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Some behind the scenes photos from the set of Dark Matter‘s third season, compliments of Mean Jean Brophey:

Jean and Anthony from the pilot episode for their buddy cop show.

Downtown at the Ishida Palace.

Our kooky emperor.

Mmmmm.  What’s cooking?

Director J.B. Sugar’s red carpet walk.

Grant Boyle in the infirmary for his annual check-up.

Second team: Alyssa Pawlak and Matt Purdy.

First team: Melissa O’Neil and Anthony Lemke.

Jesse Partin grabs some shut-eye between set-ups.

Assassin down in the palace.

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Well, this is a lovely article that speaks to what many fans loved about Dark Matter: the characters at the heart of the show…

A Love Letter to the Women of Dark Matter by Paste Magazine’s Frannie Jackson.

“But beyond the Faster Than Light travel and the insane corporate politics, one of the show’s most fascinating elements is that three of its leads are compelling female characters.

And yet Syfy canceled the show this fall, leaving a void in their programming.”

A void most recently filled by Jeepers Creepers 3.

The latest industry buzzword is “loud”.  They want shows that “make noise”.  So I see their reasoning…I suppose.

Still, I’ll always appreciate how loud and noisy Dark Matter fandom was during our final campaign.  Not just on twitter, but everywhere.  I’m still amazed that the article that broke news of the cancellation on deadline.com garnered 164 comments, far and away above the average.

And then, there were all these:

Seemed pretty LOUD and NOISY to me, but what do I know.  I just create, pitch, develop, plot, script, prep, cast, produce, and edit television.   I don’t decide what gets ON television.

Hey, we’re getting down to the wire.  November 15th is the deadline to get your letters in for a chance to receive some Dark Matter swag.


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In the three years I worked on Dark Matter, I made some wonderful friends and accomplished many great things, but one of my biggest take-aways from my time on the show was the impressive amount of knowledge and experience I garnered in the world of whiskies.  It started back in season 1 after Blindspot Executive Producer Martin Gero gifted Paul and I two bottles of 18 year old Bunnahabhain.  Paul, of course, took his bottle back to his hotel room and finished it, solitary style, over the course of a week.  I, instead, elected to share my bottle with a few friends – Line Producer Norman Denver, Production Manager Robbie David, Assistant Director Brandon Tataryn, Script Coordinator Alison Hepburn, EP Assistant Elliot Sokolsky, and several others, forming what would become the Dark Matter Whisky Club.

Norman followed up by bringing in a bottle of his favorite 16 year old Lagavulin and, soon, others followed suit.  Over the course of those three seasons, we sampled a variety of whiskies, from the simply superb to the truly terrible, averaging about 17 bottles a season.  Whenever Norman sounded the wolf call, we all knew it was time and we gathered for our daily libation.

The Dark Matter Whisky Club – A Short Visual History (2014-2017:

A little something from Golden Boy Martin Gero to commemorate our first day of principal photography.

Archival photo of one of the very first meetings of the Dark Matter Whisky Club.

Director Amanda Tapping joins the club – Episode 104.

Director Ron Murphy joins our ranks – Episode 106.

Welcoming Director Bruce McDonald into the fold – Episode 109.

2nd A.D. Grant Boyle with his contribution – a little taste of home.

Actor Anthony Lemke becomes a member – Episode 109.

He later returns with his own contribution – a bottle of Prince Edward County’s finest.

While main unit is on the road, Whisky unit stays true – Elliot, Matti, Trevor, and Alison.

Director Ron Murphy returns for more whisky – and, oh yeah, to shoot another episode (109).

You can tell the club was in its infancy by how few empty bottles adorned the top of that shelving unit.

Executive Producer Paul Mullie comes for a visit, and a drink.

A youthful Brandon Tataryn comes bearing gifts.

And another little something from Mr. Boyle.

Director and Stunt Coordinator John Stead graces us with his presence – and a bottle of 17 year old Craigellachie.

Elliot unconvinced by The Glenrothes.

Trevor Finn presents: Basil Hayden’s and Old Rip Van Winkle.

Co-Executive Producer Ivon Bartok vs. Jura Superstition: Round 1.

Director Andy Mikita knows the drill.

Motoring through the season – and making progress on the whisky front.

The ranks continue to swell.

Visual Effect Supervisor Lawren Bancroft-Wilson with the assist from Dalwhinnie.

Celebrating the season 1 finale – and a season’s worth of whisky.

And that’s a wrap on season 1.

The after-party.

Season 2 resumes in force!

Pick your poison, and glassware.

Key Hair Renee Chan – Balvenie.

1st A.d. Chris Binney – Balvenie.

Director Amanda Tapping – Hibiki Harmony.

Script Coordinator Alison Hepburn – Angel’s Envy.

Key Grip Chris Toudy – Aultmore.


I am immortalized.


Director Jason Priestley in the mix – Episode 207.

He came prepared.

Director Andy Mikita’s two-handed return – Episode 208.

The ever dainty – Director Peter Deluise, Episode 209.

Not to be outdone.

Director Will Waring – pineapples and Dalwhinnie, Episode 212.

And that’s a wrap on season 2!

A toast to season 3!

Director Ron Murphy sets the tone.

And Robbie David follows up.

Actor Roger Cross with the Yamasaki.

John Stead sports a new look – and delivers a new bottle.

Season 3 nears and end.

Kicking back with the After Dark gang.

Saying goodbye to the production offices was hard, but bidding farewell to that veritable army of fallen soldiers was downright heartbreaking…


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“Your writing partner likes to tweet.”

– Pointed observance made by an executive to my long-time writing/producing partner on his recent trip to L.A.

Well, yes and no.  No insofar as I hate the 140 character limit and don’t really find twitter a suitable medium for relaying opinions and in-depth information outside of links.  But yes in that it’s a terrific way to get the simple facts out like: “Dark Matter was one of Syfy’s most-watched scripted shows of 2017!”.

Still, very sweet of him to notice.

Which reminds me.  Amidst all the thank you’s to cast and crew and fans, I neglected my extra special shout-out to the members of the Dark Council, the DM fans behind those Dark Matter FTL Drives that saw our little show trending weeks and days on end.

And so, thank you to…

Hilda Clark Bowen who put in many tireless hours amid the innumerable things she had to juggle in her own life.

Tom Gardiner who fought the good fight and, “coincidentally” had his syfy screener privileges revoked soon after writing an article critical of the show’s cancellation.

Kelli and Lance Zielinski, the dynamic duo and techy twosome who helped lay the groundwork for all those FTL Drives.

Syrine Epiome representing the overseas contingent with a wealth of ideas and some mighty marvelous artwork.

Lo Ren who helped keep the dream alive with some amazing graphics to drive the campaign.

Elise Cochrane, another member of Team Europe, who went above and beyond the call to help spread the word.

Thank you all.

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This upcoming season of Blindspot is going global – and Dark Matter’s Anthony Lemke is joining the trek.  Check out the BTS video for a sneak peek at international destinations, Blindspot creator and showrunner (and former Stargate Executive Producer and Dark Matter Consulting Producer) Martin Gero give us the rundown on season 3, and a brief glimpse of The Raza’s lovable rogue –

So THAT’S what he was doing in Marrakesh!

What kind of character will he play?  Good guy?  Bad Guy?  Will he have any scenes with Dark Matter’s other resident bad boy and Blindspot recurring player Ennis Esmer (aka Rich Dotcom)?

It’s a multiple episode appearance for Anthony kicking off with episode 9, but you’re going to watch from the beginning!

Blindspot’s season 3 premieres tomorrow night at 8/7 C on NBC.

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I’ve been amazed by the obvious love Dark Matter fandom has demonstrated for the show, through the time and effort everyone spent online – tweeting, rallying, generating artwork that has positively wowed everyone from cast members to crew.  I’ve featured a lot of that artwork here on the blog over these past few weeks.  Today, I’d like to do so once again, this time featuring the complete Dark Matter collection created by artist @bannister01.  I absolutely love his work…

Insanely talented.  The individual character designs are beautiful and should be part of the official Dark Matter merchandise line (if such a thing existed).

You can follow Bannister on twitter.

Check out his Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/Exodus-BD-511396228898246/

The animated series he and his wife are working on: http://www.glenatbd.com/bd/tib-tatoum-tome-2-9782723494915.htm

And some of his other work here: http://banncars.tumblr.com

And, of course, a link to his Dark Matter fan art: https://bannraza.tumblr.com

Nicolas, merci mon ami!

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One of my favorite episodes of Dark Matter’s first season was Episode 110.  Written by my longtime producing partner, Paul Mullie, it saw the introduction of a team even more mercenary and ruthless than our lovable anti-villains.  In Episode 111, a fan favorite, TWO takes back the ship (with a little help from FIVE) and Wexler and Tash are dispatched along with their allies.  But, of course, sci-fi allows for all sorts of crazy and wonderful developments and, the following season, Wexler and Tash returned (technically, alternate versions of themselves) hale and hearty and very much alive.  Then, in season 3, they showed up in our proper universe after hitching a ride on the AU-skipping Raza.  Hell, by season’s end, Wexler was actually on board, helping the crew, bearing witness to an alien invasion alongside FIVE and Ryo Ishida.  And, had we done a fourth season, there were plans to have Wexler stick around for a while.

Anyway, in my ongoing effort to make Dark Matter fandom the most informed fandom in existence, I’m gifting you not one but two scripts today…



If you’re collecting and counting, I believe that’s 6 down, 33 to go!

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