain that they had to be in an enclosed piece of luggage (forcing me to lug my laptop around with me all afternoon) only to later be told by someone else at the front desk that I could leave my valuables at the front desk, etc.)  is the one big annoyance of being charged for in-room wifi.  It feels so nickel and dime, well beneath a hotel of its supposed stature.  Next thing you know, one of maids is going to stop by to ask if I’d like to pitch in for fellow employee Anita’s going away party. Akemi, on the other hand, likes the Cosmo just fine.  She finds the bed incredibly comfy (I have to agree) and loves the patio…

Akemi says: “Come on out!”. I say: “No way.”

I’m not a patio (or standing on anything more than three feet off the ground) guy, so “nice patio” lines up in neither column so far as I’m concerned.

Today was our big walking day.  Lots of walking punctuated by excessive bursts of eating…

Akemi checks out the steampunk telescope – to get an unreal view of the ceiling.

Yet another BIG SHOE.

Oh that perverted penguin.

Akemi induces vomiting.

For lunch, we headed over to a place I mean to try out every time I’m in town.  This trip, we finally got there: Bobby’s Flay’s Mesa Grill in Caesar’s Palace.

We started off with a great corn soup, packed with a spicy wallop as advertised.

For her main, Akemi ordered a shrimp dish that came with a cilantro sauce.  I requested the cilantro sauce on the side because she isn’t a fan.   When the dish arrived, I couldn’t help but notice the shrimp were swimming in the cilantro sauce.  I asked the (different) waiter who served us: “Is that cilantro?”.  And he replied: “No cilantro.”

Hmmm.  Sure looks like cilantro to me.

Akemi took a bite.  As it turned out, either the waiter serving us desperately needed to brush up on the menu or the parsley on the plate was doing a bang-up imitation of cilantro.  Akemi resigned herself to eating it but I wouldn’t allow it.  I called over our original waiter and pointed out the cilantro.  He tried to sidestep the issue by saying he had served the “chili oil on the side” as I’d requested.  Even if that were true and I had asked for “chill oil” on the side (which I didn’t), the fact that the chill oil was also served IN the sauce as evidenced by the photograph makes his point moot.  He then suggested Akemi try the dish and if she still minded the cilantro, he would exchange it.  No pressure.  We asked to exchange it.  So he presented us with the menu.  Again, I had to point out there had been some sort of miscommunication.  We didn’t want another dish.  We wanted THAT dish with the cilantro sauce on the side.  Our waiter informed us this was impossible.  Somehow, between the time I placed the initial order and fifteen minutes later, it had become impossible.  So Akemi settled for a chopped salad.

I had the chile relleno.

We ended up trekking all the way over to the Wynn Hotel in search of a fantastic dessert place I swear I remember visiting once – only to come up empty.  We trekked all the way back and, by the time we were within visual range of our hotel, we were hot and exhausted.  So I suggested a little pick-me-up in the form of a sundae at Serendipity.

Akemi says: “Yeah. Whatever. Waterfall.”


Snack time!

She had the frozen hot chocolate.  I did the amaretto-almond hot chocolate.  AND the carrot cake sundae with vanilla and butter-pecan ice cream.

Properly recharged, we had plenty of energy for what lay ahead: Dinner at Jaleo…

Pan de cristal con tomate: Toasted rustic bread brushed with fresh tomatoes, topped with anchovy.

The golden fried quail eggs atop a bed of Spanish ratatouille.  Akemi’s favorite.

Grilled squid with roasted artichokes in a squid ink sauce.

For dessert – a surprisingly great flan!

Akemi loved dinner and we would have gone back for a return visit – if not for the fact that we’d already booked Michael Mina at the Bellagio.

One more night and I’m Vancouver-bound!

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Well, with a little less than a week to go before I move to Toronto, it’s time to go over that Toronto checklist:

FIND SOMEWHERE TO LIVE:  Nope.  I’ve already bemoaned Toronto’s not-so-production-friendly accommodations situation.  And, since that post, not much has changed.  Hope those production offices are comfy.  And pet friendly!

FIND A CAR TO DRIVE: Nope.  I’ve been so busy searching for furnished rentals online that I haven’t even gotten around to looking into a car rental.

INFORM AIR CANADA WE’LL BE FLYING WITH TWO DOGS IN-CABIN NEXT WEEKEND: Nope.  I was able to do everything online EXCEPT register my dogs.  This, apparently, can only be accomplished by speaking directly to an Air Canada representative.  And good luck with that.  “The average wait time,”the recorded message informs me, “Is forty-five minutes.”!  It’s been that way for the past TWO WEEKS!

FIND A SUITABLE DOGGY DAYCARE FOR THE GANG: Nope.  I’m looking at two possible candidates, but won’t decide on one until I’ve had a chance to check them out personally.

FIND SOMEONE TO ACCOMPANY ME WITH A SECOND DOG ON THE FOLLOWING WEEKEND’S FLIGHT: Nope.  I had plenty of offers for next weekend, so I’m hoping people will be in a flying mood two weekends from now.  Anyone interested in a return flight to Toronto, business class?

ESTABLISH THE TEAM: The writers’ room starts spinning next Monday and, outside of Paul, Alex, myself and, (I assume) Rob, it’s still uncertain who’ll be in there with us.


I was up for most of last night angsting over the prospect of flying cross-country with the dogs.  I brought the soft-sided carriers out of storage and started getting the pooches used to the closed environment – tossing in a treat to get them inside, tossing in another treat to get them to duck their heads so I could zip the sherpa closed, then tossing them a final treat for being good sports.  Jelly, Maximus, and Lulu seemed fine for the two minutes or so they were inside, but Bubba went ABSOLUTELY NUTS, scratching and rolling, barking and crying.  I think he may be claustrophobic.  Is that possible?  I am so screwed.  We’re looking at a scheduled 4 hour and twenty-five minute flight!  That’s not including the times enroute to and from the airport as well as the inevitable departure delays.  I AM flying Air Canada after all.

Looks like I might have to invest in some children’s gravol.

Allow me to unwind with some pics of my recent Vegas trip –

I thought she looked cute, but Akemi prefers oversized sun hats with big honkin' sunflowers on top.

Outside the Venetian hotel. In the next James Bond film, I want to see a high speed gondola chase through the hotel's canal.

We received this lovely parting gift at the conclusion of our dinner at Joel Robuchon.

The raspberry (?) pistachio cake it contained.

Which we made short work of the following morning.

I love Vegas. It's so subdued.

Ceiling of the annex between Bally's and the Bellagio.

Ceiling of the Bellagio.

Joe's Stone Crab! We went twice.

I'm not a fan of key lime pie, but I LOVE the version served up at Joe's Stone Crab. So much so that I have seriously considered ordering in the past. They deliver!

Restaurant in the shopping plaza adjoining the Aria. I'd be too nervous to eat here.

Akemi makes a quick call in the Cosmopolitan lobby.

The chocolate fountain outside the Jean Philippe Patisserie.

Some of the unbelievable selection. Check it out. Rose macarons! I haven't seen those outside of Tokyo!

Intense: dark chocolate mousse, chocolate cremeux, and chocolate glaze. Yes, thank you! Rich, dark chocolate through and through. None of these airy fairy gelee's or light creams so prevalent in other so-called patisseries.

Snickers Cake: almond dacquoise, peanut crisp, caramel, milk chocolate mousse. As awesome as the dark Intense was, this was even better. Sublime.

The view from inside the shop. Screw the Venetian. Next time, I'm staying here. IN the pasty shop!

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“Got a couple of maintenance issues for you to deal with,”said our pilot, motioning back behind him.  And, as the two workers disappeared into the cockpit, so did any hope that our return flight would be departing on time.  Moments later, the steward got on the intercom to confirm as much.  We  would be delayed by thirty minutes, give or take – presumably as long as it took someone to run down to Radio Shack and purchase a replacement part.  I settled in and had almost dozed off – adrift in that delicious middle ground between almost asleep and asleep – when I was roused by  the elderly Chinese woman sitting in front of us.  “Miss!”she cried.  “MISS!  Your feet!”.  Obviously referring to the 50-something woman seated to my right who had taken off her shoes and was resting one of her bare feet on the handrest in front of her.  “Yes?”asked the barefooted woman, oblivious to any problem.  “Your feet!”snapped the owner of the handrest.  “They stink!”  Blunt yet effective.  The woman to my right lowered her foot and quietly slipped her shoes back on.  Problem solved, thankfully before it became a problem for me.

Other than that – and the thirty minute delay – it turned out to be a pretty uneventful flight.  Unlike last night’s fairly eventful meal – my last big dinner in Vegas, this one at Guy Savoy…

It was a very different dining experience than the one we enjoyed at E by Jose Andres the previous night.  A lot more formal and, at times, somewhat staid, but the service on the part of our waiter was warm and friendly.

Since it was my final dinner in Vegas, I decided to go all in with the Prestige Menu which came with its own bread pairing.  I kid you not.  We were served a different bread with each couple of courses.  But before getting into the individual breads, we were free to choose from…

The Bread Cart!

All the bread is baked on the premises – fresh and wonderful.  But when you’re pairing it with an eleven course menu, it does fill you up quickly.  Once I’d settled down to a parmesan bun (with choices of salted, unsalted butter, and sea salt and crushed black pepper for sprinkling), it was time for the main event…

French Club: The Guy Savoy version of the club sandwich is made with a double layer of foie gras and brioche. Next time, I come back for the whole sandwich!

This was followed by a small soup and tiny surprise in the form of tiny pea preparation which was, in turn, followed by the “Eggs All Truffle”: a heavenly combo of creamy egg and earthy truffle.  It was served with –

Truffle-buttered toast for dipping!

Next up was the Tuna Carpaccio.  I’ll let the video do the talking –

Subtle in flavor but certainly not in presentation.

We were then served a Crispy Sea Bass with Delicate Spices, one of Savoy’s signature dishes.  Like most of the meal, it was quite subtle in its flavor with the exception of the accompanying vanilla foam that overwhelmed.

Our next dish was the Foie Gras en Papillote and Radish Bouillon.  The foie was prepared sous-vide which, to be honest, seemed like an odd way to go. As was the radish bouillon.

Colors of Caviar. Another signature dish. Layers of caviar vinaigrette, caviar creme fraiche, haricot vert puree, Osietra caviar, and a sabayon. We were instructed to dig deep to ensure we spooned out all the layers. Loved it.

Our next dish as the Artichoke and Black Truffle Soup which was served with a toasted mushroom brioche with black truffle butter (for dipping).  The soup was thinner than I expected, but tasty nevertheless.

Roasted Poussin. One of the juiciest chicken dishes I've ever been served.

Along with an outstanding black truffle mash.

We capped of the savory portion of our meal with a fine salsify dish before moving on to –

The Cheese Tray!

I enjoyed three soft cheeses with an orange marmalade, a berry jam, and some lavender honey.

At which point, it was time for dessert.  First up was a pre-dessert dessert consisting of raspberry sorbet, green tea foam, and green tea pearls.

Apple - Apple slices, apple caviar, and apple foam. This was so tart, I couldn't manage more than a bite.

Chocolate Fondant, Crunchy Praline and Chicory Cream: Now THIS I DID finish. A rich dessert only this side of decadent because of the portion size.

And finally, we finished with = The Dessert Cart!

A very good meal with some outstanding dishes (the Poussin comes immediately to mind) but, at the end of the day, in the Battle of the Vegas High-End Dinners, it ranks an easy third with Joel Robuchon and E by Jose Andres battling it out for top spot.

Finally back in Vancouver, tonight’s dinner was comprised of baked Arctic Char with yuzu and sesame oil, steamed rice, and sauteed broccoli.  It was a much appreciated change of pace.

Thanks to everyone who inquired about Akemi’s friends in family in the wake of the recent earthquake and tsunami to hit Japan.  Her family home is located in Osaka, west of Tokyo, and wasn’t affected by the tragedy.  Sadly, many, many people were.  Here’s hoping for better news from the area in the days ahead.

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