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“I want a dragon.”

Akemi last night after watching Game of Thrones.

A sneak peek at this Friday’s episode of Dark Matter, “The Dwarf Star Conspiracy”:

And here’s a video of Lulu and Suji enjoying some ice cream:


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July 24, 2017: Honestly?!

I just…can’t.


Enjoy some adorable dog photos…


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Suji, our twelve year old special needs senior pug, is inching towards 10k followers on instagram .  Her surprising popularity is a testament to both the little lady herself AND my girlfriend Akemi who is constantly posing and photographing her anywhere and everywhere in search of the just the perfect pic.  Like –

And –

And –

But the truth is there are unsung heroes who work behind the scenes of these photo shoots, sacrificing time and comfort to help secure that one-of-a-kind picture. Not to make this all about me, but I’m referring to me.  I’m usually the guy walking her toward camera or in the background trying to get Suji’s attention so she can face the proper direction or footing the bill for those cappuccinos so she can wear the lid like a hat.

Or locking my elbows so that I can holding her straight up in the air for thirty seconds at a time as the sun beats down on my face…

Awww.  What a great picture of Suji in the garden.

Perfectly edited to crop out visual distractions.

Can we just take a moment here?  FYI, that grimace is a response to a combination of weary shoulders and burning retinas.

And to top it all off her, contract includes a clause that requires her to be hand-fed at all meals!  Just like Anthony Lemke!!!

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Suji has really settled into the Vancouver groove, making a daily habit of exploring the backyard, staking out her favorite dog beds, and being generally cantankerous around any visitors to her new home.  If you ever met her, she’d either ignore you or direct a incessant barrage of barks your way.  Like most celebrities, she’s a lot different in person – not quite the sweetheart you see on screen.  But adorable nevertheless.

The bitter taste of Woodstock’s insolence!

Lulu on the other hand, may look like a little terror, but is the sweetest, gentlest dog you could ever hope to meet.

As happy as she was to pack up her gear and relocate back to the west coast, she is clearly a Toronto gal at heart – partly for its dog parks, partly for the greater likelihood that people will stop and pay attention to her on its downtown streets, and partly because she’s been hanging around with Ivon Bartok too long.

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May the 4th be with you!

Hey!  Guess what video has over 17,000 views on instagram?  THIS one –

Yes.  That’s Suji eating apple slices.

We have GOT to make her a series regular on Dark Matter.

Okay, in addition to all my reading, I’m finally going to catch up on some television as well.  On deck: Westworld, Preacher, and Fargo season 2.  I’m also going to check out Riverdale which sounds delightfully weird.  Between these shows and the new Twin Peaks, I think I’m good until 2018.

Today, the random Dark Matter season 3 sneak peek screen capture generator selects…

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Our girl turned 12 today (even though she looks 20!).

Her other life.  This was the pic on the Pacific Pug Rescue adoption page.

We quickly discovered she was a little girl with a big personality.

Yo, Four-Eyes!

Handle with care!

On the bridge of The Raza, taking her to FTL.

Running The Raza corridors.

Next week on a new season of The Bachelorette…

We can do it!

French bulldog undercover.

She and Bubba were like an old married couple.  Pictured above, holding hands.

Working on her tan with Lulu.


Toting her snack-packed backpack.

Oh my!


Looking gangsta!

In her jammy-jams.

Here’s to another 12!

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“Is that Suji?”asked the woman in the bicycle helmet.

“Why yes,”I said.  “It is!”

We’d spent the better part of the beautiful afternoon in High Park, walking the dogs along the water, taking in the sights and the cantankerous swans, and were on our way back to the car.  Lulu and Suji were tuckered out, so I had the task of pushing them – and their stroller – up the winding incline toward the lot.  We’d just reached the nice little bench area at the top of the hill when we encountered the lovely cyclist couple.

“They’re exhausted,”I explained.  And then, by way of an explanation: “They’re old.”  Ironically, they looked quite comfortable in the stroller while I was the one fighting for breath.

They’d recognized Suji from a recent pug meet-up.  Initially, I’d assumed/hoped they’d recognized her from instagram where her NewOldPugSuji account has, in a mere three months, has more than doubled by follower count.  She’s on track to break 5k by mid-month.  At this rate, I’d be foolish NOT to stunt cast in season 4.

When I retire in about seven years from now, I’m going to just live off Suji’s various endorsements and public appearances.

But today, a lot of this:

Hey, this takes me back.  Actors Peter Kelamis, Patrick Gilmore, and Jennifer Spence behind-the-scenes on Stargate: Universe

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