You know what I hate?  More than being late?  More than driving around, looking for parking?  Even more than the New England Patriots?  Rewrites.  I was a notorious rewrite-hater back in the Stargate days, so much so that years after Paul and I had stopped co-writing, we still shared script credits because, while I was writing most of the originals, he was doing ALL of the rewrites and it was only fair.

Despite what executives will tell you, there is no such as a “small rewrite” because, if you’ve done your job properly, you will have crafted every scene, each dialogue run, in a smooth progression, inexorably building toward a conclusive payoff. Remove or change one piece, and the entire structure risks collapsing like a Jenga structure.  There are no small rewrites.  Only rewrites.  And even bigger rewrites.

[Interesting fact.  If you do a google image search for “hate rewrites”, roughly 30 of those first 110 results will link back to this blog.]

Having said all that, I’m about halfway through the rewrite on Episode 301 and it’s actually coming along quite nicely.  EP Jay Firestone’s notes were pretty good and I was able to address all of his issues and implement most of his suggestions.  Hopefully, I’ll finish up tomorrow after which it’ll be smoooth sailing…until the next rewrite.

Thanks to everyone who weighed in with their opinions on what they did NOT want to see in Dark Matter’s third season.  80+ comments so far and counting!


Hey, remember when you were in elementary school and you had a falling out with a classmate?  And they’d do something petty like not invite you to their birthday party BUT invite your best friend in an attempt to curry favor with them?  Well, this kinda happened to me.  TODAY!  I shit you not.  My response was stunned bemusement.  Seriously?  Are we suddenly eight year olds again?


Well, tomorrow’s the day!  For Bubba, it’ll be blood work, an ultrasound, and an anti-cancer vaccine.  For Lulu, it’s a chest x-ray, an MRI, a catscan, and an uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (say THAT three times fast!).  Wish ’em luck!

So, what do you NOT want to see in Dark Matter’s third season?

I always get requests for the things fans WANT to see in the show but rarely do I ever hear about what fans DON’T want to see…until after the fact.  So, weigh in. I’m asking.  I’m curious because at the beginning of every season, there will often be some…creative disagreement.  I like to think that, having spent 15+ years of my television career writing and producing SF television, I have a fair notion of what scifi fans do NOT want to see.  BUT – I could be wrong.  So here’s your chance to confirm my suspicions…or set me straight.  Please leave your rejections and repudiations in the comments section.

The long overdue doggy update…


We first noticed that something was up with Lulu when we used to go to the dog park.  Whenever she would hit a gravely pitch, she’d drag her hind quarters as if paralyzed.  It would only happen on gravel so I didn’t give it much thought.  But gradually, we noticed she had started to slow down and didn’t seem as enthusiastic about her walks as she used to.  We brought her to the vet and then a neurologist in Toronto, and neither could pinpoint a problem.  Maybe it was old age.  But then, a couple of months ago, at a french bulldog meet-up, someone informed me that these movements could be an indication of some neural abnormality and I should really get a second opinion.  So, we did, visiting another neurologist whose initial tests suggested, yes, it could be a neural issue.  We’re set up for another round of tests.  Tomorrow, Lulu will go under a mild anesthetic so the clinic can do some x-rays, an ultrasound, and run some bloodwork.  If the initial findings warrant, she’ll undergo an MRI soon after.  And, if the MRI confirms the initial suspicions, she’ll have to undergo surgery – which can hopefully be scheduled before our return to Toronto, next Tuesday.  While under general anesthetic, she may also have corrective surgery on her soft palate because we’ve noticed she’s been having trouble breathing lately, occasionally having to sit up a few times a night to catch her breath.


Last year, Bubba had a lump removed from his head.  The initial biopsy suggested it was malignant but a post-surgical analysis revealed it was benign.  Then, a couple of months ago, we noticed a couple of new lumps on his head.  The vet, again, suggested we have them removed so we scheduled surgery at a local clinic. Days later, we noticed a lump on his leg.  We had that tested as well and the results of that proved inconclusive – but it was strongly recommended that we have that lump removed as well while he was in for the surgery.  So, we requested the vet forward the information and request to the clinic.  They said they would. But it was only after Bubba’s surgery that we discovered the information was sent after the fact.  The lump was not removed.  We were referred to an oncologist who suggested Bubba be given an anti-cancer vaccine – but only after he goes in for an ultrasound (Tuesday) to make the situation isn’t any worse.


To those wondering about my Snow Monkeys, they are headed to a blistering 0-3 record in fantasy football league play.   A combination of bad drafting, poor management decisions, and plain bad play have all contributed to our anemic start. It’s been truly a team effort.


My last meal in Tokyo was an unagi don at Chikuyotei in Ginza.


My first meal in Vancouver was duck confit, buttermilk biscuit, with onion gravy and a fried egg at Mission in Kitsilano.


And their crazy-delicious french toast.


Then, over to Beta5 for a Butter Beer Sundae: chocolate stout ice cream, butterscotch ripple ice cream, chocolate wand casting a cotton candy spell, feathers of owl, wizard’s hat, chocolate cake, vanilla chantilly.

img_0748A little something I picked up at Narita Airport – Wasabi KitKats.  Surprisingly subtle – and tasty!


Akemi excitedly awaiting her luggage.

The dogs model their new stuff!  Lulu in her new bomber jacket…

img_0756 img_0764 img_0774

Bubba sports his new backpack –


Double trouble –


Akemi and Bubba, reunited!

img_0818 img_0809

Now, it’s Bubba’s turn to go on vacation –


I’m exhausted.

Tomorrow, I start reviewing script notes.  Hurray.


Well, it’s been a fun two weeks in Japan and, while I’d hoped the time away would prove restful, I’m actually more wound up and stressed out now than I was upon my arrival two weeks ago.  My bid to “get away from it all” proved fabulously unsuccessful.  And so I’ll return, vexed, seething, and extremely cantankerous.  Woe to those who choose to get on my bad side.  I’m gearing up for battle!


Or, if you prefer the classics…


Let’s do this!

Well, for our last day of fun, Akemi and I hit a bunch of places…


And early(ish) morning walk through Tsukiji.  Check out the levels of marbling on that wagyu!


Soba lunch in Omotesando at a restaurant that was nowhere near as popular as the others in the neighborhood with their snaking lines, but was delicious nevertheless.



A little shopping in Ginza.


A terrific final dinner at Sushi Taichi, located down a dark, sketchy-looking alley in Ginza.


Then, hey, just like old times!  A stopover at Star Bar for a drink.


Yoshida-san recognized me despite my three year absence.


Then, a short walk to Star Bar’s second Ginza location, Star Bar Ties where our old friend Yamasaki-san was helming the bar.


We cap our evening with a late night snack in the form of sake-kasu cheesecake in a cup.  We had six to choose from, eventually going with the one described as: “Sweet and refreshing flavor. And a lot of females like it.” (according to Akemi).  Winner!


Another farewell – this one to Toshiba-san who has been taking great care of us at the hotel for many years.

 Okay, off for lunch at Chikuyotei, one of Akemi’s favorite eel restaurants, then check-out, the 90 minute ride to the airport, the two hour wait to board, the eight and a half hour flight, and, finally, back in Vancouver for 9:35 a.m. (1:35 a.m. Tokyo time) refreshed and ready to start my day!

Today’s entry is dedicated to blog regular maggiemayday.  Wishing you a speedy recovery!

Today marks our last full day in Japan.  Tomorrow, we head back to Canada and I have very mixed feelings about that.


Yesterday, we met up with Akemi’s sister, Hiromi, at Tokyo Midtown.  While waiting for her to show, I ate one of the largest pistachio cream puffs I’ve ever encountered.


It was…indescribably good.  I was even thinking about ordering a second but Akemi suggested I just share with her sister.  Share?  SHARE?!!!  Upon her sister’s arrival, she elected to go with the pistachio cream puff as well but, as I’d hoped, insisted she couldn’t possibly eat the whole thing.

Then went ahead and ate the whole. thing.😦


The Aota sisters, a contrast in styles.


From Midtown, we headed back to Ginza where we checked out more dessert stops, a toy store, various tableware (I’m thinking of getting myself a dedicated sake cup because I think I’m going to need it), and a kimono shop.


Akemi and friend.


At one point, Akemi was browsing the purse section at one of the high end shops when the sales lady tried to sell her on a clutch she was considering…

Her: It’s not unreasonable.  It’s less than two thousand dollars.

Akemi’s eyes widen.

Her: It’s also great for instagram!


Ah, now THIS is more my speed.  And just in time for Halloween!

Last night, we had a magnificent meal at L’effervescence.  It was Akemi’s first time and she loved it!

On tap for today – a final round of sushi, shopping and, possibly, sweets.

“Blow a gasket”.  I’d always heard that quaint turn of phrase but could never really envision it, or apply it to my life…until this morning when I woke up to an email that made me, well, “blow a gasket”.  I mean, holy shit.  Really?  REALLY???  I am presently seething and should progress to a nice little simmer by the time I return to Canada, then a full blown boil the week after.


Yesterday, we checked out the Dali, Venetian Renaissance Painters, and TeamLab exhibitions.  Today, our Tokyo museum tour continued with a visit to…


The sole satellite Snoopy museum outside of California.

img_0411 img_0414

Although my sister was the big Snoopy fan growing up (and still is), the Peanuts gang still holds a special place in my heart.  Not quite Flintstones and 1967 Spiderman cartoon level – but still.


The tickets were vintage comic strips from this day in Peanuts history.


The entry room featured video displays, photos of Charles M. Schulz, his family and various dogs, and this giant 3D art piece…


Actually made up of hundreds of comic strips.

From there, we were ushered into a second room to watch a four minute intro to the Peanuts comic strip and the museum.

Then, we moved onto another room featuring a history of the Peanuts comic strip.


The next room held hundreds of vintage Peanuts toys, sketches, and cells.  Boy, it took me back.

img_0442 img_0422 img_0434

We finished off with a visit to the gift shop…


I dropped about $50 on strictly Snoopy-related merch.  My sis in for a treat!


The Men’s Room.


If you’re feeling munchy, there’s a Peanuts-themed eatery, The Blanket Cafe, as well as a Peanuts-themed food truck.


I’m on vacation.


On our walk back to the subway, I stop to take a photo of this giant silver crab.


And, on our work through Omotesando, snapped a photo of one of my favorite structures in Tokyo – the Prada Building.

I then headed off and met up with my friend Moro-san for lunch.  I was having a fine time…until they ran out of the dessert I requested.  Sensing my disappointment, Moro-san took me to a cafe in Ginza where she ordered one of the most hideous desserts I’ve ever seen.  Ingredients included beer jelly, black truffles, dill, and parsley.


Hey!  It’s my new favorite Japan character – Gudetama.  He’s an egg!

Dinner was at Teatrino Da Salo and featured an Italian multi-course extravaganza.

img_0535 img_0542 img_0552

Consider me suitably wowed.


Sayanora to my friend Moro-san.  Farewell for another year.  Mata ashita!


Typhoon Malakas rolled through Tokyo late last night and most of yesterday was one long wet preamble to the storm.  To be honest, I didn’t mind so much.  It cleared out the crowds, clearly dampening many Tokyoites enthusiasm for shopping, and also cooled things down a few degrees.  Also, hey, I’m from Vancouver.  I love the rain.


So, while most of Tokyo was indoors, battening down the hatches, Akemi and I braved the elements – hatches brazenly unbattened – and hit Akihabara, aka Electric Town, aka Electrical Town, aka Anime Central, aka Geek Heaven.  Our two hour tour in photos –


Lots and lots for discerning, and perhaps not so discerning, anime fan to check out.

img_0318 img_0317 img_0280

A little something for your cosplay closet.

img_0285 img_0278

img_0302 img_0301 img_0296 img_0290 img_0287

Home decor for everyone’s tastes!


Human-size pillows for those lonely nights.  I’d like mine in Olivia Wilde, please.


Creature-themed sake.  Monstrously good!


Original artwork.  img_0306

Neon Genesis Evangelion Gendo Ikari cookies.  Bittersweet, no doubt.


I’m not sure, but I have a feeling Das will take all three.

img_0361 img_0366

We take a break from the action.


While walking around looking for a lunch spot, I noticed this delicious looking pizza place.  What is that they’re serving up on that woman’s back?  Rosemary, cranberries, and fontina cheese?

Tonight, we had dinner at Sushi Tokami whose young chef has been wowing locals with his inventive, sometimes brazen ways.  Like offering paper thin sliced onions as a side dish.  Or serving uni two ways, raw and cooked, in the same bite.  And ending the meal with a unique take on the traditional tamago, served brûlée style.

img_0394 img_0390 img_0396

Can I just say how much I love sake.  My good friend Ivon Bartok will vouch for this.  I’m not a wine guy, enjoy the rare beer, and even whisky is one (okay, maybe two) drink max.  But sake…  You know, what’s amazing?  How a mere two bottles can loosen up the storylines knotted in my head, allowing me to more effectively piece together the grand narrative puzzle I’ve designed.  As I’ve often said, I know where I’m going but, occasionally, figuring out how to get there is the challenge.  But, after last night, two big Holy Shit! character backstory elements snapped clearly into place.  But more of that in season 3.

Or, more specifically, Episodes 7 and 12.


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