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This morning, Stargate enthusiasts Rita and Rebekah forwarded me a list of some 30 more fan sites to go with the 40 or so sites you’ve all been kind enough to send my way.  These Stargate fan communities boast a combined membership of just under 4 million.  Of course when you account for crossover, attrition, Russian bots, and those who signed up in the mistaken assumption they were joining a fan club for the Norwegian music producers of the same name, you can conservatively place our core army at, roughly, 2 million.  Give or take.

Not bad.

Over the next few days, our job will be to reach out to these various communities worldwide and enlist them in the cause.

Our mission is simple: Let MGM know that Stargate fandom remains strong and eager to support a new series that has its roots in the television franchise Brad Wright and Robert Cooper created.  Convince them that they don’t have to choose between old fans and new viewers.  By green lighting an in-canon fourth series that breaks new ground, introducing new characters, new settings, and new stories, they – and fandom – they can have the best of both worlds.

Coincidentally, I came across this article today: The New Economics of TV’s Reboot Craze.  The title is somewhat inaccurate as the piece focuses on not just reboots but revivals as well (which is what we’re talking about here), but one section really drives home the point I’m trying to make with this campaign:

“How do you break through the clutter when there are 20 places to sell a show? The marketing and promo folks will always tell you, ‘Give me a title. Give me a star. Give me something where I’m not starting from scratch.’ And, in many cases, these series come with built-in, contemporary fan bases through years of original series reruns on both cable and streaming platforms.”

Are you kidding me?  Stargate comes with one of the biggest of built-in, contemporary fan bases, a core audience (to add to all those new viewers who’ll be discovering the gate for the first time) that will not only tune in but help get the word out.  THEY are your ready-to-go marketing campaign!

But first things first.  The biggest challenge this campaign faces is focusing the energies of Stargate fandom.  To do that, we need to target one social media platform with a single monumental event.  And this is why I’m asking you (to ask your fellow fans) to head on over to twitter, join up, and follow @StargateNow. The only thing it will cost you is a little time now and a little more time when Stargate fandom comes together in a massive show of force.

P.S. I see that @StargateNow has already amassed over 3000 followers in the short time it’s been active.  This bodes VERY WELL.

Alright, that’s it for now.  If you enjoyed any of the Stargate shows in the past, be it SG-1, Atlantis, or Universe, mourned the absence of old favorites like Jack and Sam, John and Rodney, or Eli and Rush, yearned to do something, anything, that could open the door to more adventures through the gate – well step up because we’re going to need your support to get this done.




With that said, I return this blog to it’s previously scheduled entry: My Favorite Comic Book Covers of the Week!

The Amazing Spiderman #796

Cover art by Alex Ross

Batman #41

Cover art by Mikel Janin

Doctor Strange: Damnation #1

Cover art by Rod Reis

Horizon #18

Cover art by Jason Howard

Quantum and Woody #3

Cover art by Julian Totino Tedesco=

Sole Survivor #1

Cover art by Daniel Pez Lopez

So, what do you think?

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Some of my favorites…

Amazing Spiderman Annual #42 (cover art by Alex Ross)

Cold War #1 (cover art by Hayden Sherman)

Darth Vader #11 (cover art by Giuseppe Camuncoli)

Shade the Changing Girl/Wonder Woman Special # (cover art by Frank Quitely)

Planet of the Apes: Ursus #2 (cover art by Paolo Rivera)

So, what are you loving?

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After watching Logan last night, I’m all about the comics today.  Incidentally, I usually hate kids in movies, but this character – like Kick-Ass‘s Hit-Girl was an exception.  A gleefully murderous exception.

Anyway, onto my picks…

Clue (cover art by Nelson Daniel)

Love the fact that the color palette here offers a quick character reference guide for those familiar with the game.  There’s Mr. Green and Professor Plum (who bears a passing resemblance to Edgar Allan Poe), Mrs. White, Miss Scarlet, and, of course, Colonel Mustard.  Mrs. Peacock looking a little monotone front center left, but can’t place the woman in the back.  Miss Peach?  She was after my time.

Extremity (cover art by Daniel Warren Johnson, Mike Spicer)

Boy, this crew is GUNNED UP!  Love the design work on the characters, of course, but the weapons in particular.  They put Dark Matter’s Bubba to shame!

Green Lanterns #40 (cover art by Will Conard, Ivan Nunes)

The nerd superhero action figure collector in me has to give it up to this amazing cover.

Hawkeye #15 (cover art by Julian Totino Tedesco)

Have two superheroes ever looked cooler?

Mother Panic/Batman Special #1 (cover art by Frank Quitely)

Frank Quitely follows up last week’s strange Milkman cover with this equally bizarre Bat Minister offering.  WHAT is going on here???  I need to know!

Rise of the Black Panther #2 (cover art by Brian Stelfreeze)

I’ve really been enjoying the color and composition of these Brian Stelfreeze Black Panther covers.

Superman #40 (cover art by Viktor Bogdanovic, Doug Mahnke, Jaime Mendoza, Wil Quintana, Michael Spicer)

Father-son time!

Swamp Thing Winter Special #1 (cover art by Jason Fabok, Kelley Jones, Peter Steigerwald)

This Swamp Thing cover delivers a real Cthulu vibe.

X-Men Gold #21 (cover art by Mike Deodato Jr.)

I grew up reading The X-Men and have a fairly basic grasp of their world, but the sheer number of X-titles and characters out there makes picking up a new X-Men comic book an incredibly daunting prospect.  But then, every so often, along comes a cover like this that stirs that old school nostalgia.

So, what do you think?  Pick a favorite.

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In what’s become a weekly Wednesday tradition, here are my favorites…

Elephantmen #80 (cover art by Boo Crook)

Brings all the feels, no?

The Flash Annual #1 (cover art by Hi-Fi, Howard Porter)

I became a fan of the Flash during Mark Waid’s magnificent run on the series, so this intriguing cover pushes all the right nostalgic buttons.

Deathstroke Annual #1 (cover art by Ryan Sook)

Black and white with a touch of gold.  Nice.  Love the asymmetrical composition.

Old Man Logan #34 (cover art by Mike Deodato Jr.)

Simply bad-ass this cover featuring Logan, Mariko (I believe), and a slew of ninjas.  Old school!

JLA/Doom Patrol Special #1 (cover art by Frank Quitely)

Milk Man making his super human deliveries.  Probably my favorite cover of the week compliments of the ever whimsical Frank Quitely (that my auto-correct insists on changing to Quietly.  Frank, forgive me).

Falcon #4 (cover art by Jay Anacieto)

Shades of Dante’s descent into Hell except, in this case, our hero aint going of his own volition.  Stellar horror.

Big Trouble in Little China: Old Man Jack #5 (cover art by Rahzzah)

Artist Rahzzah makes another of his weekly appearances, this time with a portrait of future Kurt Russell as Future Snake Plissken.  Zoom in on that weathered face, those wizened eyes, to really appreciate the artistry.

Beauty #19 (cover art by Nick Filardi, Jeremy Haun, Baldemar Rivas)

The eerie elegance of the Beauty cover art is downright mesmerizing.

The Beautiful Death #5 (cover art by Mathieu Bablet)

Another artist who has made multiple appearances on this weekly feature is Mathieu Bablet with his gorgeous post-apocalyptic cityscapes.

So, which one is your favorite?

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I’ve been reading comic books, on and off, for most of my life.  I would go months, sometimes years without reading and then, one day, stop by my local comic shop, pick up every title on the stands and start reading – and keep reading the ones that kept my interest, dropping the ones that failed to hold my attention.  Of course, with the increasing strain of weighty backstories, the complexity of innumerable crossovers, and the reimagining, reinventions, and reboots of old favorites, jumping back in has proven daunting.

Still, digital subscription services like Comixology have helped make it a lot easier. Now, instead of jumping into the middle of a story arc, I can start from the beginning, easily acquiring the back issues online and moving forward from there – should the title grab me.

So, here’s where you come in. I’d like you comic book aficionados to recommend some titles. Since I have a fair amount on my plate and am halfway through a script, I’d like to start small – say, 12-15 different books.  And, to help you steer me right, here are a few of the comic books I enjoyed last year…

There are a bunch of my favorites writers I definitely plan to check out (Hickman, Simone, King, Liu, Rosenberg, Moreci to name but a few), but I’d love to hear what YOU’RE enjoying.

Recommend me some comic books!

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Holy smokes!  What a terrific week for comic book covers!

Here are my favorites…

Battle Angel Alita: Mars Chronicle (cover art by Yukito Kishiro)

The contrast of innocence and incendiary is pretty powerful here.  The two young girls react to the destruction: bewilderment, sorrow, acceptance.

The Amazing Spiderman #794 (cover art by Alex Ross)

I’m a big fan of Alex Ross’s painted covers.

Batgirl #19 (cover art by Dan Mora)

Best of friends make the worst of enemies, while the worst of enemies can make for the unlikeliest of allies.  I love the dynamic and this cover intrigues me.

Dishonored: Peeress and the Price vol. 1 (cover art by Andrea Olimpieri)

I’m a big fan of writer Michael Moreci, and the cover to his latest comic book venture has more than captured my interest.  What lies beneath the mask?

Ermek the Batyr #1 (cover art by Madibek Musabekov)

Melding fantasy and science fiction, Musabekov’s art hints at a unique narrative folklore-based narrative.

Gasolina #5 (cover art by Mat Lopes)

Love among the ruins.  A tentative kiss backlit by a fireball of destruction.  Sweet.

Provider #1 (cover art by Corey Davis)

Great concept and colors.

Kid Lobotomy #4 (cover art by Tess Fowler)

Probably my favorite cover of the week.  Pure fun.  And the foodie in me really appreciates it.

Luke Cage #169 (cover art by Rahzzah)

On the other hand, here’s this week’s most disturbing cover.  It’s mishaps like these that make me nervous to visit the dentist.

Maestros #4 (cover art by Steve Skroce, Dave Stewart)

Awkward Family Photos have never looked so gorgeous.

Marvel Two-In-One #2 (cover art by Jim Cheung)

A dazzling tribute to one of comicdom’s most iconic classic covers.

Monstress #13 (cover art by Sana Takeda)

Hugo Award-winning Monstress boasts the brilliant writing of author Marjorie Liu and the equally brilliant art of Sana Takeda.  Gorgeous work.

Nightmare World vol. 2: Leave the Light On (cover art by Kristen Perry)

The stuff of nightmares indeed.

Nightwing: The New Order #6 (cover art by Trevor McCarthy)

A magnificent cover reminiscent of spirited stained glass design.

Pheonix Resurrection: The Return of Jean Grey #4 (cover art by Lenil Francis Yu)

As a young reader who was deeply affected by the seminal X-Men #137, Phoenix Must Die, this cover really resonates.

The Flash #39 (cover art by Carmine Di Giandomenico)

Everything old is new (and scarier) again.  Love the contemporary takes on those classic, occasionally corny, villains.

Punisher vol. 3: King of the New York Streets (cover art by Declan Shalvey)

An atmospheric masterpiece.

The Wildstorm #11 (cover art by Jon Davis-Hunt)

And, every so often, there’s will be those covers that just leave you saying: “Cool!”.

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My favorites…

Giant vol. 2

Cover art by Mikael

Ice Cream Man #1

Cover art by Frazer Irving, Martin Morazzo, Chris O’Halloran

Punchline #4

Cover art by Matthew Weldon

Strangers in Paradise XXV #1

Cover art by Terry Moore

Super Sons #12

Cover art by Giuseppe Camuncoli, Jorge Jimenez, Adriano Lucas, Alejandro Sanchez

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