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These were my favorites …

Doctor Strange: Damnation #3 (of 4)

Cover art by Rod Reis

Monstress #15

Cover art by Sana Takeda, Yoshi Yoshitani

Spider-Men II

Cover art by Sara Pichelli

Star Wars: Poe Dameron #25

Cover art by Phil Noto

The Adventures of Captain Cosmic #1

Cover by Andy W Clift

The Mighty Thor #705

Cover art by Russell Dauterman

Meanwhile, I’ve decided to fully immerse myself back into the word of comic book reading.  I read the majority of last week’s new releases and will do the same for this week’s.  As in the past, I will drop titles that fail to hold my interest and continue reading the ones that do.  And, once I have a few issues under my belt, I’m going to start making recommendations.

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That big Dalek, Baby Groot, Winter Soldier Irish jib crossover is finally here!!!

Yes, today, we hit Toronto Comic Con – or “Geek Festival” as Akemi refers to it.

Like most cons, much of the fun is in checking out the people in costume.  Or at least I assume they were in costume.

When in doubt, follow the woman with wings!

I think I successfully convinced Akemi to dress up as a stubby-limbed dinosaur next con.

I consider myself fairly well-versed when it comes to anime and comic books but even so I can usually only identify half of the cosplay characters.  For instance, on the left is Tokyo Ghoul’s Kaneki, but I have no idea who’s standing beside him. More often than not, when I draw a blank, it’s a video-game character.  Final Fantasy?

Plenty of Black Panther cosplay at this event.

Ran into my buddy, Duane – a comic con veteran.

Picked up an awesome Dark Matter mug and bag from artist Nicky’s shop.

It’s a Stargate/Dark Matter crossover!

Natasha with the Elizabeth Weir cosplay.  Nice!

Even Pikachu put in an appearance.

You shall not pass!

You shall not pass!!!

No.  Wait.  Wrong big budget fantasy series.

Two and a half hours later…

All in all, not a bad outing.  I picked up a slew of cufflinks (including a pair of nifty Walking Dead crossbows) and added to my burgeoning super villain t-shirt collection with some interesting finds (Gorilla Grodd and a motorcycle-riding Orb among them).

Alright.  Back to work!

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My favorites…

Darth Vader #13 (cover art by Giuseppe Camuncoli)

Falcon #6 (cover art by Jay Anacleto)

Infidel #1 (cover art by Aaron Campbell, Jose Villarrubia)

Mister Miracle #7 (cover art by Nick Derington)

Sink #5 (cover art by Alex Cormack)

Star Wars: Thrawn #2 (cover art by Paul Renaud)

Beauty #20 (cover art by Ray Fawkes, Nick Filardi, Jeremy Haun)

Flash #42 (cover art by Carmine di Giandomenico)

VS #2 (cover art by Tom Muller, Esad Ribic)

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We’re only going to have one shot at this, Stargate fans, so let’s make it count. This Friday night (in North America) and Saturday night (in the rest of the world), we’ll be sending a message to MGM and the more people that participate in the tweet-storm, the louder the call.

Do you want a fourth Stargate series?  One set in the existing t.v. universe, created by the same team that brought you over 340 hours of Jack, Sam, Daniel, Teal’c, John, Rodney, Elizabeth, Teyla, Ronon, Rush, Young, Eli, T.J., Scott and many more?

The stakes have never been higher.  Succeed, and we could soon be watching a new Stargate series, one as accessible to new viewers as it is rewarding for longtime fans.  Fail, and it’s the dreaded reboot.  All those characters you grew to know and love, those stories you enjoyed, could be wiped away like not so much as a ninth dream season of Dallas.

Beware The Living Eraser’s programming decisions!  Remember Professor Ebhardt, the renowned atomic genius from SG-1‘s third season? Of course not because he was wiped from existence!

Note: The only known visual evidence of the professor’s existence.

Do you recall the lovable Bill from Stargate: Atlantis‘s first season, the notoriously shy but kindly cafeteria worker who once saved John Sheppard’s life? No?  Here’s why!

No need to sign petitions or write letters or demonstrate.  All you have to do is show up on twitter this Friday night (6 pm PST/9 pm EST) and tweet your support using the secret hashtag of the night (follow @StargateNow or me, @BaronDestructo for all the details leading up to tweet-storm).  Just an hour of your time could be the difference between an amazing new series that leaves the door open to checking in with old favorites, or this –

Don’t let this happen to your favorite franchise.  Show up and support the tweet-storm!  Let’s Save Stargate!

I would be remiss if I didn’t include my weekly breakdown of my favorite comic book covers of the week:

The Amazing Spiderman #797 (cover art by Alex Ross)

The 2002 Spiderman movie ranks as in my Top 10 Superhero Movies Of All Time. It misses out on a spot in the Top 5 simply because of the Green Goblin costume design that abandoned the grim and creepy look of the classic comic book version pictured here.  Alex Ross captures Spiderman’s arch-nemesis in all his ghoulish green glory.

Batman: White Knight #6 (cover art by Matt Hollingsworth, Sean Murphy)

Behind every villain is a backstory steeped in tragedy and Victor Fries’s backstory, hinted at in this beautiful cover, is also a bittersweet love story.

Captain America #699 (cover art by Chris Samnee)

Oh, Cap, what are you thinking?  Love the throwback look of the characters.

Hawkeye #16 (cover art by Julian Totino Tedesco)

I’ve always been a big fan of catching glimpses of our heroes during their downtime – and ice cream cones on the pier, well, you can’t get much more laid back than that.

She-Hulk #163 (cover art by Rahzzah)

Much respect for artists who eschew traditional cover art for outside-the-box concepts.

Oblivion Song #1 (cover art by Lorenzo De Felici)

I’m a sucker for these post-apocalyptic, sandstorm-swept settings.

Rise of the Black Panther #3 (cover art by Brian Stelfreeze)

The color palette of these covers by Brian Stelfreeze has been an utter delight.

Superman #42 (cover art by Patrick Gleason, John Kalisz)

If there was any cover that would prompt me to pick up a book this week, this is it. Love the Rockwell-esque Bizarro family pose – in spite of all, still possessed of a certain warmth.  And, yes, I picked up the book.

The October Faction: Supernatural Dreams #1 (cover art by Damien Worm)

Nothing quite sets the tone like Damien Worm’s exceptionally dark and, occasionally, darkly humorous character designs.

The Shadow/Batman #6 (cover art by Giovanni Timpano)

This one has a stained-glass feel I’m really feeling.


The countdown begins…


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Less than 10 days out from our scheduled tweet-storm, the Stargate Initiative is gaining steam!  The @StargateNow twitter account is inching towards 9k followers with a number of familiar faces boarding the drive including: @MichaelShanks@dhewlett, @martingero, @cpbinder, @Ivonbartok, @redTamsen, @JeffTeravainen, @dopudmike, @Ayisha_Issa, @PatrickGilmore, @mikamckinnon, @marksavela, @PeterKelamis, @MichaelMoreci, @MichaelWelchAct, @SamMaggs, @actualApophis, @ranthonylemke, @SuanneBraun, @cliffsimon, @PaulyMcGillion, @imcorinnemec, @SimoneBaily, @AlexMallariJr.  And we still have over a week to go!


We’ll be doing a trial run in preparation for next week’s tweet-storm.  Join us Friday, March 2nd (fans in America) and Saturday, March 3rd (international fans) at the above times.   We’ve got you covered!  (Thanks for the assist, Kelli and Irena)

Onto our weekly feature: My favorite comic book covers of the week…

Actionverse: Stray #6 (cover art by Mitch Ballard, Wilson Ramos Jr.)

Love the use of negative space in this take on the classic “Superhero No More” cover.  Bonus points for working a dog into the walkaway.

Avengers #682 (cover art by Mark Brooks)

Incredible color  detail, and use of depth in this gorgeous frame worthy art piece.

Captain Marvel #129 (cover art by Phil Noto)

I’m a sucker for alternate reality stories and this cover leaves me all sorts of intrigued.

Deadpool #295 (cover art by Mike Hawthorne)

One of the things I love about Deadpool is that he’s so damn over the top – an attitude that often translates to his covers.  Like this one, for instance.

Gasolina #6 (cover art by Mat Lopes, Niko Walter)

I have no idea what’s going on here – the shoes, the gun, that squid sitting atop the soccer ball – but I love the composition and colors.

Galaktikon #5 (cover art by Marissa Louise, Steve Mannion)

As a longtime scifi fan, I’m always charmed by these classic SF conceits.

Glitterbomb vol. 2: The Fame Game (cover art by Djibril Morissette-Phan)

Horrific and brutal but undeniably beautiful.

Doom Patrol/JLA Special #1 (cover art by Marissa Louise, Clay Mann)

Doom Patrol battles the Justice League in a giant bowl of milk while the Milk Man looks on.  What’s not to love?

Rich Veitch’s The One #1 (cover art by Rick Veitch)

Love the playfulness of this one as well.

Saga #49 (cover art by Fiona Staples)

49 issues in and Saga remains one of the most fiercely creative comics out there.  The series covers are equally imaginative.

Strangers In Paradise XXV #2 (cover art by Terry Moore)

I’ve been a longtime fan of Terry Moore’s work, and this is the latest in a long line of terrific (and, in this case, subtly unnerving) covers.

Teen Titans #17 (cover art by Dan Mora)

I always enjoy seeing super beings laid low by mundanities or the harsh realities faced by your average (dare I say it?) Joe.  Still, it make you wonder: Are they leaving the furniture?

What do you think?

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This morning, Stargate enthusiasts Rita and Rebekah forwarded me a list of some 30 more fan sites to go with the 40 or so sites you’ve all been kind enough to send my way.  These Stargate fan communities boast a combined membership of just under 4 million.  Of course when you account for crossover, attrition, Russian bots, and those who signed up in the mistaken assumption they were joining a fan club for the Norwegian music producers of the same name, you can conservatively place our core army at, roughly, 2 million.  Give or take.

Not bad.

Over the next few days, our job will be to reach out to these various communities worldwide and enlist them in the cause.

Our mission is simple: Let MGM know that Stargate fandom remains strong and eager to support a new series that has its roots in the television franchise Brad Wright and Robert Cooper created.  Convince them that they don’t have to choose between old fans and new viewers.  By green lighting an in-canon fourth series that breaks new ground, introducing new characters, new settings, and new stories, they – and fandom – they can have the best of both worlds.

Coincidentally, I came across this article today: The New Economics of TV’s Reboot Craze.  The title is somewhat inaccurate as the piece focuses on not just reboots but revivals as well (which is what we’re talking about here), but one section really drives home the point I’m trying to make with this campaign:

“How do you break through the clutter when there are 20 places to sell a show? The marketing and promo folks will always tell you, ‘Give me a title. Give me a star. Give me something where I’m not starting from scratch.’ And, in many cases, these series come with built-in, contemporary fan bases through years of original series reruns on both cable and streaming platforms.”

Are you kidding me?  Stargate comes with one of the biggest of built-in, contemporary fan bases, a core audience (to add to all those new viewers who’ll be discovering the gate for the first time) that will not only tune in but help get the word out.  THEY are your ready-to-go marketing campaign!

But first things first.  The biggest challenge this campaign faces is focusing the energies of Stargate fandom.  To do that, we need to target one social media platform with a single monumental event.  And this is why I’m asking you (to ask your fellow fans) to head on over to twitter, join up, and follow @StargateNow. The only thing it will cost you is a little time now and a little more time when Stargate fandom comes together in a massive show of force.

P.S. I see that @StargateNow has already amassed over 3000 followers in the short time it’s been active.  This bodes VERY WELL.

Alright, that’s it for now.  If you enjoyed any of the Stargate shows in the past, be it SG-1, Atlantis, or Universe, mourned the absence of old favorites like Jack and Sam, John and Rodney, or Eli and Rush, yearned to do something, anything, that could open the door to more adventures through the gate – well step up because we’re going to need your support to get this done.




With that said, I return this blog to it’s previously scheduled entry: My Favorite Comic Book Covers of the Week!

The Amazing Spiderman #796

Cover art by Alex Ross

Batman #41

Cover art by Mikel Janin

Doctor Strange: Damnation #1

Cover art by Rod Reis

Horizon #18

Cover art by Jason Howard

Quantum and Woody #3

Cover art by Julian Totino Tedesco=

Sole Survivor #1

Cover art by Daniel Pez Lopez

So, what do you think?

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Some of my favorites…

Amazing Spiderman Annual #42 (cover art by Alex Ross)

Cold War #1 (cover art by Hayden Sherman)

Darth Vader #11 (cover art by Giuseppe Camuncoli)

Shade the Changing Girl/Wonder Woman Special # (cover art by Frank Quitely)

Planet of the Apes: Ursus #2 (cover art by Paolo Rivera)

So, what are you loving?

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