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The highlights from #DarkGate Round 2, another Dark Matter/Stargate-related Q&A.

On the mysterious Cyrus King…

What of Solara Shockley?

What episode idea did Episode 309, “Isn’t That A Paradox?” replace?

As for what else we had in store for ONE/Derrick Moss…

On Ryo, Misaki, and Teku…


And how would FOUR have adjusted to life as a returning crew member?

On The Mikkei Combine’s role in the alien invasion storyline…

What were the plans for Lt. Anders?

What about Dr. Shaw?

And Wexler?

What else did we have planned for SIX?

We would have even explored an increasingly complex Alt. Portia…

And, finally, what of Alexander Rook?

Thanks for everyone who took part.  Let’s try to do another one in the New Year!

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As I mentioned yesterday, I’ll be hitting twitter tomorrow for a second round fan Q&A.  If you have any Dark Matter and/or Stargate-related questions, feel free to post them.  Don’t forget to include the #DarkGate hashtag so I can find you and keep track.

So, when is this happening?  Well, @TeamRazaEurope was kind enough to assemble the following graphic:

Brush up on the #DarkGate Round 1 revelations here:


“People who put their hands in their pockets are liars.”

Akemi’s Science Fact(?) of the Day

You can all breathe a sigh of relief.  My Snow Monkeys are well on their way to securing a win in the first round of fantasy football league play.  It looked iffy early on but thanks to big-time performances from Todd Gurley, DeAndre Hopkins, and Davante Adams, we’re looking ahead to a semi-final match-up against The Goats (who we beat by 35 points back in week 12).

Alright!  Cream soda and Chicago Mix for everybody!!!

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Monday, December 11th at 21:30 Greenwich time (That’s 4:30 p.m. EST/1:30 p.m PST for those of you on this side of the pond) I’ll be hitting twitter for #DarkGate, round 2.  Over the course of the hour, I’ll be hitting twitter to field Dark Matter and Stargate-related questions from international fans.  Circle the date!

Here’s what we covered in the first round Q&A.

“Wearing black underwear makes  you old.”

Akemi’s Science Fact(?) of the day.

Every so often, Akemi will impart a nugget of wisdom gleamed from the internet or a Japanese variety show.  She’s rarely able to  supply actual links to the studies, but corroborating evidence is beside the point.  I mean, who has time to read research-based abstracts while the article clothing you are wearing could actually be adding years to your life?  According to Akemi (who heard it discussed on Honmadekka TV), your skin cells are affected by the color of your underwear and, apparently, black is a terrible, terrible influence.  Whether these effects extend to the whole body or are simply limited to the, uh, below the belt region, Akemi couldn’t say.  But in the interest of keeping you all abreast of the very latest in alt. science facts, I thought it best to relay the aforementioned.  Do with the information what you will.  I, for one, am going underwear shopping tomorrow.

One of the first sights that greeted me as I entered Hall D at the Toronto Fan Days Con was this fellow doing an amazing cosplay of Paul Sun-Hyung Lee’s Kim’s Convenience character as ghostbuster.  But then, when he took a second from chatting with some con attendees to glance over at me and smile, “Hey, Joe!”, I realized it WAS Paul Sun-Hyung Lee cosplaying his Kim’s Convenience character as ghostbuster.  Love this guy.  A great actor and an utter delight to work with. Also, an incredibly accessible, down to earth fellow as evidenced by his interactions with the various fans.  He signed programmed, posed for photos, and happily chatted away.  Class act.

Akemi and I worked the room and, while we encountered a few Dark Matter fans, we were unsuccessful in tracking down any super villain t-shirts.  Looks like I’ll have to wait until Toronto Comic Con in March.

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Here are the highlights from last night’s Dark Matter/Stargate (#DarkGate) Q&A!  Thanks to Tom Gardiner for the banner!

On my plans for ONE/Derrick Moss…

On my plans to bring some more Stargate alums in as guest stars:

On my big arc plan for Dark Matter season 4:

My plans for exploring the THREE/Android dynamic:

On the mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of Derrick Moss’s wife:

On that dark timeline glimpsed at the end of “All the Time in the World”:

On my plans for FIVE’s sister:

On the mysterious Kryden:

On my plans for SIX:

On my plans for Sarah:

On my immediate plans for an alien-possessed TWO:

More answers to come in next week’s #DarkGate Q&A for international fans (to be announced)!

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Dark Matter’s Vanessa Piazza

Over the course of my three years show running Dark Matter, I’ve given shout-outs to the various individuals whose talent and commitment to their craft made it all possible.  I’ve referenced the cast, the crew, and the post-production personnel who made coming to work every day such a delight.  Chiefest among them was Vanessa Piazza – Executive Producer and all-around troubleshooter – who not only helped set up the series (I honestly don’t think we could have gotten that green light without her), but was an active force throughout the long, often challenging, ultimately rewarding process.

Vanessa on set with fellow producer Ivon Bartok.   

She was by my side throughout early prep (construction of our standing sets, costumes, props, casting), production (in all of the prep meetings for each episode, spearheading negotiations, supervising the on set action), and post-production (weighing in on music, visual effects), identifying and addressing the merest flicker of issues before they could become fires in need of putting out.  It would be a disservice to refer to her as my lieutenant.  She was my partner and I will be forever in awe of her skills as a producer and her business savvy, and forever grateful for everything she did for me, and for Dark Matter.  I honestly don’t think I could have done without her.

Vanessa and former Lost Girl Showrunner, the amazing Emily Andras.

As you can probably tell, I’m a big fan – so when the opportunity to partner with her presented itself again, I jumped at the chance.  As of today, we’re collaborating on multiple projects (one already announced, the others to come) and I’m looking forward to our next show(s) together.  And who knows?  Maybe we’ll find a way to reunite with many of the other great people we worked with in our Dark Matter days.

Vanessa and former Lost Girl showrunner – the magnificent Michael Grassi.

I have a veerrrrry good feeling about this…

Introducing Vanessa Piazza

Women Behind Canadian TV: Vanessa Piazza

Women Behind the Scenes Spotlight: Vanessa Piazza

The Hottest Canadian Film and TV Talent You’ve Never Heard of – But Will

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Apparently, it’s Dark Matter Family Day on twitter, so I’d like to take this opportunity to say hello and thanks to our extended Dark Matter family – cast, crew, production personnel, and fans.  While others may conspire to keep us apart, it’s nice to see the familiar spirit that was the heart of the show still alive and well in all of you.

To those of you wondering, the production has read all your letters (in the end, upwards of 1000) and is in the process of sending out goodies to some lucky fans. Alas, I have no idea who they’ve chosen, so if you do receive something in the mail, let us know.  Would love to know who got what!

It’s been a while since our last tweetstorm and I’ve been thinking it would be nice to have a little get-together before the holidays.  I’m going to select a night the week of December 4th for a 1-2 hour Dark Matter (heck, maybe even Stargate)-themed Q&A on twitter.   Over the course of those two hours, I’ll field all of your questions, offer up some behind the scenes pics and videos, and even offer up some never-revealed insights into the show’s creation, production, and what I had planned for the future.  Did SIX really give up his life at the end of the third season finale?  Given everything he did, how could the seemingly irredeemable Ryo Ishida possibly reintegrate into the crew?  Who the heck were Kryden and Carina?

This event will be for our North American fans (and, of course, any other fans world-wide who are willing to stay up), but I’ll follow up with a similar event for our International fans so they don’t feel left out.  So, if you’ve got some burning Dark Matter (and perhaps Stargate)-related questions, file them away.   And stay tuned for more details on date and time!

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Some behind the scenes photos from the set of Dark Matter‘s third season, compliments of Mean Jean Brophey:

Jean and Anthony from the pilot episode for their buddy cop show.

Downtown at the Ishida Palace.

Our kooky emperor.

Mmmmm.  What’s cooking?

Director J.B. Sugar’s red carpet walk.

Grant Boyle in the infirmary for his annual check-up.

Second team: Alyssa Pawlak and Matt Purdy.

First team: Melissa O’Neil and Anthony Lemke.

Jesse Partin grabs some shut-eye between set-ups.

Assassin down in the palace.

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