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Girls night in

Girls night in

Production resumed today on Dark Matter’s third season with director Craig David Wallace (Slasher, Todd and the Book of Pure Evil) calling the shots on Episode 309.  We were on The Raza today, checking out Pollux and deathcore, but tomorrow we’re off to beautiful Fort Falls, Wisconsin for some skulking, pursuing, and awkward bike riding.  It’s going to be a challenging couple of weeks ahead as we are on location for the next eight days!

A little something in the works in the costume department

A little something in the works in the costume department

So, you all up for deciding on a new episode title this week?  So far, we got…

“Episode 27: Being Better Is So Much Harder”

“Episode 28: It Doesn’t Have To Be Like This”

“Episode 29: Welcome To The Revolution”

“Episode 30: All The Time In The World”

“Episode 31: ???”

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photo courtesy of Roger Cross

photo courtesy of Roger Cross

And that’s a wrap on Dark Matter Season 3 Production Phase II.  The third and final phase commences a little over a week from now.  Until then, it’ll be R&R&R (Rest and Relaxation and Reading) for me.


Unfortunately, not everyone made it to the hiatus.  But those that did have earned a well-deserved break from 7:30 a.m. crew calls and 7:30 p.m. wraps.


A rare shot of the bridge from fake space.  This is usually where the actors kick back between scenes.

(Security feed playback courtesy of 1st Assistant Art Director Sumeet Vats and 2nd Assistant Art Director Victor Mare)

Hey, do me a favor and keep an eye on The Raza nest cam while we’re away!

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“It’s like when you make ganache and you put it in the fridge and when you take it out it’s an hour too early and it’s not yet set.  That’s what it was like.”

Akemi describing Bubba’s stool sample this morning.


Today, we took Bubba a very relaxed Bubba (he’s already on vacation!) to see his oncologist.  This was the result of our meeting –


In a nutshell, no to chemo but yes to targeted therapy which is comprised of a single pill (Palladia, which sounds like a great scifi world) given every second day. In a perfect world, it will target the tumors in Bubba’s lung and not the person charged with  administering said pill since the instructions explicitly caution anyone handling it to wear gloves while doing so!  We’ll alternate the Palladia with Prednisone, an anti-inflammatory.  I’m also going to look into a few promising-looking home therapy treatments.


Suji and Bubba.  They’re like an old married couple.


Despite her recent injury, even Lulu gets in on the action.


Meanwhile, on Dark Matter, it was business as usual in the Raza underbelly.

Finally, presenting Dark Matter’s diabolical and deadly Misaki Han like you’ve never seen her before…

Ellen Wong Flips Out:

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Let’s celebrate Valentine’s Day (except in Pakistan where it’s apparently been outlawed) with a brand new episode title!  Here are the results of yesterday’s fan poll:


Wow.  This one wasn’t even close.  I honestly thought “This Galaxy’s Most Notorious” would have put in a better showing, but what do I know?  That’s why I just write and produce the episodes and leave the naming to those more qualified.


The “helmet” for Episode 307 is a glorious thing.  Gorgeous workmanship by On Set Key Props Lisa Amaral Wright.


A few more pods for your consideration c/o Set Designer Karl Crosby.


If and when I get that new military SF series off the ground, I’ve already reserved Karl’s seat on the hero destroyer.


A costume design sketch from, appropriately enough, Costume Designer Noreen Landry.


Director (and Dark Matter Stunt Coordinator) John Stead calling the shots.


And ordering our the new crew (?!).


Incoming transmission.  But who’s calling?  Commander Nieman, I presume?  (Playback still c/o 1st Assistant Art Director Sumeet Vats).


Our apartment is now a veterinary clinic.  Poor Lulu, laid up by a paw injury enjoys some R&R.

This is poor Bubba and his hacking old man’s cough.  Based on the x-rays, the early prognosis isn’t good, but we’ll learn more after tomorrow’s ultrasound.


Despite this, he seems happy during the day and his appetite is good.  This afternoon, he hit the park with doggy uber (aka Akemi).

Tonight, Akemi and I celebrate Valentine’s Day by taking Bubba for some blood tests, eating leftover pork, and watching Gail Harvey’s director’s cut of Episode 306!  Pretty romantic.

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The polls are open once again.  Cast your vote for your preferred Episode 303 title:

Then enjoy these gorgeous pod designs, c/o phenomenal Set Designer Karl Crosby…





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Hey!  Who’s in the mood to select a new episode title?  If you’re interested, I’ve got three terrific contenders for Episode 303.  The poll will be posted tomorrow after which you’ll have 24 hours to cast your vote and help make Dark Matter history!

This afternoon, I amassed and relayed all of the questions posted for Jodelle Ferland’s fan Q&A – and there were A LOT of them.  So many, in fact, that if Jodelle were to answer all of them, we probably wouldn’t receive a response until summer of 2018.

Also today, I made two separate batches of hot sauce: one habanero-based, the other cascabel-based.  Took me about three hours, but the results were well worth the effort.  By the time I was done, I was eating them by the spoonful – much to Akemi’s horror.

Hey, speaking of horror, here is the preliminary list of the horror movies I intend to power through during next week’s hiatus…

The Autopsy of Jane Doe


The Boy

Don’t Breathe


The Evolution

The Eyes of My Other


I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House

The Invisible Guest

The Invitation

The Neon Demon

Ouija: Origin of Evil



They Look Like People

Under the Shadow

The Wailing

We Are the Flesh

The Witch

What am I missing?

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Here’s a sneak peek at the temp VFX for that “creeping advance”.  VFX Supervisor Lawren Bancroft-Wilson feels it needs a color adjustment to give it less of an ocean blue feel.


Set Designer Karl Crosby’s latest creation is this awesome set piece for the discerning off-world miner.  Pictured above is the color version of the close-to-final form.


Check out the level of detail.  Preliminary option 3.


Ready to roll design.


A peek behind the curtain.  A Work In Progress pic from the arm manufacturer.

While back on the home front…


Suji eyes her snack.


Bubba and Lulu ready to dig in.

Well, Bubba has an appointment next Friday for an ultrasound and possible CT scan.  What was supposed to be a simple check-up last night turned into a five hour ordeal that saw us close out the night at the local Veterinary Emergency center.  Both sets of x-rays taken yesterday show shadows in his lungs and the doctors are concerned, especially considering the recent surgery to remove two suspicious lumps near the base of his ear.  Sigh.  Our poor old man.

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