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Tonight’s the night for a double dose of Dark Matter!  Things kick off at 7 pm PDT/10 pm EDT with –


“Wish I’d Spaced You When I Had the Chance”

And then, immediately following, at 8 pm PDT/11 pm EDT, it’s –


“Sometimes in Life You Don’t Get to Choose”

It’s going to be crazy!

The Nerd Elements sits down with Dark Matter’s THREE, Anthony Lemke:

DARK MATTER -- "Wish I'd Spaced You When I Had the Chance" Episode 211 -- Pictured: Anthony Lemke as Three -- (Photo by: Russ Martin/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy)

DARK MATTER — “Wish I’d Spaced You When I Had the Chance” Episode 211 — Pictured: Anthony Lemke as Three — (Photo by: Russ Martin/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy)

Anthony Lemke (THREE) is a Total Softy

Steve Eramo talks with Dark Matter‘s Tabor Calchek, David Hewlett:


Catching Up With Dark Matter’s David Hewlett screen-shot-2016-09-09-at-3-55-54-pm

Pick up the latest issue of The Hollywood Reporter and check out its “Catch Ontario’s Breakout Stars” article featuring Dark Matter’s FOUR, Alex Mallari Jr.

Well, that’s it.  I’m ready.  Ish.  Mostly packed.  Tomorrow, Akemi and I leave for Japan.  And this getaway could not have come soon enough.  We have two days in Tokyo (which will include a 4 hour chocolate-making course…entirely in Japanese), immediately followed by a bullet train ride to Osaka for four days with Akemi’s family, then back to Tokyo for the remainder of our stay.  Back to Vancouver on the 24th for 10 days and then it’s a return to Toronto for production on Dark Matter’s third season.  If you’re the intensely curious sorts, or just want sneak peeks of what we have in store for you in Year 3, you are in for a treat…

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Tomorrow night, it’s a Dark Matter double-header!

First up, starting at 7 pm PDT/10 pm EDT it’s “Wish I’d Spaced You When I Had the Chance” –

The crew races against time to track down and locate a missing Three and Five before the Galactic Authority gets to them first.


This episode was directed by Mairzee Almas (Lucifer, The Last Ship, iZombie, The 100, Smallville – to name but a few).  It was my first time working with Mairzee.  She was an absolute joy to work with and she delivers an episode chock full of suspense, humor and, most importantly, heart.  Lots and lots of HEART!  I’m confident some of you will shed a few tears during this one.6

Immediately following, at 8 pm PDT/11 pm EDT, it’ll be “Sometimes in Life You Don’t Get to Choose”

Four’s loyalty is put to the test when he attempts to reclaim the throne of Ishida.


This episode was directed by Will Waring (Continuum, Stargate: SG-1, Stargate: Atlantis, Stargate: Universe).  This was NOT my first time working with Will. Some of my best memories of my time on Stargate of are the days I spent on set with Will.  And, this time out, it was just old times.  Love this guy – and his episode which promises twists, turns, surprises and an ending I’ve been planning for years!


Thank you to Marizee and Will for delivering two of the most impactful episodes of the season!





For a sneak peek at what these diabolical geniuses have in store for you, click on the link below and check out Akemi’s favorite scene from tomorrow night’s double-header:

The Misadventures of THREE and FIVE

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It’s hard to believe we’ll be heading back to Toronto in about a month.  And just when I was settling back into the swing of things here in Vancouver, revisiting my favorite book shops and discovering amazing new restaurants.  At the top of the latter list is Mission on West 4th.  I discovered this place while Anthony Lemke was in town, checking it out on the spur of the moment and being completely wowed by the creativity in the kitchen and the depth of the flavor profiles.  It’s the type of restaurant that would thrive in more culinary-forward cities like New York or Los Angeles but here in Vancouver, where diners are more interested in bang for your buck fill-your-piehole joints, it’s going to be more of a challenge.  Still, Mission is not without its ardent supporters and has been nominated as one of Vancouver’s Best New Restaurants by enRoute Magazine.  And no surprise there. It’s farm-to-table Pacific Northwest cuisine at its finest.

The man behind the restaurant is Chef Curtis Luk, a former Top Chef Canada finalist and – gotta love this! – big SF fan.  Yes, Stargate fans, he’s one of us! And, on our last brunch visit, I enthused about the food and he complimented me on Dark Matter (which he recently binged on Netflix).

Duck confit scrambled eggs, zucchini, black pepper

Duck confit scrambled eggs, zucchini, black pepper

One of the things that really stands out for me are – believe it or not – the vegetarian dishes.  I know, I know.  It sounds crazy coming from me, but it’s true. I could go to Mission, bypass the many wonderful meat-themed plates on the menu, and still leave delightfully, deliciously satisfied.

If you’re in town, check it out.  Then head on over and help a fellow geek out by Voting Mission Best New Vancouver Restaurant of 2016.

Hey!  Interested in joining our Comic Book Reading Club?  We kicked things off this week with our first pick, Dardevil: “Born Again”.

Swing on by and join the discussion!

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My conversation with Akemi today:

Me: X has a ten year old son.

Akemi: What?!  Really?  Since when?!

Me: Uh, since about ten years ago.


Dark Matter “Episode 23: Take The Shot” was written by series co-creator Paul Mullie, and directed by Dark Matter editor Paul Day.

So, what’d you all think?


Dark Matter takes a methodical yet introspective look into the mindset of its primary crew.” by Sashurai at Blade of the Sashurai


“We’ve stressed all season how the creators are crafting exceptional and superb SF every week and this week’s episode is another that ranks among those for us.” by Christopher Hart at The Nerd Recites


Dark Matter flawlessly merged intensely rich drama with a high-stakes situation to create one of its strongest episodes to date.” by Aimee Hicks at Spoiler TV


“There were some very profound philosophical questions at play here regarding the nature of what makes a person a person. Is The Android actually a distinct, feeling being, or is she merely a very complex facsimile?” by Kathleen Wiedel at TV Fanatic


It’s All In Your Head… by Tom Gardiner at SciFi Singularity


“The Android’s anomalous behavior has always been one of the more intriguing storylines in Dark Matter, and for it to be at the center of this week’s episode without actually being the cause of the conflict was a nice bit of storytelling.” by Michael Ahr at Den of Geek


“Ooooooooo are we at the infamous betrayal yet, Dark Matter? I can smell it coming. I don’t think the Android’s actions in this week’s episode, “Take the Shot,” constitute a betrayal, but I definitely think we’ve been setting up for one for a long time coming.” by Jen Stayrook at The Workprint


Dark Matter “Take the Shot” again is another standout episode for tying up a loose end that is Android’s flaws. They make her awkward, they make her funny, entertaining, and most of all personable around the rest of the crew.” by Jideobi Odunze at Geeked Out Nation


Dark Matter this week had a splendid bit of misdirection that kept everyone guessing right till the end.” by Michael Knox-Smith at Mike’s Film Talk


“Take the Shot was the episode I’d been waiting for, in which Android’s touching assumption that the crew of the Raza are her friends, gets challenged.” by Veronica Scott at Happily Ever After


“It was the tale of two Androids on the latest episode of Dark Matter on Syfy last night.” by Rueben at TV Equals


Josh of Geeksiders flies solo on this week’s review:

Meanwhile, SciFi and TV Talk’s Steve Eramo interviews Dark Matter Supervising Producer Ivon Bartok: Catching Up With Dark Matter’s Ivon Bartok

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It’s funny.  About a month ago it was the agony of “Oh, no!  Will we get picked up?!”.  Now, it’s the agony of “Oh, no!  We got picked up!”  Scripts to write.  Stories to break.  Plans to make.  And what seemed so faraway back in May as we were wrapping up production on Dark Matter’s second season now seems alarmingly near as we gear up to begin prep in October for a mid-November start date!  We got some crazy plans for the show’s third season, some truly audacious stories, and progressively bigger twists, turns and surprises in store.  It will all build off the events of our final three episodes this season and, boy oh boy, things get pretty wild in Episodes 211-213 –


“Wish I’d Spaced You When I Had the Chance” (my buddy picture, an unlikely pairing I’ve been wanting to write since last hiatus).


“Sometimes In Life You Don’t Get To Choose” (which provoked the following email response from my writing partner Paul: “Phew, that’s some ending. I feel like maybe you’re working out some issues here. You might want to talk to someone about that.”).


“But First, We Save The Galaxy” (in which many of the story elements we set up in season 2, and “Stuff To Steal, People To Kill” in particular, dovetail in spectacular fashion).

It’s been a whirlwind season and we’re going to finish strong.  First, with a double episode shot (211 and 212) next Friday September 9th and then, on Friday September 16th, it’ll be the finale.  Alas, I’ll be in Japan for the latter but I’m sure I’ll be hearing your screams all the way across the Pacific.

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Who’s taking the shot?  And who’s doing the shooting?

Find out tonight at 7 pm PDT/10 pm EDT on Syfy and Space Channel!

And, to whet your appetites, check out a little sneak peek preview here:

TWO is in Serious Trouble

I’m flying out of L.A. shortly and should be home in time for dinner and then…Dark Matter!

I hear next week (September 9th) is going to be a double episode and then, the following week (September 16th), it’ll be our BIG season finale.  I will, alas, be in Japan for that one, but I’m recording it so no spoilers, please, until I get back.

You know, I was reluctant to make this trip to L.A. but, now that it’s complete, I have to admit it was great.  I met a number of very interesting people in addition to getting together with friends like Martin Gero, Carl Binder, Bob Picardo, Ellen Wong, Melanie Liburd, and Jason Priestley.  And, for the first time ever, I thought: “Hey, I could actually live here!”.  Of course, I didn’t do any driving, relying on Uber to get me around, and the few times I did walk to meetings I ended up getting lost all three times.  If Uber were to offer a pick-up and carry service where a guy would physically pick you up and carry you to your nearby destination, I’d be totally on board.

It’s going to be a crazy month.  Tomorrow night, our League of Accommodation kicks off the fantasy football season with our league draft.  My Snow Monkeys will attempt to dethrone reigning 2015 champs The Running Dead coached by Ivon Bartok.  Then, I’ve got a week to do a pass on the script before jetting off to Tokyo and Osaka for two full weeks of seeing just how tight I can make my suit.  Then back for another two weeks of packing and prep, a pass on another script and then – back to T.O. with Akemi and the dogs (who will, presumably, be down to their fighting weights by then).

Thanks to everyone who congratulated Team Dark Matter on our third season pick-up!  If you thought season 2 was crazy…


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Yesterday, we were introduced to a potential house-sitter via our friend Nicole.  She was lovely – a pleasant, intelligent, young professional who is looking for a place in Vancouver come October.  The timing should be perfect – provided we get that third season pick-up.  Akemi and I will have someone to watch the house and send us weekly mail updates, while our guest will have a nice comfortable home for eight months.  As an added bonus, she offers dog-sitting services as well.

After she left, I asked Akemi what she thought.  Her response: “I like her.  I think she will be great for the house.  The dogs…we’ll see.”

In other words: Sure, she seems honest and sensible enough to entrust with all of or worldly possessions.  But a little more due diligence before we trust her with the dogs.

My thoughts exactly.

Hey, here are two more entries to add to our every-growing glossary of Akemi-isms:

crank up: grow cranky, usually as a result of hunger.  See: hangry

be regret: to regret something (ie. “If you eat that cookie, you will be regret.”).

These words join our expanding lexicon of such notable terms as: brinkle, mushy-mushy, inch, and “Tastes like Santa’s socks”.

Speaking of Akemi – she felt an allergic reaction coming on and took some Benadryl (because we were out of Claratin).  As a result, she’s been a little dopey all morning…

Akemi: I feel so out of it.

Me: You’re high on Benadryl.

Akemi: Actually, I’m low.

A few more recaps, reactions, and reviews to the last episode of Dark Matter, “Going Out Fighting”:


“After the excellent, parallel-universe hopping episode last week, this week’s turn was a more grounded affair, with a heavy focus on answering the question of what is wrong with Two and her nanites, and more importantly: how to solve this…” by Christopher Hart at The Nerd Recites

DARK MATTER -- "Going Out Fighting" Episode 209 -- Pictured: (l-r) Roger Cross as Six, Anthony Lemke as Three -- (Photo by: Russ Martin/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy)

“Pivoting to the Raza for a moment, Five and Android have a heart-to-heart over a cup of hot chocolate, which Android adroitly steals from Five, basically inviting herself to have a sip, with her “20 million taste receptors” and then never returning the mug…” by Veronica Scott at Happy Ever After

DARK MATTER -- "Going Out Fighting" Episode 209 -- Pictured: (l-r) Roger Cross as Six, Anthony Lemke as Three -- (Photo by: Russ Martin/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy)

“Dark Matter continues to flow smoothly into new territory, with the odd jolt of characters dying or changing dramatically. While Six seems more like his “old self,” The Android is entering a new phase. This evolution of the quirky character should be more than a little interesting…” by Michael Knox-Smith at Mike’s Film Talk

Alright.  Scripts downloaded?  Check.  iBooks library updated?  Check.  Pocket handkerchiefs and quirky socks packed?  Check!  I’m off to L.A.!  While Akemi (and Bubba and Lulu) hold the fort, I’ll be in Los Angeles doing meetings, making new connections, and dining out with some old (and somewhat recent) friends.  Full reports to follow in the coming days!

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