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“That fight scene. There’s no denying when they concentrate on action, they can do a good job and here it was a rambunctious one-on-one with a nice steady camera angle that let the fight breathe on its own, something I have great respect for in the world of cinematography. Two and Ishida are the most capable hand-to-hand fighters on this show and it was only a matter of time when they would clash against each other. Very enjoyable fight to watch and it was given a substantial amount of time to tell.”


“Two and Ryo’s fight was beautifully choreographed and strangely sentimental at the same time; I wish they would fight more often. (You know what I mean.)”


“The next award goes to Best Fight Scene of the Season. I’m not even going to qualify that statement with a “thus far” because the likelihood that any fight scene will top this one is remote. Two and Ryo finally having it out physically and with words was as thrilling as it was necessary. The choreography, power, level changing, shifts in momentum, and editing had my eyes dancing. The emotional weight had me aching.”


One of the most buzzed about scenes from last night’s episode of Dark Matter, “Hot Chocolate”, was that showdown-throwdown between TWO and Ryo Ishida.  An overwhelming response from fandom for this sequence, so I want to take a moment to give a special shout out to actors Melissa O’Neil and Alex Mallari Jr., stunt doubles Anita Nittoly and Allen Keng – and an extra special shout to director John Stead who choreographed and shot the extended battle.  John is terrific at what he does and I trust him completely.  And how much is that?  Well, here’s an excerpt from the script that describes the fight sequence –

“She launches herself at him and they fight. It’s glorious!”

And the rest was up to John.

Further thoughts on last night’s episode, “Hot Chocolate”:

“This for me was perhaps one of the strongest episodes of the season and we can only wait and see what some of the consequences are likely to be.”


“This was a terrific ensemble episode. They all had big parts to play in this episode.”


Get ready, Dark Matter fans, because the next five episodes are going to be STRONG!

“It was just so pleasantly unexpected that Ryo would have such a grand plan to take back the blink drive! And it’s amazing that he would have the time or the wherewithal to persuade Two that he didn’t kill Nyx or that he doesn’t want revenge. Of course, he might be “full of — ship is registering strange power fluctuations” but clearly Two was affected by the confrontation, leaving it up in the air whether the coming conflict will involve Ryo as an adversary or a powerful enemy-of-my-enemy. The mere possibility is exciting!”


“Now, this is the kind of episode I’ve been hoping for this season. I don’t know if it quite counts as a bottle episode, since most of the show tends to take place on the standing Raza sets as it is, but this week we got a great ensemble story that brought together the entire cast and let them kinda wail on each other. Ahhhh … camaraderie.”


“This episode started off looking like it was going to be a weak entry, then quickly evolved into something magnificent and refined. Right down to having one of the last scenes be Five doing The Android’s hair, which was heart-warming callback.”


“So many questions going in and boy did they give us some very unexpected answers.”


And, finally, my weekly post-episode chat with Kelly Townsend at TheTVJunkies

“After we finished Episode 304, Paul [Mullie] said we had to write something in where they have to go to the space station and get the wall replaced. I was like, “ehh, it feels like such a cuddly thing to do,” and he said, “what, is it just gonna stay there?” And that tweaked something in me, so I wanted to find a place later on in the season where they were gonna walk by that wall and comment on it. I told Ian [Brock] to hold onto that wall, and I remember after we shot the episode, Liz [Gregg] in costumes, said “if that’s part of the architecture now, are we ever going to see that again?” Then when she read Episode 308 she was very excited. She came up to me and said, “You did! You were good to your word, we did see him again.””

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Hmmm.  When last we checked in with our intrepid crew, the Android was doing some late night skulking – and lining up headshots – before turning in for a much-needed nap.  What does it all mean?  Is, as some of you have surmised, Sarah behind our Android’s strange actions?  Is it the hand of Ryo Ishida at play?  Or, quite frankly, has our Android had enough of THREE’s no-can-do attitude and decided to act out some dream scenario?

Well, you’ll find out tonight at 9 pm (on Syfy and Space Channel)!  That’s one hour after an all-new episode of Killjoys, and an hour before an all-new episode of Wynonna Earp.  What a time to be alive!

So, yesterday I approved the behind-the-scenes feature for next week’s episode, “Isn’t That A Paradox?”.  This episode is a weird one.  For instance, screenshots from the BTS feature alone should make you some indication…

That’s Melissa O’Neil’s very own Tehya – and upcoming special guest star.  Check out a screen grab from the episode –

Meanwhile, over in San Diego…


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Things are about to get crazy…

Episode 308, “Hot Chocolate”: John Stead (who also doubles as our stunt coordinator) has directed my favorite episodes of the show to date (Episode 10 in which we first introduce Wexler and co., “We Were Family” in which we were introduced to Victor, his fellow androids, and THREE’s long lost “father”).  And he does so again in this outing that sees Ryo Ishida access the ship in surprising fashion.  And he’s brought friends.  It’s the TWO/Ryo Ishida showdown you’ve been waiting for…that took an entire day to shoot!

Episode 309, “Isn’t That A Paradox?”: It’s Back To The Future meets Stranger Things in this crazy time travel tale that sees our crew going undercover as a suburban family in 2017 Fort Falls, Wisconsin.  Directed by Craig David Wallace.

Episode 310, “Built, Not Born”: Directed by Melanie Orr, this one explores TWO and the Android’s surprising backstory.  We learn the Android’s origin – and her name!  Our feeliest episode ever.

Episode 311, “The Dwarf Star Conspiracy”.  Many of the narrative pieces we put in play in previous seasons begin to pay off – like this reveal of exactly what Alexander Rook was up to when he created Rebecca aka Portia aka TWO.  Directed by Steve Dimarco.

Episode 312, “My Final Gift To You”.  Shocking secrets are revealed.  Deception, betrayal, tragedy and a significant death.  Directed by Bruce McDonald.

Episode 313, “Nowhere To Go”: Former enemies become unexpected allied.  Friends become unforeseen enemies.  And a shocking turn changes everything, setting up a fan-tastic new chapter in the Dark Matter saga.  Directed by Ron Murphy.

SpoilerTV’s Aimee Hicks previews this Friday night’s episode: “Hot Chocolate”.

” Things rapidly progress from bad to worse to intense as the early part of the episode unfolds and then the intensity carries throughout.”

One of you asked why I don’t respond to more comments.  First, let me be clear: I read and approve each and every comment.  Unfortunately, the wordpress set up makes responding to individual comments somewhat troublesome and confusing.  If you’d like to ask me a direct question and expect a speedy answer, might I suggest dropping by the Dark Matter subreddit.  Or even the Stargate subreddit which I have also been known to frequent.  Along with: books, science fiction, and pugs.  Alternately, you can find me on twitter which is an easy Q&A forum (but not much else).

But I know many of you are traditionalists who prefer the familiar confines of this blog.  And so, I’m going to open the mailbag in the coming days and field your queries and concerns.  If you have questions, post them in the comments section. I’ll answer them this weekend!

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Some behind the scenes pics of tonight’s episode, “Wish I Could Believe You” (written by Ivon Bartok, directed by Paul Day):

The Mr. Congeniality Award for kindness in the performance of his duties as an officer in the Galactic Authority goes to…

The rare Spaghetti Saturday dinner tray POV shot.

Director Paul Day doing his thing.

The Helm.

Hazmat team on set to deal with our hazardous camera operator, Joe Turner.

Zoie Palmer hits her mark.

Director Paul Day casually blocks the infirmary scene.

A sneak preview of tonight’s episode c/o TVGoodness.com

And what lies ahead for the crew of The Raza as we sail into the back half of season 3?  Well –


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Who wants a sip of Zoie’s coffee?

Torri Higginson cops some Truffault attitude.

Jessica Sipos, the OTHER Raza’s Tash.

 Lisa Amaral Wright shows off her latest creation: “The Helm”.

Roger Cross – master of the weird blade.

A close shave for Elliot.

Director/Stunt Coordinator John Stead shows us how it’s done.

A meeting of minds: Ennis Esmer and Jessica Sipos.

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The Art Department keeping Ash busy.

Lovable Zoie Palmer as our lovable Android.

Okay, let’s review this ridiculous dialogue one more time.

The gang kicking back in the Marauder.

Scene run-thru, Episode 305 “Give It Up, Princess”, with director J.B. Sugar.

Accept no substitute!

Well now, THIS looks familiar.

Today’s blog entry is dedicated to Birthday Gal Melissa O’Neil!

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On SYFY, the Revolution of Leading Ladies Is Already Being Televised – by Alexis Gunderson at Paste Magazine.

” From Wynonna, Waverly and Officer Haught on Wynonna Earp to Dutch, Pawter and Clara on Killjoys to Two, Five, Android, Nyx, Misaki, Sarah and Solara on Dark Matter, Syfy has spent the last several summers demonstrating week after sweltering week that by transforming femininity into narrative power, and then placing that narrative power squarely in the hands of multiple, wildly different leading ladies, a whole metric ton of compelling stories can be told—stories in which boobs (begging zero pardon for this pun, as Wynonna would never forgive me if I did) are just the tips of a complexly feminine iceberg.”

Mishka Thebaud discusses Adrian’s Bright Future with Kelly Townsend of The TVJunkies

” I remember getting the script and thinking, “Is this right? Is this a typo? Why is my name in it so much?” It was obviously a great surprise. I was super excited to do that episode. I mean, I was also nervous, obviously, since it’s a demanding one. I had a lot riding on me, but I’m always up for it and I know I’m capable of it. I knew I was going to bring it, so that was my attitude. I was confident.”

Anthony Lemke talks with Lubie en series – en français!

“Tout le monde dit c’est okay, rien de grave, tu peux aimer un robot. Mon personnage est le reste de l’humanité qui est mal à l’aise à cette idée. C’est ce qui est fun car on nous dit dans nos sociétés d’être compréhensif, ouvert. Tout est okay que ça soit le genre, la race, le sexe. Mais, la vérité ce n’est pas ce que l’on ressent au plus profond de nous et mon personnage représente cette bataille. Et je pense que l’on peut s’identifier parce que c’est la vie.”

Melissa O’Neil and Anthony Lemke talk Episode 306, “One Last Card To Play” on After Dark:

Jodelle Ferland nerding it up!

Here’s a sneak peek at this Friday night’s episode: “Wish I Could Believe You”:

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