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Pictured above: Production Designer Ian Brock – mastermind of the Dark Matter art department and everything from The Raza’s to Hyperion-8 to the Ishida Research Facility…and so much more.  Under Ian’s guidance, our art department has been tearing it up (figuratively speaking) in season 3 and, with so much going on, I thought it would be the perfect time to put EVEN MORE on Ian’s plate by arranging this little blog Q&A.  So, yes, if you have questions for the guy who designed those awesome Raza corridors, EOS-7 airlocks, and Traugott armored assault vehicle (Oh, I get ahead of myself) – post them in the comments section. You have until this Tuesday night!


What’s in the works over at Studio 2?  Looks like the early makings of an alien terrain.


That mag-lev platform is almost there…


When last we saw the Blink Drive, it was being whisked away by Ryo Ishida.


Robotic arm design by 1st Assistant Art Director/Set Designer Karl Crosby.


Episode 303 tone meeting with Director Bruce McDonald and Co-Exeuctive Producer Ivon Bartok.


Meanwhile, on set…


And, while all that was going on, THIS also happened today…


Suji has landed!


Thanks to Ann and Josh for flying her in.  On the Marauder no less!

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We are wrapped(ish!) on Episode 304 and have started production on Episode 301. By the time New Year’s rolls around, we’ll have three episodes in the can(ish!).

Today, we were shooting in the bridge and the infirmary – while prep continued on Episode 302. AND we got a pizza truck!  While I was outside perusing the selections (Buffalo chicken = winner!) Liz from costumes approached me about something that was really bugging her.  Were we ever going to address that thing that happened at the end of Episode 304?  Puleeze!  It’s all part of the masterplan. When I told her about Episode 308, she was positively giddy.

Jozie models some kitchenware.  No.  Really.


Director Bruce McDonald powers up in his office.

img_3842The playback meeting.  Lots of onscreen graphics in this one.  Overriding note: “Let’s take down the purple!”.


Sketch from the costume department.  There’s a new sheriff in town.


Another costume department sketch.  The white glove treatment.


In case you were wondering – this end up!

A HUGE thank you to Drea and everyone who organized my 10th Anniversary gift. I am overwhelmed with gratitude.  It will take me until this weekend to digest. Stay tuned!


Guess who’s flying in tomorrow?

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Day 9 of 91!  Holy crap!  We’re practically 10% done on Dark Matter’s third season.  And I’m not yet 50% done on its scripts.  Help me, Obi-Wan.  You’re my only hope!

When I’m not writing scripts (or eating or sleeping), I’m in prep meetings for Episode 302 with director Bruce Mcdonald et al.


Today, we enjoyed the Stunts & Special Effects/Visual Effects/Art Department trifecta!  Topics of discussion included, but were not limited to: holo-tablets, drones, green power bars, explosions, and tasty tasty candy glass.


Discussing those early sets and location builds.  Looks like we’ll be headed to lovely Kitchener.  Road trip!


The neural link device, last seen in Episode 211.


The Blink Drive and adapter – last seen being whisked away in Episode 213.


Concept art for the mag-lev.  See the real thing in action in Episode 302.


VFX Supervisor Lawren Bancroft-Wilson shows off an early prototype of the holo-tablet.

img_3770Another little something from the art department and their new 3D printer.  Once it’s painted and complete, you won’t even recognize it!  Note Props Master Victor Klein’s futile attempt to duck out of camera range in the BG.

Meanwhile, today, on set…


Hey!  It’s snowing!

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What does an Executive Producer do?  Well, in the case of Jay Firestone, he sells a show, puts together the financing, then helps craft the creative.


Director Ron Murphy getting it done in the infirmary.


Jesse stands in for the upright stand and monitors.


Temperature control in the containment chamber.


Inoculation tool of the future.  Cool salt shaker of the present.


Ishida research station – textures and color.



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Today, we started prep on Episode 302!


Director Bruce McDonald is back in the saddle – flanked by desperadoes Chris Binney and Robbie David.


Production Designer Ian Brock gives us a guided tour of the new sets-in-progress.


Bruce hangs out in the tech room (and possible future cargo hold?).


You shall not pass!!!


Our “heavenly” room is coming along nicely.


VFX Supervisor Lawren Bancroft-Wilson checks out the new digs.


img_3605 img_3607

Good news!  Work is almost complete on the alien toilet!


Matt and Chris make an addition to the Dark Matter Whiky/ey Club.


And my contribution to the lunch room.


Ivon picked me up a container of golden turmeric which he swears by.  He says it goes great with a morning shake.  You know what it doesn’t go great with?  The greek yogurt and granola Akemi made me for snack.


Akemi sent me this photo of the new outfit she bought Bubba.  After seeing it, Ivon threatened to report us.

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Following the season 2 finale that saw the crew of The Raza scattered and presumed dead, Dark Matter’s third season opens a compelling new chapter of the spellbinding series. Joining the cast this season are Ayisha Issa (12 Monkeys) as Solara Shockley, Mishka Thébaud (Bitten) as Adrian Maro and Andrew Moodie (Trust No One) as Teku Feonsei.


Ayisha Issa as Solara Shockley.  Follow her on twitter here


Mishka Thebaud as Adrian Maro.  Follow him on twitter here


Andrew Moodie as Teku Fonsei.  Follow him on twitter here

Today, we were shooting in The Raza training room.  A little bo staff.  A little sword play.  Some weird multi point sunbursty thing…


Yeah, that’s it.


Little somethings meticulously constructed by On Set Key Props Lisa Amaral Wright for…a future episode.


Concept art from the desk Henry Fong.


His work is pretty damn spectacular.

Hey, speaking of spectacular, check out today’s ensemble.

img_3225 img_3239 img_3238 img_3241 img_3251

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Yes!  As many of you pointed out in the comment section, yesterday’s post marked the 10 year anniversary of this blog.  As I wrote on that very first day back on November 21st of 2007:

“Here I sit, watching the battery recharge on my new HD camera (less than an hour to go!), making final preparations for my trip to Hong Kong and Tokyo. For the purposes of keeping a travel diary of sorts – and keeping you all entertained, natch – I’m attempting my second foray into the wonderful world of blogging. Unlike the last blog which focused on the show and its various behind-the-scenes happenings, this one will adopt a more scattershot approach, covering a variety of topics in a half-ass manner, ensuring that anyone checking it out in search of any one thing will come away feeling wholly dissatisfied or, at the very least, somewhat disappointed.”

And I truly feel that, over these 10+ years, I have succeeded in consistently dissatisfying and disappointing.  But I couldn’t have done it without you all.  So – a huge thanks to all of you, my extended blog family.

While yesterday marked a full decade since my very first blog entry, this Thursday is pretty special as well as it marks 10 full years of uninterrupted daily blogging.

Big stunts day today. We spent most of the afternoon shooting the Ash beatdown and kill shot. This morning, meanwhile, marked our first day [the actress who plays] Solara Shockley graced our set.  More on her and our [actor who plays] Adrian Maro tomorrow after the official press release.  THEN, feel free to follow them on twitter!


Michael Reventar as Ash.


Currently on  the triptych in The Raza mess.


Hey, remember this concept drawing?  Well, here’s the almost-finished product minus some lights and finishing details…

img_3134 img_3135 img_3136

Get your questions in for actor Roger Cross!


You have until midnight tonight to post your queries for Canada’s busiest actor!

Today’s ensemble…

img_3092 img_3096 img_3100 img_3102

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