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What has come before:  Link to Episode 4.01

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First off, in the event you missed it and are dying to know how Dark Matter‘s fourth season premiere would have played out, here are the links to a breakdown of Episode 4.01:

Act 1

Act 2

Act 3

Act 4

Act 5

And raiding the archives for these pre-production BTS pics:

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A well-earned congratulations to the cast, crew and fandom of The Expanse.  Your pluck and perseverance paid off in the form of a fourth season pick-up courtesy of sci-fi fan Jeff Bezos at Amazon.  Enjoy the ride!

On the heels of the announcement, many Dark Matter fans are wondering why Amazon doesn’t pick up a fourth season of their favorite show too.  Well, while it’s technically possible, the odds are stacked against us for the following reasons…

1 – Unlike The Expanse, Dark Matter was never considered a marquee show and, as such, never received the warm critical reception or celebrity endorsements that really bring attention to a show…and any post-cancellation campaign.  We were, admittedly, a budget-challenged production (delivering at roughly less than one-third the production budget of Syfy’s big sci-fi originals), but made up for it in heart and humor.  It’s one of the big reasons why, while our fans loved us, we remained off the mainstream radar.

2 – From what I understand, Amazon had the second window streaming rights to The Expanse.  By green lighting a fourth season, they will essentially be expanding their existing library.  In the case of Dark Matter, however, the scenario was slightly more complicated as it was Netflix that owned those second window streaming rights worldwide.  In a best case scenario, they would have picked us up.  When they didn’t, we faced an uphill challenge attempting to sell the show to another streaming platform (ie. Amazon) given that they would be picking up a fourth season without the streaming rights to the first three.

3 – Timing is everything, especially when it comes to standing sets.  Unlike The Expanse, Dark Matter’s sets were struck months ago.  A green light would require us to rebuild.  Not impossible given the fact we have all of the plans filed away, but extra costs would be incurred.

4 – Finally, there’s the issue of cast availability.  Since the cancellation, the former cast members have been very busy and, even in the miraculous event we were to get a fourth season pick-up, there’s no guarantee we could get everyone back – and I couldn’t imagine continuing the adventure without the whole family onboard.

Having said all that, I’m not quite ready to throw in the towel just yet.  I firmly believe that so long as the fanbase is out there clamoring for more, there will always be hope.  In my mind, the best case scenario would be a page out of the Farscape playbook.  That show’s trajectory was very similar to Dark Matter‘s – cancelled by Syfy on a cliffhanger at the top of its game – yet its fandom never gave up.  Farscape fans hung in there, remained loyal and loud, and they were eventually rewarded with a mini-series, Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars.

The odds are admittedly stacked against us, but we’ve faced even longer and won. Like that time we first faced off against Ferrous Corp on that mining planet.  Or that time Wendy the robot tried to fly us into a sun?  Or that time we were captured by the Galactic Authority and locked up in the Hyperion-8 Maximum Security Galactic Detention Facility?  Or that time we were caught in the destruction of EOS-7?  Or that time TWO was infected by an alien, THREE was whisked away by Alt. Portia, the Android was taken off-line, SIX seemingly sacrificed himself, and FIVE was left in command of The Raza in the company of two unlikely allies: Ryo Ishida and Wexler?

All we need is faith, focus, determination…and an online campaign dedicated to targeting Jeff Bezos and Amazon.

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First off, thanks to all those who weighed in with the kind words regarding our virtual Dark Matter season 4 premiere episode.  As I said, more than anything it was, for me, an exercise that allowed me to put the story (a story I’ve been sitting on for longer than you can probably imagine) out there.  Time and interest permitting, I’ll get around to Episode 4.02 in the not-too-distant future, a heist episode that reveals, among other things: an unlikely alliance, the fate of SIX and Tash, and the future of both Wexler and Ryo Ishida moving forward.

A great day today, highlighted by what was probably one of my best pitch meetings ever.  Of course, only time will tell if one of my ideas gets the nod (I’m holding out hope for either the sci-fi pitch, the other sci-fi pitch, the other sci-fi pitch, the other sci-fi pitch, or the horror pitch), but I’m feeling good about the chances and look forward to the possibility of collaborating with some terrific heavy-hitters.

A question from the comments section –

Liam asks: “Quick question on something unrelated.  I’ve recently discovered that there is a stargate universe comic, called “back to destiny”, which continues the SGU story after the end of season 2. Did you have any input in this at all? Is it what you would have done in season 3, had it been picked up?”

Answer: I had absolutely no input into the comic book and haven’t a clue what direction they took the story.  If you’re curious, here are a couple of ways we could have gone given the chance –

Stargate: Universe Beyond Season 2 – What Might Have Been

At one point, Paul and I were in talks to adapt the Stargate: Extinction script to the comic book format (the feature that would have seen Atlantis make its return to Pegasus), but we never got the chance to tell that particular tale.

FirstName writes: “For the future story, maybe consider a novel (not graphic novel). I would buy that for the greater depth it would provide. Is that a possibility?”

Answer: Sadly, not possible.  The time and effort required of me to write novels covering the show’s final two seasons ensure this’ll never happen.

David Walters writes: “Now after Dark Matter and The Expanse, maybe people will finally realize we need a Sci-Fi channel, not the SYFY channel?”

Answer: The Top 10 Sci-Fi Broadcast/Streaming Homes

Meanwhile – Oh, hey, a buddy of mine just got his top secret show picked up!  Congrats, my friend!  Shhhhhhhhh.

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Our virtual season premiere concludes…

And there you have it.  Everything I had planned for Dark Matter’s fourth season premiere.  It would have been a blast.

Well, I feel much better having gotten that off my chest.  Of course, it’s just 1 of the 26 episodes I had burning a hole in the back of my mind since the show’s cancellation.  Still, it was a most satisfying exercise and, who knows, should I ever again have the urge, the motivation, and the fan support, I may well offer up a second installment of Dark Matter’s Virtual Season 4 – Episode 4.02 – somewhere down the line.


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Our story continues!

Tomorrow = the conclusion to our Virtual Season 4 Premiere!

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Our story continues…

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