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January 26, 2018: Suji!

Eating apples with her sister, Lulu…

Sitting down is a twelve step process…

Trying to figure out how many cookies she can stuff in her little mouth…

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“Excuse me,”said our waiter in his thick Italian accent.  “May I ask you a question.”

“Sure,”said Anthony.

“You are an actor?”


“You are Boone?!”


“But after three seasons, it is finished already???”

Well, yes.  Long story but, in a nutshell, the decision makers at syfy were never fans of the show.

Still, I never tire of hearing from fans who have discovered the show for the first time.  Syfy may have dismissed us without a second thought, but Dark Matter fandom remains strong.  Thank you!

Today, I had lunch with actor Anthony Lemke who drove all the way into town to sit down with me and discuss the gene manipulation, transhumanism, and perils of future tech over schiacciatas, zabaglione lattes, and a double order of baccala.

Boy, he would be perfect for at least three of the projections I’m currently developing.

Finally, congratulations to Dark Matter’s Lynda McCormack for her Best Achievement in Makeup nomination (Episode 304, “All The Time In The World”) and  VFX Supervisor Lawren Bancroft-Wilson and his team for their Best Visual Effects nomination (Episode 313, “Nowhere To Go”) at this year’s Canadian Screen Awards.    Good luck!

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Oh, it’s Suji!

Sure, she’s thrilled with today’s Saints victory.  But she was equally overjoyed that her new pins have arrived…

Designed by Akemi.  I think they really capture the spirit of our perennially befuddled little demon.

Don’t despair, Lulu!  Your design is in-progress.

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Yep.  One year ago today we took in a special needs senior.  She came with her own wheelchair.  She mostly got around by pulling herself by her front legs, dragging her back legs behind her.  She was quiet, gentle, and kept to herself.

A lot has changed in twelve months…

Suji arrives in Toronto.

Arriving home to meet the rest of the gang.

Building up those leg muscles with hydrotherapy.

Looking cool at her laser therapy session.

Riding around in her chariot.

Working up those hind leg muscles.

She loves her walks so much that, if 10 a.m. rolls around and we haven’t taken her out, she’ll sit at your feet and bark until you put her tiny socks and booties on.


Surprisingly, she seems to enjoy the cold weather and loves snow.  While Lulu needs to be forced to go out, Suji needs to be forced to come back in.


Her wardrobe is more expansive than Akemi’s.



She’s settled in quite nicely.

Thanks to the Pacific Pug Rescue for sending her our way!

Follow Suji on instagram: @newoldpugsuji

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Quick, get in!  Next stop = Slumber Land!

Hey, if you’re thinking of making our dogs new outfits, Akemi offers up the following doggy measurements.  I think she does a fairly good job of capturing Suji’s trademark wide-eyed wonder, and Lulu’s general furtiveness.

Who feels like kaka for dinner?  Pardon me?  Happened across this sign for a new Japanese restaurant a little while ago.  Debatable name aside, not sure how a restaurant that has yet to open can claim to be the “No. 1 rated all-you-can-eat sushi in Toronto”.  Who voted?  Time-traveling nigiri-enthusiasts from the future?

I’m sure we can all agree that, next to politics and religion, there is no subject more controversial than marzipan.  Its mere mention will incite a tirade so impassioned from my former writing partner you’d think almond paste had somehow played a role in the tragic passing of a loved one.  I, on the other hand, love the stuff, so you can imagine my delight the other day when I happened upon a Danish Pastry House pop-up and discovered the above pictured delicacy – some unpronounceable North Germanic confection comprised of marzipan, chocolate, sliced almonds, and assorted umlauts.  Delicious!

Happy Thanksgiving to our American friends.  May you be as generous as the Mark Sanchez-led Jets offense, and as thankful as the New England Patriots defense five years ago today.

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Lulu (10), and Suji (12) may be old timers, but what they lack in mobility they more than make up for in spirit and appetite.

This week, we dropped them of with our new dogsitter, Cynthia, for the day.  Step #1 complete.  In a couple of weeks, Step #2 will see us drop them off for an overnight stay.  If all goes well, we move on to Step #3: Akemi and I go to New York for a couple of days.  And, if that goes swimmingly, it’s Japan in January for Le Salon de Chocolat!

The new guests = Lulu and Suji.

Lulu discovers a comfy bed.

Suji, as usual, squeezes in.

And ends up squeezing Lulu out – also, as usual.

In preparation for the wintry months ahead, Akemi and I have borrowed a red wagon from our friend Gosia who used to use it wheel around her adorable pug Lucy.  We tested it by taking them out for a ride a couple of days ago and the dogs loved it!

And awaaaaaay we go! (Photos courtesy of our friend Nicole).

Alright, I’m off to give them a bath.  Wish me luck!

P.S. The latest from Suji’s instagram (click here).  11,700+ followers and counting!

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October 28,, 2017: Our little celebrity!

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