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Alas, those seemingly inaccessible hard drives, once accessible, were a bust. Mostly whale footage and videos of Special Features Producer Ivon Bartok’s trip to Dominica.  On the bright side, I was reminded that there are a couple of other more promising hard drives in my storage locker.  Now it’s just a matter of finding them.  In the meantime, enjoy more Stargate BTS goodies.  Concept art by James Robbins.



Trimordian boar.

“Paradise Lost”

The puddle jumper bay reveal animatic

James Bamford and co. ready for action

Hey, you know what I think we could all  use?  An all-new fourth Stargate series that pays tribute to the existing television franchise while setting out in a bold new direction, created by Brad Wright and Robert Cooper.  What do you think?

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Kicking off today’s blog entry with a link to a terrific article that appeared on Gateworld.net yesterday:

“How would you feel if a theater ushered you out of your seat with 30 minutes of the movie still left? Would you come back?”

Syfy Owes Fans A Bigger Commitment

“If a serialized show is on the bubble, give it one final (perhaps partial) season to finish the overarching story. If not, give it a three- to six-hour mini-series. And if you still can’t swing that, order a two-hour TV movie. Don’t wait until you reach the point of no return, when the plug is yanked out with no ceremony.”

Give it a read!

More Stargate concept art by James Robbins:


Tagrean dirigible.

Tagrean fighter.

Anubis mothership.

The Eye of Ra.

Alien diary (“Paradise Lost”).

But wait!  There’s more…

Eventually.  Just need to pick up a cable for this somewhat antiquated baby…

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Last year, following news of Dark Matter’s cancellation, we thought it would be nice to do something for all the fans that help make DM one of Syfy’s most-watched shows!  The original plan was to give you all a satisfying ending but, alas, Syfy never bothered getting back to us regarding our humble request for a movie so, interpreting that as a no, we struck the sets but set aside some of the costumes, props, and assorted other goodies.  Then, we asked you all to send in your letters telling us what the show meant to you.  Over the past couple of months, the gang in the production offices have been reading all the letters, selecting some of the memorable missives, and rewarding fans with mementos from Dark Matter’s short-lived three year run.

Last week, fans worldwide started receiving Dark Matter swag…

Truly, we have the best fans.

Continue to keep us posted, please!

Well, yesterday I delivered a first draft of that sci-fi pilot script I’ve been working on.  I expect I’ll receive notes sometime next week, turn a second draft around for the week following, then deliver to the network and, after that, it’ll be smoooooooth sailing.

Also next week, I have a sit-down with an executive presently entertaining two of my pitches – one a military SF series, the other an SF series in the vein of Dark Matter.  Hoping to get the band back together!

Speaking of which, today I had lunch with former Dark Matter Playback Operator Greg Whiteside.  Over the course of a burger, a meatball focaccia sandwich, some burrata, roasted hen of the woods mushrooms, and some baccala fritti, we discussed old times, petty politics, Panama, real estate ventures, and the importance of playback as a storytelling tool in science fiction.

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Well, isn’t this nice?  The Dark Matter swag deliveries continue…



Varied treasures!

The latter assortment found its way to Tom Gardiner who tirelessly covers genre film & television for SciFiSingularity and ThreeIfBySpace, but is particularly noted for having been blacklisted by Syfy shortly after he had the audacity to criticize their cancellation of Dark Matter.

Hey, if you want a screener of Jeepers Creepers 3, you’re gonna have to play ball, baby!

Whoa!  Hang on!  Sorry.  I just received this official letter from the Galactic Authority.  If you’ve received any Raza-related merchandise, please redirect to the above address.  I thank you for your understanding.

Congratulations to Rebekah!  You’re the winner of the one-of-a-kind (for now) Suji t-shirt.  Please be sure to wear it to all special events, public ceremonies, and court appearances to help spread the word about the difficulties of bathing senior pugs.

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Reports have begun to filter in of Dark Matter fans finally receiving surprises in the mail c/o Prodigy Pictures!

This was the request that went out last fall…

And, after sorting through well over 1 000 letters, the production office commenced deliveries.

So, what’d we get?

Cast-signed Blu-rays.

Signed Dark Matter crew sweatshirts.

Dark Matter props!

Dark Matter set dec!  In this case, one of the contraptions featured in Baines’ Workshop (Episode 302, “It Doesn’t Have To Be Like This”).

And there’s certainly more on the way so, if and when you receive something, post it!

Well, as expected, I have a first draft of that pilot script from the new SF series I’ve been developing.  And, yep, as expected, it clocks in at a robust 63 full pages.  And that just won’t do.  Tonight, I take a break.  Then, tomorrow, the revising begins!

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“Excuse me,”said our waiter in his thick Italian accent.  “May I ask you a question.”

“Sure,”said Anthony.

“You are an actor?”


“You are Boone?!”


“But after three seasons, it is finished already???”

Well, yes.  Long story but, in a nutshell, the decision makers at syfy were never fans of the show.

Still, I never tire of hearing from fans who have discovered the show for the first time.  Syfy may have dismissed us without a second thought, but Dark Matter fandom remains strong.  Thank you!

Today, I had lunch with actor Anthony Lemke who drove all the way into town to sit down with me and discuss the gene manipulation, transhumanism, and perils of future tech over schiacciatas, zabaglione lattes, and a double order of baccala.

Boy, he would be perfect for at least three of the projections I’m currently developing.

Finally, congratulations to Dark Matter’s Lynda McCormack for her Best Achievement in Makeup nomination (Episode 304, “All The Time In The World”) and  VFX Supervisor Lawren Bancroft-Wilson and his team for their Best Visual Effects nomination (Episode 313, “Nowhere To Go”) at this year’s Canadian Screen Awards.    Good luck!

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The first rule of Dark Matter Fight Club is Post About Dark Matter Fight Club! Pictured above: Director Bruce McDonald and Co-Executive Producer Robbie David at the official weigh-in for their big match.

While we’re on the subject, Dark Matter’s Solara Shockley (and Brazilian Top Team Purple Belt and 2 time IBJJF World Champion Ayisha Issa) and her partner’s gym is offering a stunt workshop, “Fighting For Film & TV”.  If you’re interested, check it out here:


In case you missed it, this was a nice little article by SciFiMoviePage’s Chris Suide that does a nice job of summing up the feelings of many Dark Matter fans (though I don’t agree with the take on Killjoys.  Nothing but love and respect for Michelle Lovretta and her crew.)

In Memoriam: 2017 Dark Matter: The Loss Of A Show We Cannot Forgive Or Forget

Also, this article…

Oh No!  Syfy Cancels Dark Matter

Tomorrow, it’s a farewell lunch with director Ron Murphy before he heads west to shoot (An episode of a show?  His six guns?  Who knows?), follow-up conversations on a couple of projects, and meeting on Friday regarding that book to screen horror adaptation.

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