Shipboard mayhem sheds light on some of the crew members’ dark pasts.

On the next episode of Dark Matter, “Take The Shot”:

Android (?) making out with shirtless guy.  Is it a dream?  Is it our Android?  Who’s the guy?

The Android looks around, perplexed.  What’s got her so confused?

FIVE says: “If we delete her personality matrix and start over, it’s the same as killing her.”  This is something the Android floated to THREE last season but he flatly refused because he’d just gotten used to her.  What would prompt the crew to consider such a drastic course of action?

Randroid’s back! She informs the crew: “I do believe you’ve been targeted – as a result of the neural imprint you uploaded to the medical database.”  Targeted how?  By who?  And if it was done via the neural imprints, does this mean the crew’s former personalities will be bubbling back to the surface?

FOUR asks: “Targeted by who?”  Someone had to be responsible, right?

Randoird replies: “Your ship’s android.”  In the words of Akemi: “How possible?!”

Then a shot of our Android, seemingly dormant, in some strange chamber.  Could this be the recharge station she referred to last episode.

TWO says: “I’ve sent FOUR to the infirmary to delete our neural imprints.”  But…will he?


Aimee Hicks offers up a preview at Spoiler TV:

“Throughout this season the show has taken the Android on a complex journey of evolution. Last season we saw the very beginnings of that journey, but this season has really gotten into the deeper complexities of who she is as a being. We’ve seen her experience love, learn about who may have “made” her, and we’ve seen her embrace her humanity. Now, all of those things are used against her as a sinister plot threatens to destroy everything that has made her special.”


Tom GardIner offers up his thoughts at Three If By Space – and a sneak peek scene:

“I have to say, I’m starting to get suspicious of HoloDroid. I’m wondering if her almost constant insistence on returning Android to factory defaults isn’t part of a plot against our hot chocolate addict. But there I go being all paranoid again. Dark Matter will do that to you.”

DARK MATTER -- "Take the Shot" Episode 210 -- Pictured: Ellen Wong as Misaki Han-Shireikan -- (Photo by: Russ Martin/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy)

DARK MATTER — “Take the Shot” Episode 210 — Pictured: Ellen Wong as Misaki Han-Shireikan — (Photo by: Russ Martin/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy)

Hey, is that Misaki Han (Ellen Wong) last seen back in “Episode 15: Kill Them All”?

There was a point last night when I assumed the most annoying part of this trip would be the gentleman across the aisle from me who removed his shoes AND socks five minutes into our flight.  The two and half hours in the air were otherwise uneventful and I was pleased to note that we were making good time.  We landed a good twenty minutes prior to our scheduled arrival time.  The only problem was we hadn’t landed at L.A.X.  We were at Ontario airport, about an hour’s drive from Los Angeles.

Our pilot informed us that a security breech at L.A.X. had required us to make a little detour, but once we received the all clear, we would be on our way.

Security breech?  I got online and learned that a mass panic had been set off by an active shooter.

And then, not an active shooter but some LOUD NOISES.

And then a guy in a Zorro outfit.

The pilot eventually came back with another update.  We would need to refuel and then be on our way.  Refuel?  We were less than twenty minutes out?  How close do these flights cut it?  Anyway, he estimated we’d be back in the air in an hour.

Three hours later we were on our way.  And it took us a mere twenty minutes to get to L.A.X.

Double that for the time we spent on the tarmac, waiting for an available gate.

And then add another 40 minutes if you’re stupid enough to attempt to catch a cab.  I mean, seriously.  For an international airport, L.A.X. is shockingly disorganized in its taxi service.  You can line up and wait at the taxi stand.  Or, like most people, you can not bother to line up and stand in front of the people waiting in front of the taxi stand.  OR, you can just walk down and flag a cab before it gets anywhere near the taxi stand.  It’s as if the taxi companies in L.A. want you to use Uber.

Which I eventually did and finally arrived at my hotel – four hours late.  Thankfully, I was in bed by 3:30 a.m.

After a refreshing three and a half hours sleep, I was ready to start the day!


Lunch with the AfterBuzz crew: Tauri Jay Miller, Andrew Mena, and Yael Tygiel.


Followed by a mini Stargate reunion for dinner with Carl Binder and Martin Gero.

Tomorrow = I get down to business!

Yesterday, we were introduced to a potential house-sitter via our friend Nicole.  She was lovely – a pleasant, intelligent, young professional who is looking for a place in Vancouver come October.  The timing should be perfect – provided we get that third season pick-up.  Akemi and I will have someone to watch the house and send us weekly mail updates, while our guest will have a nice comfortable home for eight months.  As an added bonus, she offers dog-sitting services as well.

After she left, I asked Akemi what she thought.  Her response: “I like her.  I think she will be great for the house.  The dogs…we’ll see.”

In other words: Sure, she seems honest and sensible enough to entrust with all of or worldly possessions.  But a little more due diligence before we trust her with the dogs.

My thoughts exactly.

Hey, here are two more entries to add to our every-growing glossary of Akemi-isms:

crank up: grow cranky, usually as a result of hunger.  See: hangry

be regret: to regret something (ie. “If you eat that cookie, you will be regret.”).

These words join our expanding lexicon of such notable terms as: brinkle, mushy-mushy, inch, and “Tastes like Santa’s socks”.

Speaking of Akemi – she felt an allergic reaction coming on and took some Benadryl (because we were out of Claratin).  As a result, she’s been a little dopey all morning…

Akemi: I feel so out of it.

Me: You’re high on Benadryl.

Akemi: Actually, I’m low.

A few more recaps, reactions, and reviews to the last episode of Dark Matter, “Going Out Fighting”:


“After the excellent, parallel-universe hopping episode last week, this week’s turn was a more grounded affair, with a heavy focus on answering the question of what is wrong with Two and her nanites, and more importantly: how to solve this…” by Christopher Hart at The Nerd Recites

DARK MATTER -- "Going Out Fighting" Episode 209 -- Pictured: (l-r) Roger Cross as Six, Anthony Lemke as Three -- (Photo by: Russ Martin/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy)

“Pivoting to the Raza for a moment, Five and Android have a heart-to-heart over a cup of hot chocolate, which Android adroitly steals from Five, basically inviting herself to have a sip, with her “20 million taste receptors” and then never returning the mug…” by Veronica Scott at Happy Ever After

DARK MATTER -- "Going Out Fighting" Episode 209 -- Pictured: (l-r) Roger Cross as Six, Anthony Lemke as Three -- (Photo by: Russ Martin/Prodigy Pictures/Syfy)

“Dark Matter continues to flow smoothly into new territory, with the odd jolt of characters dying or changing dramatically. While Six seems more like his “old self,” The Android is entering a new phase. This evolution of the quirky character should be more than a little interesting…” by Michael Knox-Smith at Mike’s Film Talk

Alright.  Scripts downloaded?  Check.  iBooks library updated?  Check.  Pocket handkerchiefs and quirky socks packed?  Check!  I’m off to L.A.!  While Akemi (and Bubba and Lulu) hold the fort, I’ll be in Los Angeles doing meetings, making new connections, and dining out with some old (and somewhat recent) friends.  Full reports to follow in the coming days!

I’m much more likely to pull over to greet an elderly pug than to help a stranded motorist.

I mention this because I came across this study the other day:


(source: Vox)

To be fair, my dogs are much lighter and easier to carry than the average tourist or grandparent.

Hey, in belated celebration of National Dog Day, check out Bubba sporting the pyjamas Akemi got him.  “He loves it!”she insists.dCB7HzL qmsfos4

Hey, what did you all think of last night’s episode of Dark Matter “Going Out Fighting”?

Check out some reactions, recaps, and reviews:

“The show is on track to finish out the season with a skillful progression of episodes, capping off a mostly stellar season…” by Michael Ahr at Den of Geek

“An episode rife with “Wait, what?!?!” moments. Possibly my favorite of the season so far…” by Cort Robinson at Pure Fandom

“One of the reasons I love the sci-fi genre is because I’m fascinated by the technologies it’s creators manage to think up. Nanites, space elevators that put the Space Needle to shame, transfer transits, and blink drives are all really cool bits of technology in the world of Dark Matter…” by Jen Stayrook at The Workprint

“The Android has been pretty much the breakout character from the very beginning of the series, and it is scenes like this that showcase the character’s natural charm and humor…” by Kathleen Wiedel at TV Fanatic

“In a way, I liked “Going Out Fighting” better than last week’s near-perfect “Stuff to Steal, People to Kill”. I say this kind of stuff a lot. It’s mainly because every episode expands upon the overall grand story, making each a little more exciting…” by Tom Gardiner at Three If By Space

“This episode’s pacing was excellent. You didn’t know what was going to happen next and it gave you the chills…” by Jideobi Odunze at Geeked Out Nation

Dark Matter delivered what may very well be its highest-stakes episode yet…” by Aimee Hicks at Spoiler TV

“Not to sound like a broken record but we’re going to risk it anyway. The second season of Syfy’s Dark Matter is stellar. One of the best series of this summer season…” by TV Goodness

Anna and Josh at Geeksiders:

Hey, comic book fans.  Join my Comic Book Reading Club.  Our first discussion kicks off September 5th with Daredevil (vol. 1): “Born Again” (Daredevil #227-233).


Oopsy.  Many of you got a sneak peek at today’s blog entry last night when I accidentally posted its unfinished contents.  It was the second time it’s ever happened to me – in almost ten years of daily blogging.  Not bad.  Anyway…

Tune in tonight for an all-new episode of Dark Matter: “Going Out Fighting” at 7 pm PDT/10 pm EDT on Syfy and Space Channel!

Here’s a little appetizer in the way of some BTS production pics!

IMG_5394 IMG_5625 IMG_5633 IMG_5401 IMG_5415 IMG_5367 IMG_5640 IMG_5093 IMG_5467 IMG_5354 IMG_5473 IMG_5719 IMG_5612 IMG_5731 IMG_5362 IMG_5310 IMG_5617 IMG_5274

And some sneak peek clips from tonight’s episode!


TWO finds out about her origins (video) at TV Insider

TWO and the Android (video) at Blastr

And, finally, a preview of tonight’s episode from Aimee Hicks at SpoilerTV.com:

 Fighting Until The End


Tomorrow night on Syfy and Space Channel – 7 pm PDT, 10 pm EDT:

Yes, we’re already on to the ninth episode Dark Matter’s second season – “Going Out Fighting”.  Written by Supervising Producer Ivon Bartok.  Directed by Peter DeLuise.  Two names that should be familiar to fans of Stargate.  Guest starring Wil Wheaton as Alexander Rook – who may be familiar to fans of that other star franchise!

What’s going on with TWO?  What answers – and surprises – lie within the confines of Dwarf Star Technologies headquarters?  Well, maybe these photos will you give you a hint…

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 7.47.47 PM Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 7.47.32 PM Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 7.48.05 PM Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 7.49.00 PM Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 7.49.09 PM Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 7.50.01 PM

Or, maybe not.

A few things about this episode:

We’ll be introducing an element in this episode that will be a game-changer down the line.  Fans will be abuzz!

Cue up the Blink Drive for a very special jaunt.

And in typical Dark Matter fashion, we end with one helluva WTF?! moment.  Android fans, you’ve been warned!

Finally, via Syfy, here’s another sneak peek clip from tomorrow night’s episode:


My cousin Paul and niece Erica were in town for a week, visiting Vancouver.


Their stay involved a lot of eating, mainly dessert, but also included plenty of sightseeing, shopping, and spending quality time with my dogs.
1Did I mention we ate a lot of desserts?  yes?  One of the highlights was the carrot cake at Cadeaux Bakery, pictured above with extra end-piece frosting!


We did a fair amount of walking Vancouver’s various neighborhoods – after which we stopped for a snack.  Yes, dessert in the form of ice cream.


Erica and Paul trekked across Van, tracking down about a dozen “pianos” interspersed throughout the city.  Akemi and I (and the dogs) joined them for their Olympic Village hunt, finally locating one of the pianos.  Pictured above: Bubba shows off with a little Chopin.


We did Vancouver-style dim sum at Sun Sui Wah where our meal was accompanied by Jerry Springer on the big screen.  Jer-ry! Jer-ry! Jer-ry! Ha-gow! Ha-gow! Ha-gow!


Our restaurant itinerary included Taqueria, Meat & Bread, Fable Diner, Bob Likes Thai Food, Rangoli, and, of course, Minami for their salmon oshi sushi.


Among my cousin Paul’s Vancouver commemorative purchases was the beginnings of his Halloween ensemble.

IMG_8839 IMG_2504

Before leaving, Paul and Erica presented us with going away gifts: wacky themed socks for me, and a Pokeman cap for Pokeman-obsessed Akemi.  Bubba immediately took ownership of the cap.

Paul and Erica couldn’t get enough of the dogs, especially Lulu who, despite her snoring, outrageous belching, and terrible gas, seemed to make a great impression.


Erica bids the dogs a fond farewell.


Brought Bubba in to get his stitches out today.  The results came in on the two masses removed from his head and, while one was benign, the other one was inconclusive.  We have an appointment in late September with an oncologist for further tests (x-rays and ultrasound) as well an anti-cancer vaccine.


Lulu, meanwhile, continues to slow down.  At 9, she is officially a senior!

Well, our guests have left and Akemi (and I, but especially Akemi) are already missing them.  Akemi LOVES to entertain, so much so that she suggested we could home-stay visiting international students.  I, on the other hand, prefer responsible adult guests, so I’m looking to adopt.  Any of you interested in a move to Vancouver?


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